Visitors Book :: Mon Chasha (Spelling – Version – Style :: Unchanged)

Compilation running for Reviews.


On 24th October 2018 S Sinha Wrote:-

Beautiful & very peaceful place. Service at its best. Must visit.


On 21st October 2018 Moloy Mukherjee Wrote:-

Nice experience. Good place. Staffs are very cooperating.


On 21st October 2018 Subhrangshu Mukhopadhyay Wrote:-

Nice refreshing experience.


On 20th October 2018 P D Roy Wrote:-

Superb service by the staff. Excellent experience. Shall come again.


On 20th October 2018 Swapan Chatterjee Wrote:-

Excellent beauty & hospitality.


On 19th October 2018 Arijit Roy Choudhury Wrote:-

Very good quality of service. Excellent staff and cook. Some cultural music (local) would be a welcome addition.


On 19th October 2018 Joyonto Bhattacharjee Wrote:-

Service & quality of food is excellent. Needs improvement in incorporating cupboard and LCD Television along with some cultural functions.


On 19th October 2018 Somnath Mukherjee Wrote:-

Awesome food quality, service, staff behavior, all ambiance  very good. Baul music everywhere.


On 15th October 2018 Shawon Bose Wrote:-

Amazing food & service, staffs are very good.


On 14th October 2018 B Bhadra Wrote:-

Excellent Service and Food. Staffs are very good.


On 8th October 2018 Sunil Kumar Wrote:-

Amazing place !! Ideal place to unwind and be close to nature. Excellent hospitality and courteous staff ever smiling and willing to make our stay comfortable. God bless them.


On 30th September 2018 Sourav Bhattacharjee Wrote:-

Came with minimum expectation to explore the spot, but “Monchasha” explored us with amazing courtesy & natural view … Blessings of God


On 23rd September 2018 Subhash Majhi Wrote:-

Great place with wonderful surrounding and too much helpfull people. It is a very romantic place.


On 17th September 2018 Ishara Chowdhury, Rituparna Mondol, Aindrilla Acharya & Swati Sarkar Wrote:-

The food & service was perfect. The food quality & amount is also sufficient & more than enough. We all liked the ambience and beauty of property. The place is very safe for the ladies and child. Thank you and wishing you go from strength to strength.


On 9th September 2018 Suma, Anita Adhikary & Ajanta Sen Wrote:-

The food and service was pan excellence. The staff with their smiling faces and willingness to place, is a rarity these days. May be the arrangement of some lighting along the riverbank could increase a sense of security of boarders (we were actually 3 ladies residing for 2 nights). On the whole a superb experience. Looking forward to staying at your other properties.


Thank you and wishing you go from strength to strength.


On 9th September 2018 Subhrajyoti Biswas Wrote:-

Very relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere. Food is delicious. Must visit for anyone who wants to relax in weekend. Rooms are clean and bathrooms are well maintained.


On 2nd September 2018 Aviraj Mitra Wrote:-

After closing my eyes & in a small sentence. Superb, spellbound, not only is food but we will remember their heartfelt hospitality.


On 26th August 2018 Goutam Deb Sarkar Wrote:-

Hospitality is excellent, food is nice and home like. Should be cleaner and more luxurious. Rooms should have ACs. Overall good experience.


On 19th August 2018 Chandrima Dutta Wrote:-

Beautiful experience I had ever. Excellent service and aminities. Food quality is up to the mark. Overall we are very satisfying.


On 19th August 2018 Soma Dasgupta Wrote:-

Maintenance and cleanliness is not upto the mark at all. The place is in dire need of attention. However the food and service was excellent.


On 13th August 2018 Tuli Saha Wrote:-

Service, food and hospitality is excellent.


On 12th August 2018 Santanu Dasgupta Wrote:-

Nice to stay with nature supported with cordial and homely smiles, exclusive feeling.


On 12th August 2018 Sanjib Samadder Wrote:-

Service are good and foods are also well cooked.


On 6th August 2018 Champesh Kumar Roy Wrote:-

This Monchasha resort is very beautiful & ancient rural bengal environment which is away 50 KM from Digha. Their hospitalities are very fine and staff are very nice behavior. I will send my relatives & friends to this resort for beautiful stay.


On 30th July 2018 Kunal Moitra Wrote:-

I visited so many places but I have never got such hospitality and very good quality of food in anywhere. We will come again to enjoy the naturl beauty of Monchasha.


On 29th July 2018 Abhishek Jain Wrote:-

It was fantastic experience. Everything is superb.


On 29th July 2018 P Dasgupta Wrote:-

Everything is good & up to the mark but inadequate light in the room. Required LED Lamp.


On 16th July 2018 Pampa Mistry Wrote:-

Green, Calm & Quiet – a nice place of solitude. Keep it up.


On 15th July 2018 Kaushik Bhowmick Wrote:-

Peaceful placement & beautiful environment. Staff’s behavoir is cooperative, satisfactory & priceworthy.


On 15th July 2018 Seshadri Bagchi Wrote:-

A unique concept to get a smell of typical village flavor with awesome & delicious food.


On 14th July 2018 Anijit Saha Wrote:-

A very unique, earthy setup to make one feel his/her element. Such a wonderful crew & infra. Very much recommended as a place to connect to nature & oneself.


On 8th July 2018 Babita Das Wrote:-

Environment is very good. Nature camp feeling. Lovely place.


On 2nd July 2018 Dr. Anish Aich, Vijeta, Abhigyan Wrote:-

Mesmerizing place, best possible hospitality, kudos for managing such a lovely place. Food cant be better than here. Great!!


On 1st May 2018 Dr. Manas Chakraborty Wrote:-

A great experience in spending a day here, a really well organised village eco tourism. Hope to come here again.


On 8th April 2018 Tanima Das Wrote:-

Always a great experience. This is my third stay in this place.


On 1st April 2018 Subhajit Basak Wrote:-

Starting from the hospitality to ambiance, every things were excellent.


On 14th March 2018 Dr. Nilanjana Bhattacharya Wrote:-

Excellent Ambiance. Nice Food.


On 11th March 2018 Ambika Malaviya Wrote:-

Excellent service, good and homely food, lovely ambience. A project weekend gateway.


On 3rd March 2018 Soutan Nandy Wrote:-

Excellent food but dinner need to be improved. good atmosphere, serene experience but cost is a bit high.


On 2nd March 2018 Biswajit Polley Wrote:-

Monchasha very good atmosphere. Food quality average, Room good .Costing is very high. But over all good.


On 28th February 2018 Saibal Bagchi Wrote:-  

An experience to cherish. The break from the humdrum of mundane urban life is a welcome breeze of fresh air. Oxygen to breadth life once again. Thank you Monchasha. You have made this middle aged man fall in love again.


On 11th February 2018 Kaushik & Subhodip Chatterjee Wrote:-

It was a really rare of rares. There’s no commercialization. Please be on this.


On 10th February 2018 Somebody Wrote:-

Excellent ambiance. Service excellent.


On 10th February 2018 Somebody Wrote:-

Awesome. Excellent service & natural ambiance is really good. Concept of this typer of resort is really appreciated.


On 10th February 2018 Jayanta Das Wrote:-

Our 1st visit, hoping to come again. Mithun & all the maids – service with a smile. Superb meals in brass  utensils – a rarity eco-friendly nature of environment, unique architecture must be maintained.


On 23rd January 2018 Dr. Arnish Rajan Wrote:-

Bliss! May be be after death…we get this place! What a Place. God Bless You all.


On 23rd January 2018 Ritabrata Ghosh Wrote:-

Great Place. Amazing hospitality .Nice environment. Sumptuous food. Will come back soon. Thanks.


On 22nd January 2018 Subrata Majumder Wrote:-  

Had a wonderful time with friends and family .Mithun, Chandana and all the members really took good care of us. Food was outstanding and the taste of it brought make my childhood memory. Wish you all the best.


On 21st January 2018 Chahnda Chakraborty Wrote:-

We had a wonderful stay. The ambience, the docor, the architecture and the thought behind it all. I have no words to praise properly. I must also mention the outstanding cooking and the service rendered by the staff. Very sincere and warm.  Excellent. All modern amenities too.


On 14th January 2018 Dibyendu Sinha Wrote:-  

Happy Makar Sankranti to all. We enjoyed a lot with all the members of Monchasha. We loved the kitchen and delicious food with a beautiful homely atmosphere. May god bless you all.


On 14th January 2018 R.K.Sengupta Wrote:-

Our group of seven pax enjoy your stay at this village Eco project thoroughly amongst warm people of this resort.


On 13th January 2018 Althea Phillips Wrote:-

Excellent Place to chill out. Thank you for the warm experience and the great food.


On 13th January 2018 Sanchari Roy Wrote:-

Very much organized. Good food and behavior. Had an awesome stay at Monchasha. Thank you.


On 7th January 2018 Dipankar Bhattacharya Wrote:-

This is our 1st visit to Monchasha. It is a very memorable visit with my family and friends from India and Newzealand – amazing hospitality from  Mithun – always in the mood of serving us to our every need in time. The class that is added to our nostalgia is very much Bengali sensitivity. Just awesome by the side of bagda river.


On 2nd January 2018 Dipankar Dey Wrote:-

Excellent & Superb place, fooding, staying is also fine. We will come again.


On 2nd January 2018 Indrani Nag Wrote:-

Excellent stay. Far From the madding crowd on 1st January. True Bengal Heritage, Culture maintained.


On 1st January 2018 Sugata Basu Wrote:-

We spent a very memorable 31st eve at Monchasha – amazing food served in brass thalis, superb moonlight evening sitting on the Machan, watching the sunrise over the bagda river, holding a hot cup of tea. Everything that makes the Bengali romantic sensibilities. (This was our 4th visit – we absolutely love it.


On 1st January 2018 Rohin Wrote:-

Good food. Good service. Good facilities and unique location.


On 1st January 2018 S Ghosh Wrote:-

Excellent hospitality. Lovely experience. Loved every moment. very memorable & relaxing holiday spot.


On 29th December 2017 Manoj Banerjee Wrote:-

Excellent Eco-Friendly atmosphere with superb & delicious food. Amazing ambiance with healthy & nature frenzy atmosphere. Excellent service with superb idea of accommodation. Demerit is bad odour of Gaspipe, which should be thought about.


On 29th December 2017 Suman Bhattacharya Wrote:-

Excellent, Superb atmosphere, thanks to everyone specially Mithun, Rahul, Mashi & Kanaibabu. We had a very informative chat on the birth and development of this resort with Nilanjan and Debjani, it was really awesome. Everyone was ready to help always. Food mouth watering.


On 28th December 2017 Prasun Chakraborty Wrote:-

This is our second visit here. Definitely we will come here again & again.


On 27th December 2017 Subhayu Chatterjee Wrote:-

Awesome ambiance. Delicious food and a great way of serving. Will surely come back again. Excellent hospitality.


