On 10th of June 2011 we started the project. Architect Anjan Mitra helped us a lot.

The river Transport.


The journey continues….


The steps we have followed for making the rooms of “monchasha”.
Making the washroom – toilet area. The most important information is we have used cement, sand, quarter chips and thin bamboo strips firmly tied up with umbrella / satin cloth in pieces instead of iron rods for the 3 inch concrete slab upon a polythene coated wooden base.
Making of wooden – bamboo furnitures by local artists.
Finally we have changed the former style of railing at the bamboo cottages of “monchasha”.
Making of double beds by “Mumbai Bamboo” on spot by local artisans of village Paushi.
Making of wash basin over at the dining area. Exclusively designed by my wife Debjani.
Utensils we have used for the project “monchasha”. Local Purchase.
Making of wall, door & window at “monchasha”. Raw material: longest grass of the world.
The development happened in 5 months. Thanks to all members of the production team.

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