Lac Art of Bengal @ “monchasha” – a small try

lac art of medinipur, west bengal

the artform originated from midnapore district of west bengal which is now almost an extinct art. “monchasha” is trying to develop the craft of making lacquered items popular and saleable lac dolls of bengal. the dolls are small ritual or animal figures, two to six inches in height, simply styled in baked clay and hand coated with lac using bright red, black, green and yellow colours.



Bengali Cuisine @ “monchasha”

authentic bengali cuisine over at “monchasha”

fullday menuchart @ “monchasha::


Pre Breakfast

Khejurer Rosh (Fresh Date Juice)

Cha (Tea) with Biscuit




Cholar Dal (Bengal Gram) / Kalo Jire – Kancha Lonkar Sada Aloor Sabji

Bonde / Mihidana / Jilipi (Sweet)

Cha (Tea) / Coffee



Bread Toast with Butter / Jam

Eggs (Boiled / Fried)

Fresh Fruit

Cha (Tea) / Coffee


Pre Lunch

Daaber Jol (Coconut Water) / Nun-Chini-Lebur Sorbot (Fresh Lime Water)



Green Salad

Ghee Bhaat (Rice)

Sukto (Bitter Veg Mix) or Utchhey Bhaja (Fried Bitter Gourd)

Daal (Lentil Soup) with Begun Bhaja (Brinjal Fry)

Torkari (Veg Mix)

Maacher Jhol / Jhaal (Fish Curry) – optional Veg Mix for Vegetarians

Chatni (Picle)

Rosogolla (Sweet)


Evening Snacks

Muri (Puffed Rice) with Beguni (Fried Brinjal) / Piyaji (Onion Pakora), Cha (Tea)



Bhaat (Rice) / Roti (Chapati)

Daal (Lentil Soup) with Aloo Bhaja (Potato Fry)

Torkari (Veg Mix)

Deshi Murgir Jhool

Chatni (Picle)

Nolen Gurer Payesh (Sweet)


Costing: Rs.585/- only per person per day

* menu may change according to the availability of raw materisls

Alternate Power @ “monchasha”

solar charging point @ “monchasha”

solar lanterns for cottages @ “monchasha”

usa of solar lanterns @ “monchasha”


You can avail the solar lantern for your home @ Rs.1500/- only

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