On 26th December 2017 Aniruddha Gupta Wrote:-

Awesome resort. Very good ambiance with delicious food. Neat & clean eooms and a friendly staff. There is a novelty in the whole concept. Looking forward to come back again. Keep going.


On 26th December 2017 Somnath Das Wrote:-

Very good ambiance, food & staffs. This is our second visit amd will surely come back again. Keep it up.


On 23rd December 2017 Tapan Kumar Sen Wrote:-

Stay: Excellent Hospitality

Scenery: Enchanting, Fantastic Rural Experience

Aminities Need Improvement: Floor Matress, Electrical Appliance & Fittings.


On 18th December 2017 Ahana Sarkar Wrote:-




On 16th December 2017 K Ghosh Wrote:-



On 16th December 2017 Ranabir Biswas Wrote:-

Excellent Experience. The place is simply outstanding but it has been made wonderful due to the people working here. Mithun, Partha, Kamaida are simply wonderful people. Will definitely visit again.


On 14th December 2017 Moumita Das Wrote:-



On 10th December 2017 Sumanta Roychowdhury Wrote:-

We lived our dream. Thank to all.


On 10th December 2017 Seekanta Banerjee Wrote:-

Excellent place, Excellent Hospitality – Food? Wow. Just keep it up. – Will come back again. Will send friends. Thanks a ton.


On 10th December 2017 Tanaz Habib Wrote:-

Concept of children park is excellent. Need few measures to prevent mosquito bites.


On 9th December 2017 Uttam Das Wrote:-

Hospitality is fantastic but needs to maintain the books. Wi-Fi facilities should also to be provided.


On 7th December 2017 Jyoti Maity Wrote:-

Awesome. Hospitality at its best – must say. The ambiance created is splendid. Had a wonderful experience. Kudos! Last but not the least – the employees are simply the best.


On 3rd December 2017 Swapan Kumar Mondol Wrote:-

Very Good.


On 27th November 2017 N.D Manna Wrote:-

We really enjoyed the stay and any nature lover would love to stay here. Excellent service – wish to come again.


On 26th November 2017 Arnab Bhattacharya Wrote:-

Good ambience. Diligent employees Partho and Mithun always in smiling face. Good services. Awesome food. Rooms require some improvement.


On 26th November 2017 Tapan kr Basu Wrote:-



On 5th November2017 Utanka Roy Wrote:-

Pleasant stay, in a village environment. Away from all the noise & pollution of city. Excellent food and all the people in Monchasha. The walls needs to covered fully for privacy also for  protection from mosquitoes. Thanks to Mithun and group for the warm take care.


On 20th October 2017 Jithin Mathew Wrote:-

Wonderful experience at Monchasha specially the food and the rural ambience. Only problem is finding the place. Staff is very friendly. Enjoy your stay.


On 21th October 2017 Swati Bhattacharya Wrote:-

Too good to express the feeling of having eco- friendly nature. Thanks a lot for keeping the place pet friendly. Staff are very well behaved and co-operative too.


On 13th October 2017 Binayak Bhattacharya Wrote:-

Excellent place to stay for a few days. Totally in the touch of nature. Hospitality of the staffs are very good. Food is also fabulous.


On 8th October 2017 A Banerjee Wrote:-

Friendly  Staff and good food are the high points. Eco tourism concept is appreciated. However an eye on maintenance will help make the place  more popular.


On 4th October 2017 Bhaskar & Ipsita Roy Wrote:


On 3rd October 2017 Debashish Nayak Wrote:

Unique initiation – Wonderful way to present rural Bengal. Keep it up and add more and more excitement.


On 3rd October 2017 Priyanka Ghosh Wrote:

Spent a fantabulous time with tasty food. Service is very good, homely atmosphere. This is highly recommended to all from outside.


On 2nd October 2017 Moumita Saha Wrote:

Had a lovely time here. The arrangement and the food were good. Best wishes for the continued success of Monchasha & other ecotourism venture that you are involved us.


On 1st October 2017 Dhrubajyoti Ghosh Wrote:


On 30th September 2017 Puspita Sharma Wrote:



On 28th September 2017 Abir Biswas Wrote:

Wonderful place. Good service & very good behavior by all staffs.  Will like to come again. Thanks


On 25th September 2017 Manick Das Gupta Wrote:

Awesome place. Very much satisfied with food and all service. Nice stay. will come again.


On 17th September 2017 Debopom Ghoshal Wrote:

Wonderful place would come back again. Mithun and Partha were great. Keep it up.


On 10th September 2017 Ratna Upadhyay Wrote:


On 10th September 2017 Chirag Mehta Wrote:

Liked the concept would like to visit again. Food could be better should plan some more activities to see around.


On 15th August 2017 R R Mondal Wrote:

It was a pleasure to see this place. Good environment and food. Yet a number of things yet to be developed including lodging facilities, electricity etc. Still will want to come again.


On 15th August 2017 Sudipta Roy & Lagnojita Roy Wrote:

Monchasha is the great place to relaxation. Nicely maintained.Beautiful location. Fooding also very good. Extra option is fishing.


On 14th August 2017 Partha & Parbati Mukherjee Wrote:

Great place for relaxation in the lap of nature. Good food & ambience. Will come again.


On 7th August 2017 Panchali and Bappaditya Wrote:

I found Monchasha is a perfect shelter in the lap of nature. It enjoyed so much nature in this two days. But there is a problem with electricity. It is needed to develop as early as possible. Okay Thanks Monchasha. We will come again.


On 6th August  2017 Ajay Singh Chauchan Wrote:

An amazing place to Experience the hospitality in the lap of Nature.


On 25th July 2017 Sutapa Ghosh  Wrote:


On 23rd April 2017 Sonali Mukherjee Wrote:

A home away from one city life. In a true sense it’s a home which we all miss now in one daily city life. So excellent service, peace, good food, ambience, everything touched our heart deeply. We have to come back again. Thanks Debjani Madam.


On 20th April 2017 S .L. Nandi Wrote:

Excellent Service. Food & ambience. We have enjoyed every moment of our staying. Hope to send lot of groups and to visit again. Keep it up. Thanks


On 16th April Sourav Bhaja Chaudhuri Wrote:

Live up to every bit of that was head of the place. Wish to come again. Thank you.


On 9th April 2017 Tushar Subhra Kar Wrote:

It was nice to visit a place in rural Bengal. Service we received was excellent. We will recommended to my other friend.


On 2nd April 2017 Parama Chatterjee  Wrote:


On 2nd April 2017 Kantish Ghosh  Wrote:

Monchasha – A True portrayal of the rural spirit of Bengal. Lots of love and hope for this place. Wish more and more people get to know the real meaning of Bengal. The sweetest part of India.


On 27th March 2017 Prasenjit Sen Wrote:


On 27th March 2017 Santanu Chatterjee Wrote:


On 7th March 2017 Desh Dulal Chatterjee Wrote:


On 6th March 2017 Sujata Guha Wrote:


On 26th February 2017 Dipankar Banerjee Wrote:


On 26th February 2017 Nachiketa and And  Anshumita Wrote:

Monchasha is a different experience. “Serenity” personified – “Sumptous Platter” redefined hospitality world class. Debjani di and Nilanjan da you have created another level in tourism. Keep it up. Keep smiling .


On 14th February 2017 D.K.Roy Wrote:

It is splendid food is excellent. Toilet should be taken care of and should be repaired.


On 14th February 2017 Pulak Bhattacharjee Wrote:

It’s a amazing place. This wonderful enviourment gives strength and increase life spam.


On 5th February 2017 Pabitra Mukhopadhyay Wrote:

Very good experience. would love to come again.


On 5th February 2017 Swapan, Tapan, Sefali, Dipali, Tandra, Tapati, Champa Wrote:


On 29th January 2017 Angshuman Biswas Wrote:

Loved the stay at Monchasha. Food was excellent and so was the service and  the behavior of the staff. Will recommended friends and colleagues .


On 27th January 2017 Sanjay singh Wrote:

Lovely. This is my third trip.


On 26th  January 2017 Papiya Roy Wrote:

Awesome trip. So good atmosphere. All modern amenities with traditional look. Everyone is very supportive. Mithun is very helpful. Will come again for sure.


On 26th  January 2017 Subhadeep Pathak Wrote:

Awesome trip. Awesome food. Great stay… Mithoon is superb. Thanks for the memorable stay.


On 25th   January 2017 Manasi Roy Chowdhury Wrote:

It is an awesome, experience to stay in the lap of nature. Service is excellent. We meet again Monchasha. Thank You.


On 24th   January 2017 Indrajit, Sangeeta & Dheera Mitra Wrote:

In the lap of Nature, serene surroundings the stay was a wonderful experience for us at your beautiful cottage. The food both with its preparation and taste was excellent . The staff was helpful and cordial. Thanks.


On 23rd  January 2017 Sameek Bhowmik Wrote:

Simply outstanding won’t forget the food. Excellent food is an understatement.


On 22nd  January 2017 Jayanta Moitra Wrote:

Outstanding Experience, really touched with the ambience, service, food and pottery experience. Will definitely visit next time.


On 21st January 2017 Animesh Kumar Mitra Wrote:

Excellent ambience all enjoyed with full offer. Service /attitude of staff very nice.


On 21st January 2017 Monojit Ghosh Wrote:

Excellent place to stay. Very good food and ambience. The staff were awesome and very well behaved. We will definitely come back again.


On 15th January 2017 Dr. Akash Mukherjee Wrote:

I came here with my better half for a weekend trip. The blissful attitude was the perfect gateway from our day to day busy schedule. Enjoyed every  bit of hospitality and the polite behavior of the staffs. And the  food ……ahh awesome .Monchasha will visit soon again.


On 15th January 2017 Kalyan Chakraborty Wrote:

Sixteen of us came and had a wonderful times. Staff was very helpful, food was excellent enjoyed tremendous. Will come again.


On 13th January 2017  Prasun Das Wrote:

Very nice. Wonderful experience. Don’t feel like go back. Must come again again .


On 10th January 2017 Saikat Ghosh Wrote:

Awesome experience as usual.


On 18th January 2017 Navojit Mukherjee Wrote:

Awesome experience of village ambience with perfect decorum and staff hospitality.


On 13th January 2017 Dulal Ghosh Wrote:


On 13th January 2017 Manisha Kar Wrote:


On 13th January 2017 Dattatreya Chatterjee Wrote:


On 13th January 2017 Kaberi Das Wrote:


On 8th January 2017 Avishek Guha Niyogi Wrote:

Thank you for a wonderful place like Monchasha. This has given us the experience of rural Bengal. Wish team Monchasha all the luck for future.


