MindCrafts of Monchasha

There is a great variety of styles showing the creative ability of the artisans to adapt to new markets needs. In modern times, many crafts have evolved into new products using the traditional craft practices and they are absolutely finding new expressions to suit the contemporary needs of the society. The processes evolved from time immemorial have remained the same. #mindcrafts #monchasa

Lot of improvised and traditional handicrafts which originated at the ground level in the heartland of Bengal – the villages. Most of these handicraft produce are cottage industry in West Bengal and has been backbone of the rural economy of the State. Bengal is known all over the world for its expertise in art and craft. Its skill in architectural splendors to its excellent works on woodwork, terracotta, paintings, textile run unparalleled.

Instances of fading artforms include Lac Dolls (sculpting brightly coloured theme-based dolls from lac), Pata (Poto) Chitro (Mainly practised by Patuas – an art of presenting stories with rural based songs and the form is accompanied by paintings made on cloth, scrolls), Nokshi-kantha (stitching on quilts – mostly by aged women of bengal).

“mon chasha” is going for a “mo plastic zone”

“mon chasha” is a journey, a theme of consciousness in global tourism arena by creating a sustainable ecotourism module with social responsibility, based on rural bengal. we hereby request you for your personal presence over at “monchasha” which will surely recharge our endeavour. according to our confidence this model of tourism – “monchasha” will certainly uphold the flag of west bengal tourism in the hospitality sector.

see you at “monchasha”

  • Email ID: monchasha@gmail.com
  • Send WhatsApp message at 9477476376


Published by nilanjan basu

i am nilanjan... interested in traveling and photography since my childhood and be inspired by other similar souls. i am working with some alternate tourism module and still searching for a better one based on sustainability. i basically act as a consultant on rural based sustainable ecotourism. my hobby is for creative endeavors in the rural field in india! thank you for visiting my profile! go green! go rural.

4 thoughts on “MindCrafts of Monchasha

  1. Indelible impression etched. The green welcomes and soothes your tired soul….far from the madding crowd, this journey is an attempt to explore your hitherto unknown emotions……I am now a diehard “Monchashaite”!

  2. I would love to visit within 1-10 of June. I want to take my parents who are both heart patients. Will a doctor on call be arranged on emergency. Moreover I would like to know what activities can a child below ten can look forward to in Monchasha? My husband is into angling, will we be charged for it? Please let me know.

    1. Monchasha is closed now for schedule renovation. Will be opened on July. Yes, We can arrange doctor on emergency.
      Angling can be done free of charge but in a “Catch & Release” model.

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