waste management

Waste management or Waste disposal is all the activities and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal. This includes amongst other things collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste together with monitoring and regulation. It also encompasses the legal and regulatory framework that relates to waste management encompassing guidance on recycling.

The term normally relates to all kinds of waste, whether generated during the extraction of raw materials, the processing of raw materials into intermediate and final products, the consumption of final products, or other human activities, including municipal (residential, institutional, commercial), agricultural, and social (health care, household hazardous waste, sewage sludge). Waste management is intended to reduce adverse effects of waste on health, the environment or aesthetics.

Dustbins :: Red for Non Bio Degredable Waste & Green for Bio Degradable Waste


Dustbins are ready for the guests.

As segregation of waste is the most important factor in waste management system we have started the program from the grass root level. Recoverable materials that are organic in nature, such as plant material, food scraps, and paper products, can be recovered through composting and digestion processes to decompose the organic matter. The resulting organic material is then recycled as mulch or compost for agricultural or landscaping purposes. In addition, waste gas from the process (such as methane) can be captured and used for generating electricity and heat (CHP/cogeneration) maximising efficiencies. The intention of biological processing in waste management is to control and accelerate the natural process of decomposition of organic matter.


Waste Management at Monchasha


residue of daily used vegetables & other wastes


paper / cardboard packing boxes can also be used to make vermi compost


regular mixing with watery cow dung helps fast decomposing


it’s just like CTC Tea (Dust). now it is almost ready to use for crops.


vermi compost. ready for the cultivation. first production at “monchasha”.


Vermi compost used before the plantation
Vermi compost used before the plantation

Waste Management2

Result we got with organic compost without chemical pesticides and fertilisers
Result we got with organic compost without chemical pesticides and fertilisers

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