On 8th January 2017 Saptarchi Sarchel Worte:



On 7th January 2017 Bratati Bhattacharya Wrote:

Awesome experience .Quiet peaceful surroundings. Couldn’t have had a better weekend.


On 1st January 2017 Subrata Roy Chowdhury Wrote:


On 4th  January 2017 Subrata Dutta Wrote:

I filled total joy in my mind. Very very Good food & excellent hospitality. I wish to come here when I free.


On 1st January 2017 Mrinal Bandopadhyay Wrote:


On 1st January 2017 Sumranta Roy Chowdhury Wrote:

Will come again. will motivate others to come . Had one of the nicest yearend stay here. Wish all of you a happy & prosperous 2017.


On 30th December 2016 SK Ghosh Wrote:

Nice  & Beautiful arrangement (need to improve bathroom facilities only). Food & service Superb. Keep it up.


On 29th December 2016 Santa Chakraborty Wrote:


On 29th December 2016 Dr. D . Chakraborty Wrote:

Beautiful arrangements in a rural ambiance . Excellent food and good service. Thanks


On 28th December 2016  a guest Wrote:

Most beautiful short trip ever. I love this place. Thank you Monchasha.


On 27th December 2016 Sanjib Parial Wrote:


On 26th December 2016  Shrabansri Ghosh & Dr. Subhadip Das Wrote:

Beautiful maintained place with very warm welcome & awesome bengali cuisine which we savored a lot. Thanks ro all for this wonderful experience.


On 25th December 2016  Aparajita Mohanty Wrote:

It was an amazing experience to be here. Be it the beautiful cottages, finger licking food, the serene surrounding  everything’s now perfect. will be back very soon. Thank you.


On 22nd December 2016  G.K. Ganguly Wrote:

Nice food .Good service. Polite and  sincere staff .However bathroom to be improve specially the water logging. For winter the gap from the outside to be filled up to avoid cold wave.


On 19th December 2016  Kaushik Basu Wrote:

We had a very pleasant stay at the resort. Very satisfied with the services and fooding. However we feel lodging may be improved slightly.


On 18th December 2016  Samiran & Arunava Ganguly Wrote:

We enjoyed our Stay here. Excellent service and excellent food.


On 14th December 2016  Nirjhar & Rumela Adhikary Wrote:

Beautiful Beautiful & Beautiful. One word to describe Monchasha. Will visit time & again.


On 12th December 2016  Gopal Krishnan Wrote:

Very good service. Room ambience nice & Comfortable. Food was awesome.


On 11th December 2016  Saikat Sinha Roy Wrote:

Extremely  pleasant experience – loved the quiet, rustic ambience. Special mention for the staff service and food. Very good.


On 10th December 2016  Arijit Mukherjee Wrote:

Overall the stay was a pleasant experience. Food was extremely good.


On 4th December 2016 Rajdip Deb Wrote:


On 4th December 2016 Debadrita Ghosh Wrote:


On 4th December 2016 Ananya Deb Wrote:

Super like to everything. Makes me want to come back again. Just one advice , Please install running hot water system in the bathroom. 100/100. Superb.


On 4th December 2016 one friend Wrote:

Beautiful experience. Good service.


On 3rd December 2016 Pradyut Kr Sarkar Wrote:

We had a wonderful stay here. Food, hospitality and the ambience are superb. Thanks to Debjani Basu for her concept.


On 3rd December 2016 Baishali Sarkar Wrote:

Beautiful experience. Good Service. Suggestion: We had a boat ride. Hope a better arrangement can be made.


On 27th November 2016 Utpal Majumder, Shyamol Bose & Mrinal Sircar Wrote:

This Place is really beautiful. ATTRACTIVE LIVING PLACE ALONG WITH FOODING. A beautiful weekend  destination for all without age – limit or wants. We will visit again as soon as possible.


On 27th November 2016 S Purkait Wrote:

This is my first visit to Monchasha. A beautiful weekend destination to spend one’s leisure time. Wonderful experience, tasty food & great staff.


On 27th November 2016 A.Kanungo & S. Chatterjee Wrote:

This is my second visit to this place. The place is as beautiful as I have seen an year back. A remote place which has been made available to city people like us, so that we can draw the pleasure of the rural charm too.  Wonderful food & great staff. Thanks to all of u.


On 24th November 2016 Manohar Singh Wrote:

Nice Place for those who have interest in Gram Bangla.


On 20th November 2016 Mrinmoy Salki – Tndrajit & Bhanupratap Singh & Avijit Ghoshal Wrote:




On 14th November 2016 Uma – Anirban – Avinandan Siddhanta Wrote:



On 13th November 2016 Satwat Bagchi Wrote:

Cool concept Village. Sanitised & well attended. Would love to be back & recommend. Beware of rats & insects.


On 13th November 2016 Sanjeeban Ghosh Wrote:

Awesome village concept. Back to village life with modern facilities. Crazy insects – Loved to roam around and away from them. Badminton was awesome Experience.


On 13th November 2016 Aritra some Wrote:

Crazy insects, Great Place & Amazing Service though.


On 24th October  2016 Siddhartha Roy Wrote:

This was our 1st  visit. Heard lot about it earlier. Nilanjan & Debjani  are just awesome. Real place on the lap of the nature. Food was too good. Loved the place.


On 24thOctober  2016 Shanta Mazumdar  Wrote:

This was our 1st  visit. The wonderful ambience & the rural touch is really good. Food is excellent, services are very good. Only care to be taken is pest control and a provision of better light both outside & inside the cottages.


On 15th October  2016 D.Bandopadhyay Wrote:

Monchasha – when I heard the name of the tourism, the first impression in my mind was not that serious, was in dilemma whether it will be worthy. A soon as I stepped in I could BREATHE THE FRESH NATURE. Fooding  lodging  was just perfect. Hospitality of the staff was very homely which we tourists miss when out of home. In One Word My Experience is – AWESOME. KEEP IT UP. You are real “CHASHA”s.


On 14th October  2016  Tanushree  Biswas Wrote:

This was our 1st  time visit. Feeling just Crazy. Fooding  just 100 stars. Such a rural authentic feeling. Very nice. Excellent. Utensils makes us very hungry.


On 14thOctober  2016  Rahul Gupta Wrote:

This was our 3rd visit. Just fell in love with the overall ambiance, food and the closeness the place has with the nature. Gives a feel of rural Bengal. Services are also very heartwarming.


On 13thOctober  2016  Anjali Sarkar Wrote:

It is very enjoyable to  spend some days within nature. and it is  to be remembered the cordial behavior of all people who looked after us.


On 12th October  2016 Naina Acharya Wrote:

Lovely place close to nature and very close to my heart. Felt like my home place after ages. Great Hospitality. Would love to be back again.


On 24th September  2016  S. Chakraborty Wrote:

Very nice experience. This was our 2nd visit. keep it up team Monchasha.


On 11th September  2016  Ayan Sircar (Chiku) Wrote:

I love this place & I live you all.


On 11th September  2016  Esha Sircar Wrote:

Monchasha is a place full of lovely animals, birds and above all full of lovely people….. This was a unique experience that I have never had before…… THANKS A TON!


On 11thSeptember  2016  Debasish Sircar Wrote:

A home away from home. Excellent  Hospitality & warmth of the staffs has left us spellbound. The beauty  of this place is very soothing to the soul. A place where I could connect with my inner soul. Away from the hustle and bustle of regular citylife for 4 days, we are returning fully refreshed. All this with the excellent hospitality! Tremendous effort in recreating rural Bengal and our culture – things which were on the verge of extinction. Kudos for the great effort.


On 5thSeptember  2016  Ishani Bhowmick Wrote:



On 3rd September  2016  Indrani Chakraborty Wrote:



On 21th August  2016  Sanjeeb Bhattacharjee Wrote:



On 14th August  2016  Chanchal Modak Wrote:



On 9th August  2016  Dipa Bannerjee Wrote:



On 7th August  2016  Arabinda N Ghosh Wrote:



On 21st September  2016  Arundhuty Basu Wrote:



On 18th September  2016  Partha Sarathi Chakraborty Wrote:


On 10th September  2016  G.P. Gupta Wrote:

Excellent  Hospitality. great food.


On 10th September  2016  S Mitra & S Roy Wrote:


On 10th September  2016  Alrayee Mukherjee Wrote:

This is one of the most beautiful establishments I have ever resided in. It is a land mark in the field of eco-tourism with excellent out-of-the-box service. This was a beautiful  Experience.


On 29th August  2016  Dipankar Saha Wrote:

Really awesome Experience. The atmosphere, the food, the behaviour of the staffs are excellent. Here every reacts in such a way that we are family members. I will come again and again & will tell others to come here ab=nd feel the experience.


On 3rd July 2016  Alinpar Basu & Soneeya Parvin Wrote:



On 3rd July 2016  Sujata Chatterjee Wrote:


On 2nd July 2016  Ashani Dasgupta Wrote:



On 3rd June 2016  Piyali Wrote:


On 3rd June 2016  A. De Wrote:

Excellent  stay.   This was our 2nd visit. Each time it has a different flavour.


On 17th  April 2016  Atanu Sengupta  Wrote:


On 8th  April 2016 Lily Waugh  Wrote:

Monchasha is a beautiful place to come to! Gardens are wonderful and the people are so friendly and always smiling. We loved our stay here and we will recommend it to everyone we know!!


On 3rd  April 2016 Susanta Kr Acharya  Wrote:

Come to Monchasha to take fresh air with cultural test of Indian village life within west Bengal & till the heavenly nature.


On 3rd  April 2016 A B Sen  Wrote:

This was the best weekend spend this year in the lap of natural leaves! Nature at its best. Hope to come back again with your hospitality. Dont change. Shall come back to see you the same!


On 27th  March 2016  Dr. J &  Wrote:

Very good experience. Some suggestions

  • Walking in the floor is very noisy & disturb the sleep
  • Food quality & hygiene should be better
  • One of the bathroom water drainage not proper


On 27th  March 2016  Siuli Partha Salini Manju  Wrote:


On 27th  March 2016  Vivek Kejriwal  Wrote:

Wonderful  experience of village life. yet with all modern amenities, do not feel like leaving today. Thanks to the entire staff for exceptionally excellent service. Just a small suggestion – A small traditional local program in evening will greatly enhance the already fantastic experience.


On 24th   March 2016 Subhendu Bandyopadhyay & Somnath Das Wrote:


On 24th   March 2016  Trisha Ganguly Wrote:

Thank u for such a lovely stay. We had a great time and a special thank you to Mithun & Chiranjit for the wonderful service.


On 20th March 2016  Koneenica Banerjee Wrote:

Will plan the next visit as soon as we can. Very happy to be here.


On 20th March 2016  Palash Chatterjee Wrote:

Will continue to repeat this trip again and again.


On 15th March 2016 Prabir-Swapna Basu & Priyanka-Sayan-Swayom Choudhury Wrote:


On 12th March 2016 Prabal Biswas & Indrani Ghosh Wrote:

5th Trip. So nothing much to write. It witnesses to be great.


On 6th March 2016 Raja Banerjee Wrote:

A well spent holiday. The staff are very good. Very homely atmosphere. Very much recommended for people living  in the hustle bustle of city.


On 29th February 2016 Debjit Chatterjee Wrote:


On 23rd  February  2016  Saikat Basu Wrote:

Very memorable, excellent service. Will definite comeonce again.


On 21st  February  2016 A. Dasgupta Wrote:

Excellent facility.. great food.. amazing service. will visit one again.


On 14th  February  2016 Ranjit Bose Wrote:

It is an exemplery sight. Most beautiful in all respect.


On 12th  February  2016 Chitra Ghosh Wrote:

Great food, great ambiance, good people, both Mithun & Chiranjitthe, Overall good experience. Will come back soon.


On 12th  February  2016  Rituparna Ghosh Wrote:

Lovely stay. amazing service. great food. Overall good value for money. A Definite come back place.


On 8th  February  2016 Saikat Roy  Wrote:

Splendid stay. Monchasha is an ideal place to revitalise your mind. Superb food & courtesy extended by the staff was excellent. A real Home away from home. Thanks.


On 7th February 2016 Manjari Deb Wrote:




On 4th February 2016 Puja Wrote:

The atmosphere brought me to the ancient village and our country because of you I got to see the real village experience. Awesome food and stay. Brilliant customer welcome! Keep up the good work. Marketing & promotions needs to be done on large scale.


On 4th February 2016 Dibakar pal Chowdhury Wrote:

Fooding & Lodging both are excellent.


On 25th  January  2016 Satyajit Kundu Wrote:

Maintenance is not upgraded. Service is satisfied. All  in all it was a satisfactory stay. thank you.


On 25th  Jan 2016 Rupam Das Wrote:

Fooding & Lodging both are too good. Will come again. Thanks.


On 24th  Jan 2016 Subir kr. Ganguly Wrote:

The very site and atmosphere of Monchasha appeal to us very much specially for its peaceful & serene surrounding of solitude. The whole arrangement is fine with delicious purely Bengali dish and well behaviour of the staff.


On 21st January 2016 Abhishek Mitra Wrote:


On 18th  Jan 2016 Rahul Guha Wrote:

Great Place, Total environment is pleasant. really good. Looking forward with family great and keep it up.


On 17th  Jan 2016 Shinjini Sarkar Wrote:

Lovely ambience, great experience. Enjoyed every moment. Amazing hospitality. will come again.


On 16th  Jan 2016 Neelim Dutt & Swapan Burman Wrote:

Enjoyed to the core.


On 16th  Jan 2016 Santanu Lahiri Wrote:

Total atmosphere of this is veru fabulous. We enjoy very well.


On 10th  Jan 2016 Dr. Sanjay Roy Wrote:

Superb – Excellent fresh breath out of city life.


On 10th Jan 2016 Debobrata Mondal Wrote:

Charming experience. Good and clean accommodation. Nice food, timely serviced good hospitality.


On 9th  Jan 2016 Samrat Mitra Wrote:

Very nice experience. Area is beautifully done, nice garden. good maintenance. one thing is required. a proper direction from kalinagar mandir. Thank you.


On 8st Jan 2016 Aditi Wrote:

Fulfilling experience. Immersed in nature. Excellent hospitality. Keep up the great work. Love the games. Beautiful Idea.


On 5th Jan 2016 Subhashis Ghosh Wrote:

Wonderful experience & too good stay. Very comfortable & very refreshing & too good look after & homely atmosphere. We shall recommend ro our friends, relatives and we will also come in this place hereafter. Best of luck & keep it up.


On 3rd  Jan 2016 Chanden Sen Wrote:

Very good stay.


On 2nd Jan 2016 Sanjoy Chowdhury Wrote:

A great place to spend quality time with family and friends. Great food, wonderful ambience and exceptional service staff.. all in all a we take back bags full of memories and smiles.. thanks a lot. all the best.


On 1st   Jan 2016 Shantanu Majumdar Wrote:

It is always a great experience to be here in Monchasha. One of my very favorite place. Our third visit this year but still its always refreshing and new. Good people, nice environment what else…..thank u again for creating this lovely place & keeping nature intact. My daughters favourite place too.


On 1st   Jan 2016 Gaurav Shankar Wrote:

It is a wonderful experience to be have. Thank you to all the people everyone who contribute to make this place so beautiful & a great experience. We  would love to come again for a longer duration. Thank you.


On 31st   December 2015  Soumya Deb Mondal Wrote:

Had such an amazing time. The setup is beautiful. Thank you for making our family trip a success. Will visit soon.


On 26th December 2015 Ipsita Dam, Riddhima Dam, Samarendra Dam Wrote:


On 30th  December 2015  Sandip Chakraborty Wrote:

Nice Stay – Good Food. Very efficient service. We enjoyed.


On 28th  December 2015 Aditi Basu Wrote:

A very beautiful & serene place. Very courteous staffs. We loved the experience and would love to come back again. Hospitality is excellent.


On 28th  December 2015 Soumya Rakshit  Wrote:

Nice Place, appropriate for weekend tour. need some good maintains for decoration of room.   Otherwise its good.


On 27th  December 2015 Surajit Bose Wrote:

Exclusive experience. Home outside home with warm hospitality. Would love to visit again very soon.


On 26th December 2015 Subrata & Swapna Das Wrote:


On 26th  December 2015 Santose Kumar Choudhury Wrote:

Nice Place. Well maintained and service is very good. Green environment is enjoyable.


On 26th December 2015 Sudeshna Mukherjee & Seymonti Banerjee Wrote:


On 25th  December 2015 Samaresh  Ponda Wrote:

We passed a beautiful time here at Monchasha – Rediscovered ourselves – Looking back to our roots. Found solace to our urbanised irritation – Felt Human once again in our journey to infinite. Keep it up. Beautiful project here to engulf everyone of every ages.


On 24th  December 2015 Santanu Duttagupta Wrote:

Well done Monchasha team for creating such a wonderful project. A true sustainable project. Way to go… Best wishes.


On 24th  December 2015 Nirupam Mukherjee Wrote:

It was an unimaginable experience for a Bengali who is born and brought up in hindi speaking north belt. I had hands-on experiencing ethnicity, eco-compatibility and feeling of the village heartland of Bengal. I have no words in this lexicon to express my happiness and feeling inculcation of goodness in physical & mental form. Kudos & thanks for your effort. Please keep it up. We will support you.


On 22nd   December 2015 Debarshi  Guha Wrote:

I have learnt about the place form internet. There I found everything good about  the place. After coming to the place I realised the place is not only good but exceptional in many terms. The best part is the ambience and the food. The behaviour of the staff is wonderful. It was a whole new concept and whole new experience for all of us. Keep it up. I hope after years if we come back we will find the place same. Thank you.


On 21st   December 2015 Munni Majumdar, Rinku Majumdar, Samar Chakraborty Wrote:


On 21st   December 2015 Munni Majumdar, Rinku Majumdar, Samar Chakraborty Wrote:


On 20th  December 2015 N Banerjee Wrote:

Home away from home. Will suerly  visit to discover more of myself. Thank u and well done !!


On 20th  December 2015 Diptangshu Chanda Wrote:

The eco- resort Monchasha, is really an amazing and attractive resort. Day by day Monchasha is going beautiful. filled with lush green trees. colorful flowers, vegetable, etc. Though it is chilling cold in the morning. there is lot of fun hidden in roaming about on the most grass and watch the flowers covered with cold dew drops. Had a wonderful time with Boogie – playing and running with him. This exquisite eco- resort recharged my soul and refreshed my mind from the daily stressed routine. So I thank Nilanjan uncle and Debjani aunty for building this amazing place. Will have to come again…


On 18th  December 2015 Suvajit Roy Wrote:

It is absolutely an wonderful experience to stay here each time I have come. My family also enjoyed every moment here. The ambience is getting better by every passing year. People are also very good (staff). They  look after us really well. Will come again. Soon.


On 2nd December 2015 Sarbari Ghoshal Wrote:

Nice Place, Service. Well maintained very much. Courteous.


On 28nd November 2015  P. Mukherjee Wrote:

Awesome Place to refresh one’s mind, will come again. Excellent arrangements, food, Hospitality.


On 26th November 2015 T.K.Saha Wrote:

It’s an excellent experience to spend a time in the lap of nature, with delicious food  and nice Hospitality.


On 25th November 2015 Sanjay Chatterjee Wrote:

In a word excellent  pleasant living quality food along with nice and cordial behaviour of the staff. Really enjoying a lot. Thanks to Monchasha.


On 25th November 2015 Sudipta Pal Wrote:

Splendid stay. Can’t  find a fault really. Hallmark of the place is the excellent behaviours of the staff. Please keep it up. Cheers


On 22nd November 2015 Pradip Ghosh Wrote:

To get a hang of this dreamland, you start by taking a good look at the design of the very leaf on which you are writing. An oasis literally reachable in a mere three hours drive from the concrete jungle called Kolkata literally because we start the morning with a glass of “chilled by nature” khejurer rosh before sunrise and later freshly thickened gur still warm on palate during  breakfast Luchi & aloor torkari as it is your home. Bengali style food is indescribably tasty and in numerous varieties of veg & Non-Veg dishes, all of which instantly starts an argument  with wives  for not offering same at home. It would be a shame if we do not visit again. God bless Nilanjan & Debjani  for conceptualising this fierce Heaven.


On 15th November 2015 Somiran Ganguly Wrote:

We Enjoyed Every Bit Of Our Stay….I Love Monchasha!


On 12th November 2015 Soumya Ganguly Wrote:

Very Peaceful And Tranquil. Outstanding Hospitality Of Chiranjit. Loved The Village Trip With Kanaida. A Lovely Experience.


On 9th November 2015 Urbish Dutta Wrote:

It Was Just A “Home Away From Home”. Loved The Peace And Tranquility Of The Resort As Well As The Service Of Chiranjit. Amazing. Please Keep Up The Good Work !!!


On 9th November 2015 Sreya Karai Wrote:

Beautiful! Loved The Calm, Homely Feeling. Excellent Hospitality. Wonderful Venture. Please Keep It Raw As It Is.


On 9th November 2015 Dipak Kumar Guha Wrote:

You Have Kept Upto The Wonderful Bengali Hospitality. We Would Have Been More Happy If You Could Provide The Morning Newspaper.


On 9th November 2015 Tapan Kumar Ghosh Wrote:

Ambiance And Environment Is The Perfect Picture Of Rural Bengal. Excellent Cooking, Hospitality And Service Provided By Arindam, Chiranjit, Partha And Asim.


On 28th October 2015 Mithu Sengupta Wrote:

Amazing First Hand Experience Of Rural Bengal For Us And Our Children. We Loved The Village Experience And I Am Particularly Impressed By The Village Involvement In This Project. As A Testament Of The Good Time We Had, The Children Do Not Want To Leave. Beautiful And Peaceful Environment; Very Relaxing With A Lot To Do. Rooms Are Very Nice And Service Was Excellent. Thank You!


On 27th October 2015 Balaka Biswas Wrote:

Thank You For Such A Joyful Moment Along with Our Pet. We Really Appreciate Your Manager (Arindam). He Is Very Co-Operative And Very Joyful. Rooms Are Very Cozy.


On 25th October 2015 Tridib Dutta Wrote:

It’s Different! Will Spread The News Amongst Others!


On 25th October 2015 Joyjit Roy Wrote:

It Was Remarkable Experience Altogether. The Ambiance, The Cottage, Food, Service Excellent. Promise Will Come Back Soon. Please Keep The Good Work In Future. Thanks Monchasha!


On 24th October 2015 Nirmalya Gupta Wrote:

Picture Perfect Rural Bengal Created!! Fantastic Ambiance And Environment. Perfect Weekend Gateway From The Busy And Mundane Life. Great Service By Arindam, Asim, Chiranjit And Partha And Not To Forget Kanaida, Laluda And The List Goes On. Shyamalidi. Monchasha Catches Everybody’s Imagination And Fantasy Of Perfect “Gram Bangla”. The Music (Baul), Pottery, Pond With Fish Catching, Paddy Fields, Mud Huts, You Ask For And You Get. In One Word – Mesmerizing. Will Certainly Inform To Friends And Family. Oh! Lovely Food.


On 24th October 2015 Somnath And Indrakshi Ray Wrote:

Touched By The Courteous And Co-Operative Attitude Of Mr.Arindam And His Team. Excellent Cooking. Ambiance Awesome.


On 23rd October 2015 Amalesh Mondal Wrote:

Monchasha Has A Serene And Rustic Ambiance And Can Serve As A Nice Getaway Place.


On 19th October 2015 Sambo And Mili Ray Wrote:

Monchasha Is A Beautiful And Unforgetful Place To Stay. We Enjoy The Beauty Of The Green Nature And The Speechless Beauty Of Bamboo Cottage Including Delicious Food And Amazing Thought Of Making The Heaven Village. It Is Absolutely Dream Place To Spend Some Days With Peace And Harmony. We Will Come Again Again Whenever We Can. Hospitality Of The Staff Is Remarkable. Thanks To Giving Us “Monchasha” As A Tourist Place.


On 12th October 2015 Dhrubanarayan Mukherjee Wrote:

Awesome. Monchasha Changed My Perspective On Prospects Of Tourism In Bengal. The Place Is Wisely Shaped Up To Give Visitors An Ultimate Comfort And Relaxation. The Quality Of Food And Service Is Superb. Bengali Cuisine Is Perfect, Whereas North Indian Cuisine Needs Improvement. Overall Very Good Experience.


On 11th October 2015 Madhury Chakraborty Wrote:

Excellent Food, Hospitality And The Ambiance. Enjoyed The Van Rickshaw Ride To The Village. Hope To Come Back Once Again.


On 4th October 2015 Dipanjan, Pallabita And Samaroha Bhattacharya Wrote:

Pleasant Experience. Will Love To Come Back. Thanks For All The Thought You Put In – The Drawing Board, Books, Toys And The Cycle My Son Loved So Much!!


On 28th September 2015 Somnath Chatterjee Wrote:

Very Well Maintained Spot For Weekend. Preserved The Very Environment And Ambiance Of Bengal’s Village Life. Food Is Pretty Good, Hospitality Is Excellent. Going Around Local Village And Haat By Van Rickshaw Was A Nice Experience. Keep It Up, Do Not Make Any Changes.


On 25th August 2015 Debashish Majumdar Wrote:

We Had A Charming Experience. A Perfect Eco Tourism Setup. An Amazing Setting, Kissed By Nature. Lazy Surroundings. Excellent Staff, Very Hospitable, Very Friendly, Very Flexible. Surely A Great Weekend Breakaway.


On 23rd August 2015 Biswanath Das Wrote:

Excellent Experience And Would Like To Visit Again.


On 23rd August 2015 Soumik Ghosh Wrote:

Very Beautiful Place With Excellent Service And Food. Impressed For The Village Theme Maintained Along With Eco Farming And Tourism.


On 22nd August 2015 S Chakraborty Wrote:

Very Nice Experience, Excellent Hospitality, Would Love To Be Back Again.


On 17th August 2015 P R Kar Wrote:

Incredible. Unbelievable Opportunity For Us.


On 16th August 2015 Arijit Paul Wrote:

Beautiful Place, Good Service And Food.


On 16th August 2015 Sweta Majumdar And Mayura Kar Wrote:

We Are Highly Obliged To You That You Provided Us Such A Beautiful Hospitality. The List Is Long. Amazing Food, Tea, Service Everything. Everything Is So Natural, The Song, Scenic Beauty. Please Maintain It And Increase The No. Of Rooms.


On 15th August 2015 Priyankar Patra Wrote:

This Place Is Beautiful And We Were Taken Care Of And Given Proper Attention. The Place Is Clean And Beautiful. Personal Care Is The Key And The Best Thing About The Place. Not To Forget, The Scenic Beauty Is Very Nice.


On 9th August 2015 Soumen Khamrui Wrote:

Beautiful Natural Beauty And Good Behavior And Excellent Weather Specially Behavior Of Staffs Is Very Much Good. I Got Enormous Energy And Immense Mental Peace From Here. It Was A Memorable Experience Tour Here. Thank You Very Much For Your Cordial Behavior.


On 8th August 2015 S Gupta Wrote:

I Have Visited Many Similar Joints But Monchasha Had The Best Balance Between Rural Environment And Tourist Needs.


On 2nd August 2015 T Sabuwala Wrote:

We Like Just And Fill Our Best. Enjoy Like Our Home.


On 20th July 2015 Nidhi Porwal Majumdar Wrote:

Beautiful As Usual. Our Third Visit But Still The Same Fascination Of Staying In Such A Beautiful Surrounding As If In God’s Lap So Quiet And Peaceful. My Daughter’s Best And Favorite Place.


On 20th July 2015 Debtapas Das Wrote:

Place In The Green

Place In The Wild

Place Into The Cloud – Wild Allure.


On 19th July 2015 Suven Halder Wrote:

Darun Experience. Ek Mutho “Jibon”. Thank You “Monchasha”.


On 19th July 2015 Dr.Maharshi Nandy Wrote:

We Wish Debjani And Neelu Many More Stories Together. Let This Be Only The Beginning. Thank You.


On 4th July 2015 Avik Roy And Sinjini Chakraborty Wrote:

Remarkable Experience…. Simple, Rustic And Very Close To The Heart, Not Just The Place, But Also The People Whom You Will Remember. Great Job…


On 4th July 2015 S Kumar Wrote:

A Unique And Wonderful Experience For Us City Folks. Very Warm People, Great food And A Wonderful Place. We Will Visit Again.


On 4th July 2015 Satyaki Ghosh Wrote:

Fantastic Experience Just From The Welcome Drinks To The Last Farewell, Fabulous Food And Warm Behavior Of Everyone Around.


On 28th June 2015 Supriyo Roy, Sansar Das Roy And Souvik Dutta Wrote:

Monchasha Awesome!!! Food Quality Good, Ambiance Good, Staff Good.


On 28th June 2015 Debarjee Roy Wrote:

Great Place To Relax In Peace. The Food Quality Is Awesome. The Behavior Of Staff Is Homely. Prasenjit And Chiranjit Is Fantastic. Everybody Must Come.


On 21st June 2015 Pradip Mondal Roy Wrote:

Feeling Very Well. Nice Service, Beautiful Place. Enjoyed.


On 19th May 2015 Siddhartha Banerjee Wrote:

Had A Nice Experience To Spend Our Time In The Lap Of Nature Away From The Noise And Rush Of The City. Good Quality Of Food And Village Like Experience. Will Come Here Again.


On 11th April 2015 Swaroop Singha Roy Wrote:

An Absolute Amazing Place. It Was Great To Spend A Day In The Lap Of Mother Nature. Received Excellent Hospitality And Would Love To Come Again Very Soon.


On 11th April 2015 Subir Singha Roy Wrote:

Received Wonderful Experience, Unbelievable Hospitality And Sumptuous Food.


On 3rd April 2015 Swati Basu Mitra Wrote:

We Are All Enchanted With The Environment Here. True Village Atmosphere And Other Ambiences, Specially The Children Enjoyed A Lot Here, Which Filled Our Whole Mind. Thanks To All Of You From Us. “All Time Smiling Face” Of “Chiron” Made Me Feel This Place Like My Another Home.


On 3rd April 2015 Debasmita Bhowmik Wrote:

We Had A Great Time Here, Very Close To Nature, Very Pure, Lifetime Experience, Surely To Revisit “Monchasha”.


On 1st April 2015 Dr.Sumita Dutta Wrote:

We Had Nice Break From Regular Mechanical City Life At “Monchasha”. The Hospitality And Co-Operation From The Owners And The Staff Members Are Really Overwhelming And Commendable.


On 30th March 2015 Abhishek Mukherjee Wrote:

4 Hours Of Painful Journey Amidst Almost Non-Motorable Road Is Still Worth Coming To A Heaven Called “Monchasha”. It Deserted Yet Lively And Energetic, Perfect Honeymoon Place To Explore And Rejuvenate. Great Innovation And Superb Hospitality. Will Cherish The Memory Forever..


On 29th March 2015 Sujit Kumar Mondal Wrote:

Really A Very Delightful Place And With A Homely And Warm Reception, The Stay Was A Pleasure And Hope Will Be For Each And Every Tourist Who Visits It.


On 29th March 2015 Subhamay Das Wrote:

Nice Place And Superb Hospitality.


On 15th March 2015 Chandreyee, Madhumita, Tanima, Shreya, Upali, Ishani Wrote:

“In Love With” Monchasha.


On 13th March 2015 Ranjana Uzir Wrote:

A Nice Peaceful Environment Gives Us Complete Relaxation. We Enjoyed And Relaxed. Other Than Me The Rest Of The Group Is Above 80.


On 8th March 2015 Sjms – “94” Wrote:

Feeling Can’t Be Expressed In Words! So Sorry, Come Here – Stay N Experience The Natures Thrill. We Have To Come Back Again.


On 7th March 2015 Sarengi Sarkar Wrote:



On 5th March 2015 Sukanto, Rai, Jayita, Saurav, Simba, Malabika Wrote:

It Can’t Be Better. We Came For Just This. Wish To See It The Same Way Next Time. Simply Great.


On 19th February 2015 Sumitavo Ghoshal Wrote:

It’s Really An Wonderful Experience To Stay In Such A Natural Scenario.


On 15th February 2015 Nilanjan Sinha Wrote:

Great Place To Relax In Peace. The Food And Ambience Is Specially Remarkable To Say. Want To Come Back Again.


On 9th February 2015 Siben Sengupta Wrote:

A Place To Cherish In Solitude. Fresh Air To Inhale The Original Smell Of Earth. Perfect Place For Family Bonding. Wish To Come Again And Again. Thanks For The Thought.


On 8th February 2015 Meghali Sinha Wrote:

Enjoyed A Lot At The Heart Of Nature Monchasha. This Trip Is My First Outing With My Daughter, So This Experience Is Very Special To Me. Brilliant Service.


On 8th February 2015 Sugata Sinha Wrote:

Mon Holo Khasha

Eshe Monchasha

Prokritir Moddhhey Bacha

Bhalolaga R Bhalobasha


On 8th February 2015 Puja Sikhwal Wrote:

It Was A Lovely Experience. The Ambiance And Food Was Too Good. The Place Is Lovely To Relax.


On 8th February 2015 Nidhi Majumdar Wrote:

It’s A Second Time Visit…. A Paradise And A Lovely Sojourn… Always Love This Down To Earth People And Environment… A Very Relaxing And A Must Visit Place To Be Away From The Hollow City And People. Thanks To Nilanjanda And Debjanidi For Creating This… Really Really Appreciable And In A Simple And Straight Words “Great Initiative”. Keep Up The Good Work!! Thank U For The Organic Vegetables!!


On 3rd February 2015 Dr.E.Manna Wrote:

An Unimaginable Experience Of Life – Heaven On Earth! On Exotic, Breathtaking Beauty Of Mother Nature On The Banks Of River, Amidst The Melodious Chirping Of Birds.


On 26th January 2015 Bhaskar Basu Mallik Wrote:

A Wonderful Gateway From The Hustle Bustle Of The City. Where One Renounces The “Phones” And “Ipods” To Experience The Melody Of Nature. A Beautifully Experience Of A Village Life In An Urban Way. Watch Out, We Will Be Back Soon.


On 26th January 2015 Maulindu Chatterjee Wrote:

Simply Wonderful. Keep It Up!!


On 19th January 2015 Revantha Ramanayake & Annita Biswas Wrote:

What An Exciting Location And Experience! We Loved The Lovely Rural Surroundings, Excellent Service And Food, All The Various Activities (Pottery & Boat Ride) Full Credit To All Involved For Giving Us A Lovely Holiday.


On 17th January 2015 Manisha Singh Wrote:

I Loved Every Second Of My Stay At Monchasha. Everything’s Beyond Words To Express!! Hospitality Is Awesome. Loved It And Enjoyed!!


On 17th January 2015 Sanjay Singh Wrote:

What A Lovely Sojourn Into Nature And Rural Bengal! I Really Appreciate The Effort That Goes Into Maintaining This Quality Of Service With Such Impeccable Taste And Sensibilities. “Bravo”.


On 17th January 2015 Chandrachur Mitra Wrote:

Invaluable And Unselfish Service By All The Support Staff At This Place. “Monchasha Which Is To Me Simply “Heaven On Earth” – Please Carry On.


On 17th January 2015 Nibedita Ghosh Wrote:

Where Time Stands Still. Nice Place With Outstanding Service. Please Carry On.


On 12th January 2015 Manoj Tewari Dey Wrote:

Pleasant Stay. Very Homely. Reminds Our Native Place In Uttarpradesh. Nice Food, Nice People Around. Very Homely Atmosphere. “Lazy Life’s Heaven”.


On 11th January 2015 Anushree Dey Wrote:

Awesome Couple Of Days Spent Admist Nature. Beautiful Place With Beautiful People :: Loved The Whole Experience. Will Be Looking Forward To Return Soon. With Lots Of Love And Luck.


On 11th January 2015 Samya & Saswati Bhattacharyya Wrote:

Exquisite Surroundings Coupled With Lovely Arrangement Of Hastle Free Stay In Cozy Room – Also Wonderful Homely Alround Treatment With Smiling Face.


On 3rd January 2015 Tanushree Bhattacharyya Wrote:

My Second Visit To This Place. Had A Wonderful Experience. Awesome Food And Mystic Surrounding.


On 3rd January 2015 Kaushik Bhowal Wrote:

It Was An Awesome Experience. Would Like To Come Back.


On 3rd January 2015 Ishtiaque Ahmed Wrote:

This Is My Third Visit To Monchasha In A Year And I Would Say This Is The Best Resort In West Bengal For Peace Loving People. I True Sense It Has Become My Holiday Home Where I Can Really Feel In Home And Enjoy And Plan Various Activities For Kids. We Had A Gallo Time This New Year With Family. Monchasha As Always Was Very Supportive With All Our Activities Which Include Fire Cracker, Sky Lantern, Water Balloon, Kites, Pottery Making Etc. Sadly We Missed River Cruise And Fishing Due To Bad Weather. Visit You Soon!!!


On 31st December 2014 Arundhuti Saha Wrote:

This Place Is Awesome, Far From Maddening Crowd. Life Is Beautiful And Peaceful Here. A Must Visit For All, Highly Recommended. A Big Thumbs Up To You For Creating This Lovely Place And Giving Us This Experience.


On 30th December 2014 B Chaudhuri Wrote:

A Place Of Relief From Urban Hollowness. Tranquility And Cool Breeze, Smiling And Adaptive Host Added With Selective Cruises To Cater The Individual Choice. Far From The Maddening Crowd To Ignite Your Hidden Passion. And Of Course – “Abar Ashibo Fire”.


On 29th December 2014 Bhaskar Das Wrote:

A Lifetime Experience Of A Perfect Village Life. Through And Through A Memorable Outing. The Food And Hospitality Is Indeed Outstanding. Hope To Return Sometime Soon.


On 29th December 2014 Sruti Chakraborty Wrote:

In One Word “Excellent”. The Whole Concept Is Wonderful, That Can Give The Urban People Like Us A Relaxing Experience. I Must Say That Food Is Very Good And Service Is Extra Ordinary.


On 27th December 2014 Monika Barua Wrote:

“A Home Away From Home”. Wonderful Experience – A Must For Relaxing And Rejuvenating From Time To Time In The Midst Of Nature. Excellent Designing Of Cottages And The Surrounding Areas And The Best Part Is The Hospitality. Very Good Service And Delicious Food. Wish To Come Again.


On 27th December 2014 Diptangshu Chanda Wrote:

Monchasha Is Really A Wonderful Place. I Think It Is The Best Place, I Have Ever Come Tovisit. The Cottages Are Very Exquisite. I Got Dumbstruck When I First Visited The Place In 2012. The Place Is Filled With Lush Green Trees, Colourful Scented Flowers, Rare Birds Etc. The Best Thing I Liked Was The Pure Bengali Food – Dal, Rice, Fish, Chicken, Tasty Sweets. And Another Thing I Truly Enjoyed With Boogie – The Pet Dog, Haridashi And A Puppy. So Thank You Nilanjan Uncle And Debjani Aunty Building Such A Wonderful Attractive Place.


On 25th December 2014 S Banerjee Wrote:

Excellent Is The Best Description Of This Place, Food, Hospitality.


On 25th December 2014 Sudeshna Mitra Battig Wrote:

Wonderful Experience! The Service Was Very Satisfactory. We All Wish You All The Best.


On 24th December 2014 Prof. Sudeb Bhattacharya Wrote:

Excellent Stay. Will Like To Come Back Once More With Other Relatives/Friends. We Were Amazed By The Quality And Quantity Of Foods Provided.


On 23rd December 2014 Mohit Jindal Wrote:

Beautiful Designing Of The Huts And The Premises. Whole Atmosphere Is So Calm And Peaceful. It Gives A Relaxing Effect.


On 22nd December 2014 Mr. & Mrs. Dr.Vignesh Wrote:

Landscaping – Picturesque Of Monchasha – Excellent – Were Well Designed, Met All Over Needs. The Ambiance – Comfort Zone Given By The Team – Very Good, Always With Smiling Face. The Pets Are Enjoyable, After Long Time Had Time To Play Games Like Carom, Arrow, Shuttle. Food Was Mouth Watering And Were Made Specially For Us In South Indian Style. On The Whole Monchasha – Life Time Experience For Pleasant Stay, Their Hospitality To Stay Forever In Affordable Rate. Definitely Deserves A Comeback.


On 21st December 2014 Anirvan Sen Wrote:

Stunning Resort Which Is Ideal For A Relaxed Stay For The Family. Excellent Food, Service And Hospitality. Will Recommend To All Who Wish To Get Away From The Maddening Crowd. One Thing – Paan After Food Would Be Good Addition.


On 21st December 2014 Angad Kenth Wrote:

The Place Is Very Secluded And Silent And Worth Spending The Night. Will Definitely Come Here Again For A Longer Stay. Kudos To The Hosts!


On 21st December 2014 Abhishek Saha Wrote:

Wonderful Stay And Mouth Watering Food Served Each Meal. Staffs Did Everything We Asked For With A Smile. The Facilities Provided Like Hot Water, Unlimited Tea Coffee, Extra Blanket, Catering To Infant Meals Were All A Proof Of The Enthusiasm And The Training Provided To The Staff. We Felt Like We Were Extended Family Members Of The Didi Whose Smile Is Ever Refreshing. Would Definitely Love To Come Back Soon.


On 20th December 2014 Kausumbi, Sarbani, Tridib Das Roy Wrote:

In One Word Awesome Experience. The Food Was Delicious. Keep It Up.


On 19th December 2014 Reema Banerjee Wrote:

Awesome Stay. Awesome Food. Really Enjoyed The Stay, Enjoyed The Fishing, Enjoyed The Cooking. Loved The Overall Village Feel. Thank You.


On 15th December 2014 P C Das & Paban Das Wrote:

Totally Fantastic And Enjoyful.


On 14th December 2014 Indranil & Shinjana Choudhury Wrote:

Simply Great! Wonderful Place, Great Food, Great Service And Behavior Of All The Staffs And Management. Will Come Again!!!


On 11th December 2014 Tanima & Niru Dave Wrote:

We Had A Wonderful Stay. Debjani & Nilu Were Very Welcoming – All Our Requirements Including The Emotional Ones Were Met. Staffs Did Everything With A Smile. We Are Most Greatful.


On 7th December 2014 Subhajit Basak Wrote:

Wow!! What An Experience. Loved Every Bit Of Our Stay And The Facilities And Service At Such A Remote Place Is Just Great. Thanks From All Of Us.


On 30th November 2014 Sumanta Choudhury Wrote:

Fantastic Experience. It’s A Discovery For Us That Such A Facility Exists. Will Definitely Come Back For The Experience And Hospitality.


On 30th November 2014 Ishani Bhowmick Wrote:

Felt Like Paradise !!


On 30th November 2014 Aaratrika Wrote:

I Loved Everything In Monchasha.


On 30th November 2014 Ishaan Nath Wrote:

I Love Monchasha.


On 30th November 2014 Anupama Choudhury Wrote:

No Words To Descrive. Just To Beautiful For Words.


On 23rd November 2014 Diptimoy & Swati Das Wrote:

A Village Resort To Spend The Weekend. I Really Liked & Experienced Its Ambience & Hospitality.


On 23rd November 2014 Basudeb & Namita Wrote:

Completely New Experience! “Monchasha” Won Our Heart!! Long Live Monchasha!!!


On 16th November 2014 Shankar Das Wrote:

A Very Warm & Cordial Experience. Excellent Food. Keep It Up. Best Wishes To All.


On 9th November 2014 Rekha Chakraborty Wrote:

You Become One With “Panchtatva” Here. Monchasha Is Rejuvenating, Filled My Lungs With Oxygen And Heart With Love. An Awesome Place. Would Like To Come Again And Again. Special Thanks To The Ever Smiling Hospitable Staff. “Son-E Pe Suhaga”! God Bless Monchasha.


On 5th November 2014 Raj Pratap Wrote:

“Woods Are Lovely Dark & Deep, Miles To Go Before I Sleep”. Excellent Hospitality.


On 2nd November 2014 Baishali Chakraborty Wrote:

A Place Where Time Stands Still.


On 2nd November 2014 Rajat Mitra Wrote:

Splendid Experience. Feels Like Going Back To The Roots.


On 28th October 2014 Kausik & Sanchita Das Wrote:

Nice Place, Nice Cottage And Outstanding Service. Will Come Back Again.


On 26th October 2014 Subroto Basu Chaudhury Wrote:

Unique Experience! Giving The Village Feel 100% & Balancing The Requirements Of A Resort!! Difficult To Provide & Maintain But Due Credits To The Management & Operation Team. Excellent!


On 26th October 2014 Satyesh Datta Majumdar Wrote:

Excellent & Outstanding Service, Superb Hospitality. Overall Experience Is Very Good.


On 25th October 2014 Asmita Bose Wrote:

Heaven On Earth. Relished Every Moment Of My Stay. Very Clear Attitude Of The Lady Host. Hats Off To Her, For All Her Efforts.


On 25th October 2014 Ranjan Banerjee Wrote:

Outstanding Experience, Great Food, Unparallel Ethnicity, Simplicity, Service Excellence. Would Recommend To All And Would Certainly Come Back.


On 24th October 2014 Dishani Banerjee Wrote:

This Place Did Not Make Me Feel Like I’m Away From Home For Even A Moment! The Fresh Air, Simplicity Made Me Feel Like I’m In Paradise! The Rooms, The Food And The Behavior Of The People Gave Me An Unforgettable Experience. Would Love To Come Back Here! Thank You Monchasha.


On 24th October 2014 Sumita Das Wrote:

All Things Bright And Beautiful…. “Monchasha” Is A Paradise Recreated On Earth. Thank You For The Heartwarming Hospitality…. Absolutely Overwhelming !!!


On 12th October 2014 Adrija Ghosh Wrote:

Ok! Firstly This Was Totally Unexplored. For The First Time I Felt I Was At Home Away From Home. Maybe It’s The Air, The Simplicity, The Hospitality, The Green Or May Be The Fantastic Weather. Everything Came Together In A Perfect Union Of All The Elements. The Sheer Simplicity Of Village Life Around Makes Me Humble. This Is Where I Feel, You Have Succeeded In Giving A Traveler A Perfect Travel Experience. * “The Rest Is Silence” – Shakespeare.


On 7th October 2014 Saikat Ghosh, Rupsha, Supriyo And Nishant Wrote:

First Time When I Heard About Monchasha Thought It Would Be Just Like Any Other Place. But After Coming To Monchasha I Felt Like I Am Seeing Something For The First Time In My Life. It Is Initially Surreal And Mesmerizing. The Surrounding Is Such Beautiful Seems To Be A Well Crafted And Well Thought Artistry. You People Are Simply Superb. Great Place To Be In.


On 7th October 2014 Ditipriya, Gopal Das & Srabanti Mukherjee Wrote:

This Is My Second Visit To Monchasha. It Had Been A Wonderful Experience Then, With Friends And Has Been Equally Peaceful Now, With Family. It Is A Place To Get Recharged And Rejuvenated. We Are Mesmerized And Awestruck, By The Innovative Ideas Used In Different Areas. Hats Off To Monchasha!! Staff Team Effort To Make Everybody Comfortable Is Marvelous! Thank You Nilanjan And Debjani! Your Idea Is Great!


On 7th October 2014 Subhajit Chakraborty Wrote:

There Are Two Ways To Travel – Either You Explore Places Or Explore Yourself. Monchasha Is Just The Place If You Opt The Later. The Blissful Ambience And The Divine Nature Of Monchasha Helped Me To Gather Myself And Plunge Into Myself And Plunge Into My Inner Self. I Was Flying High But This Place Reminded Me The Value Of Being Grounded. I Am Refreshed And Rooted To Origin “Monchasha” As The Name Suggests, Cultivate One’s Mind; It Is Indeed Enriching For A Soul Like Me.


On 7th October 2014 Poulomi Ghosh Wrote:

I Can Remember A Popular Bengali Phrase “Jokhon Pothsranto Hobe Ekhankar Kotha Mone Koro” – How Perfect Is That For Monchasha. Our World Has Become Nothing Other Than A Baggage Of Stress. I Wanted A Break, A Break From Day To Day Monotony . And Monchasha Cordially Welcomed Me And Distressed And Deride Me. I Feel I Got Purified. Be It Mother Nature, The Green Village Or River Bagda – All Became Wine For Last 2 Days. The Fresh Air, The Soothing Music & Down To Earth People Around – All Were Such Perfect Blend. Special Thanks To Debjanidi & Nilanjanda For Making A Home For So Many. A Home Away From Home. Being Warm & Nice Can Win 1000 Hearts And You People Formed That. Thanks To The Staff Team For Being Always Around. Felt Pampered : Got Recharged And Relayed. “ Aami Abar Ashibo Fire, Chayasunibir Shantir Neer Monchashate Fire”.


On 5th October 2014 Sayan Banerji Wrote:

Initially The Images Of 4 Cottages Beside A River On The Internet Appeals Us Very Much & We Decided To Come To “Monchasha” For A Short Vacation But After Coming Here We Discovered There Is Soooo Much More Than Just Those Four Cottages – A Tranquil Village With So Much Of Natural Beauty, The Lovely Integration Of Rural & Urban Life (Setting Up Constant Water Supply, Electricity, All Basic Needs Of A City Life In A Remote Village Was A Classic Act), The Beautiful Performance Of The Rare Puppet Show With Its Typical Rural Flavor, The Fantastic Fishing Experience Everything Mesmerizes Us. We Are In Love With This Place. The Warm Hospitality Extended By Everyone Here Is So Inviting. We Are Impressed With The Services. They Are Always Willing To Help. We Don’t Feel Like Going Back Home.


On 4th October 2014 Anirban Chattopadhyay Wrote:

Wa Truly Eco-Friendly Resort – Unusually Natural.


On 4th October 2014 Roshan Nayak Wrote:

In One Sentence, I Would Say That It Is Ultimate Peace Of Mind Out Of Busy & Polluted Life.


On 3rd October 2014 Gautam & Ruma Mukherjee Wrote:

We Don’t Talk, We Don’t Discuss, We Don’t Comment – When? It Happened Only After Watching A Good Cinema, After Reading A Good Book, After Seeing A Good Painting, After Experiencing The Nature. We Are Adding Now – After Visiting “Monchasha”. So Let Us Carry The Hangover With Us – We Will Be Back – Once It Is Over. Thanks.


On 2nd October 2014 Uday Shah Wrote:

We Enjoyed Our Stay Immensely At Monchasha. Very Much Homely Atmosphere. People Are Too Kind And Friendly. We Being Pure Vegetarian Were Anticipating A Huge Challenge For Food Prior To Coming Here. However, They Prepared Amazing Tasty & Delicious Food. There Is No Word “No” For Any Reasonable Thing Asked By Us. Ofcourse Due To Puja Time We Missed To See / Participate In Many Activies (Like Pottery) As Artists Was Not There. But Overall Very Happy / Unwinding Experience.


On 15th September 2014 Arjun, Dr.Deepak, Dr.Priyanka, Ankita Pal Wrote:

The Striking Feature Of Monchasha Is Excellent Hospitality Of Staff Members And Specially Debjanidi. Their Service Made Us Feel Like We Are Staying At “Home Away From Home”. The Food Is Excellent And All Of Us Wish To Come Back Again.


On 15th September 2014 Pranati Ray Wrote:

On Behalf Of All India Women Conference We Think Monchasha Is Excellent For Rest & Relaxation.


On 8th September 2014 Anath Bandhu Chatterjee Wrote:

This Place Rejuvenated My Body And Mind, It Recharged My Soul. What I Liked Most Is Its Simple & Tasty Food And The Behavior Of Its Owner Mrs. Debjani And Its Staff. River Bagda Is Fabulous, The Wind So Refreshing. Wish All The Best, Monchasha!!


On 8th September 2014 Nilanjana Bhattacharya Wrote:

I Will Have To Come Back Again. To Spend More Time With The Little River. To Enjoy The Rain, The Wet Green & Yes The Wonderful Hospitality. It Feel Like Being At Home. Thank You!


On 7th September 2014 Gautam Mitra Wrote:

I Would Love To Come Whenever I Feel Exhausted With My Work.


On 2nd September 2014 Dibyendu Nath Wrote:

It’s Only Natural Green Building, Lonely Planet, Excellent Service, Easily Digested Organic Food. We Have New Planet Experience.


On 18th August 2014 Tiasha Dutta Wrote:

I Had So Much Fun! The Village Was Beautiful. First Bar Gram-E Theke Khub Moja Hoyeche. Plenty Of Room To Explore & Play. Resort Er Bhetore Ghore Beriye Aar Janla Diye Nodi Dekhte Dekhte Time Kete Gelo. Hut Gulo Khub Bhalo Laglo. Khub Comfortable, Well Maintained Aar Mojar Design. Thanks For A Great Weekend!


On 13th August 2014 Sarita, Gunjan, Khushi, Ajai Uppal Wrote:

A Relaxing And Informative Visit. So Little To Do, So Much To Enjoy. A Bumpy Van Ride Into A Village. Endless Cups Of “Lal-Cha”. Sleeping In A Mosquito Net After Years And Above All The Entire Team To Look After All Small Needs…. Most Enjoyable Break!!


On 10th August 2014 Debesh Rathor Wrote:

Awesome Experience. Amazed With The Great Hospitality. Remembered Own Village Life Experience.


On 3rd August 2014 Srijib Mishra Wrote:

Pleasantly Surprised By The Completely Rural Ambience And The New Natural Beauty. The Facilities, Design & Décor Have The Perfect Balance Of Tradition And Modernity. The Food, Service And Above All, The Heartwarming Behavior Of The Staff And Hosts (Mr. & Mrs. Basu) Have Left Us Contended. Yet We Can’t Get Enough Of Monchasha. This Has Been More Than A Weekend Retreat; This Has Been An Experience Which Cannot Be Put Down On Paper. Do Keep It Up. See You Soon.


On 2nd August 2014 Saiful, Anirban, Naunkumar Wrote:

Nice Experience, Good Environment, Very Peaceful Place, Very Good Service, We Are Enjoyed With The Hospitality Of The Crew/Staffs. We Would Love To Visit The Place Again In Near Future. Special Comment:- Very Nice Place To Be Here With Family & Friends.


On 1st August 2014 Ashfaque Ahmed Wrote:

Good Food, Soothing Environment, Calm And Composed Atmosphere. The Only Downside – The Chef Must Be More Careful With Extra Bit Of Oil And Salt In The Food Prepared. Overall A Good Concept.


On 28th July 2014 Onkar & Antara Bhattacharya Wrote:

We Enjoyed A Nice Peaceful Time, Perfect One Day Holiday. Very Nice Stay, Service & Food. Wish To Come Back Here Very Soon. All The Best & Thanks For Your Excellent Effort.


On 27th July 2014 Nilay Banerjee Wrote:

A Perfect Touch Of Rural Bengal With All The Required Amenities Of Urban Life. The Hosts Debjani And Nilu Were So Warmly That We Felt At Home. Comfortable Rooms And Delicious Food Added To The Synergy Of The Beautiful Property In The Midst Of Pristine Nature. Highly Recommended. Will Visit Often With Family.


On 27th July 2014 Srinayana Mukherjee Wrote:

Excellent Property, Great Service, Special Mention Of Staffs Who Were Very Attentive. Good To See Such Properties Coming Up In West Bengal. This Should Remain A Boutique Property. Will Come Back! Very Peaceful Ambience.


On 27th July 2014 Asit Kumar Das Wrote:

Excellent Stay …. Calm, Quite And Serene Environment. Awesome Hospitality. Hope To Come And Stay In Near Future For Longer Period.


On 22nd July 2014 Alok Sen & Sudipta Sen Wrote:

Birds Are Chirping Happily, Melody Of Soft Songs Reverberating, Trees And Creepers Are Swaying, River Is Flowing By The Side. Monchasha Is Yet Residing In The Bossom Of Peace And Tranquility On Top Of The Warm Hospitality ….. Won’t Forget.


On 13th April 2014 Jayita Chaudhuri Wrote:

A Perfect Run Away From Our Daily Routines, The Cacophony Of The City Of Joy. The Final Look Of Sunflower Set Cottages And Organic Farms, Did Make Us Gasp – It Was The Perfect Homely Atmosphere. Cherry On The Top Was – Bengali Food In Authentic “Kansa”R Plates, Muri In “Jhuri”. The 10 Of Us Got The Much Needed Break, It Was Really A Blessed Stay. We Had Came In With Loads Of Uncertainties, And We Leave With Plans Of Coming Back In Monsoon And Winter Too, After The Blanket Wrapped Night Sleep In Midsummer. Thank You Mind-Blowing “Monchasha”.


On 13th April 2014 Nabanita Bandyopadhyay Wrote:

The Serene Atmosphere And The Majestic Environment Mesmerised The 10 Of Us Who Were Here. Out Of The Hustle Bustle Of The City Life This Place Attracts People With Their Beautiful Conceptualisation Of Bringing The Typical Bengal Village. Overall It Is A Place Where It’s Worth Staying For Total Relaxation.


On 6th April 2014 Dr.Jayanti C Das Wrote:

Beautiful Place, Great Ambience, Staffs Behavior Is Like Family Members. Doesn’t Feel As If We Are At A Place Away From Home. Would Love To Come Back Again And Also Recommend Friends And Relatives To Visit This Place…..


On 15th March 2014 Alakananda Roy Wrote:

Unique concept of village tourism perfectly blended with heartfelt hospitality has ensured tourist leave with a lasting impression. Not to miss out the sumptuous food and musical extravaganza which was truly, enjoyable. Full moon night, bright colors of holi, songs, adda river cruise and pottery classes. We all enjoyed all of it. Hope to come back with friends and family many more times.


On 15th March 2014 Murarimohan Bhattacharya Wrote:

In a word very excellent in all aspects. Hospitality as well as the ambiance after Monchasha will be remembers for a long time to come. Creativity of the organizers demand some new approach. I stayed here for 2 nights and 3 days. I go to my destination keeping this impression in my mind that I shall have priority to hope this spot while I shall think over staying for weekend tour near Kolkata.


On 15th March 2014 Ashish Kapur Wrote:

Great concept and well executed staff was very friendly and hospitable. Entire stay felt like being at home. Excellent food- authentic Bengali food (especially liked the chicken & the luchi/alu). Only comment would be to create some activity if we were to stay more than I visit. First passed by easily but need to do something if we stay larger …..may be some trekking trials or cycling etc. other than that everything was excellent.


On 15th March 2014 Rajan Malhotra Wrote:

We started from Kolkata for Monchasha with great enthu but last times of drive changed my mind and mood but as soon as we entered the premises I was tongue tied seeing such a peaceful place in midst of nature. My depression vanished and mood changed & we all were glooming with happiness. Out of the world hospitality, with a personal touch. Good organic food & well cooked. Wishing Monchasha all the best.


On 13th March 2014 Ishtiaque Ahmed Wrote:

Being to monchasha is like being to a distant relative who lives in a village and who loves to be host to the hooligans of the city and give them a lesson on what is life is about i.e. love, simplicity and nature. Monchasha gives you a impression of being your second home where you come to recharge your soul. It was a repeat value for nature friendly crowd. A gem of a place in West Bengal.


On 9th March 2014 Swati Soumendu Das Wrote:

Monchasha: Nice experience, great food, homely atmosphere, friendly people and a very affectionate and nice host. Great woman with great taste of managing nature and people…definitely shall come again…


On 8th March 2014 Sarbani Choudhury Wrote: of

An ideal gateway to break the monotony of crowded city life wonderful experience. Planning to come back for a second time very soon.


On 23rd February 2014 Anindita Das Sharma Wrote:

Eco-tourism (rural) at its best. Hospitality too good. An earnest effort from Nilanjanda, Debjanidi and the staff , Especially Partha and Chiranjit. Every one with a travelers heart/mind should visit Monchasha. All the best to team Monchasha.


On 23rd February 2014 Kousali Bhattacharjee Wrote:

We are really happy for the hospitality of all the staff. Ambiance is also very nice. We appreciate the endeavor of Monchasha.


On 23rd February 2014 Mahua Banerjee Wrote:

It is great and memorable experience and I wish I com back next time with my family and friends. This people are very good and well behave and sweet nature they are great.


On 23rd February 2014 Nidhi Majumdar Parwal Wrote:

Monchasha: Great experience…pure & refreshing feel… much down to earth…lovely village ambiance right from the wholesome Bengali meals and helping cooperative people…built on an ethos of economic self reliance and ecological, sustainability…fishing, pottery pure fell of village…awesome cottage…lots of greenery, flowers and a home like stay…Awesome…THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS….


On 22nd February 2014 Anubrata Das and team Wrote:

It was a great and pleasure to be a guest in such a wonderful place will come back for sure in near future.


On 20th February 2014 Pradip bhawal Wrote:

Loss of words to describe this place, Fabulous. All was very good a really expect to come back in near future. All are good and excellent.


On 18th February 2014 Prakhar Dadhich Wrote:

Excellent setup even better hospitality will definitely recommended.


On 18th February 2014 Mohit Jindal Wrote:

Have traveled wide but not experienced the kind of hospitality & services offered by Monchasha. If u want re-energies yourself for your daily routine & away from stressful period, kindly come & stay at Monchasha for 2 days.


On 16th February 2014 Nandini Indranil Chandra Wrote:

Monchasha is a remarkable venture / initiative. We enjoyed stay at this beautiful eco friendly destination. Hospitality was informative and really looked after as well. A1 service & food wish you all the best Thanks.


On 16th February 2014 J Roy Choudhury Wrote:

It was a lovely experience, looking forward to our next visit, which will be soon. It will be even more exciting and pleasant if we can have a spa facility.


On 16th February 2014 Dipti Priya Mukherjee Wrote:

It was a wonderful, restful, experience. Very artistically done up place. Very thoughtful, will come again, excellent service…thank you….


On 12th February 2014 Ratna Banerjee Wrote:

Excellent ambiance, food & service facility. However through the rooms should have some storage space.




On 12th February 2014 Anirudha Deshmukh Wrote:

Great experience..thoroughly enjoyed the time away from city life. Excellent service, food and facilities.had a great time making drawings, would love to visit again.


On 5th February 2014 Sounak Gupta Wrote:

Stay to be remembered forever.


On 5th February 2014 Samanway Kumar Gupta Wrote:

Enjoyed everything. Excellent !!!


On 5th February 2014 Sishir Kumar Gupta Wrote:

I enjoyed staying here for a very short time. It is a new experience. I would like to visit here for a longer period. Service is very cordial. Food was also very good.


On 2nd February 2014 Sudipta Biswas Wrote:

The ambiance is fantastic, well thought & meticulously planned infrastructure. Really attractive place for weekend holiday. Excellent hospitality. Service well praiseworthy.


On 2nd February 2014 Subir Chakraborty Wrote:

Wonderful ambiance. Great Hospitality & a great example of eco facility. Keep it up and may God bless.


On 2nd February 2014 Sushmita Chakraborty Wrote:

Must impressive. Service really good. Hope it remains like this.


On 31st January 2014 Subrata Bose & family Wrote:

A very thoughtful effort. We enjoyed every minute in the calm of the surroundings.


On 31st January 2014 Bimal & Mekhala Biswas Wrote:

Food is very very tasty and service is excellent. We enjoyed very much. Thanks a lot.


On 27th January 2014 Rajib Saha & family Wrote:

M – Monchasha is

O – Organized

N – Natural

C – Cherish able

H – Homely

A – Adorable

S – Simple Living

H – High Thinking

A – Atmosphere


On 27th January 2014 Debjit Chakraborty Wrote:

I cant express how we spent the good time with each other & the wonderful hospitality provided by the staff & the owners at Monchasha. All room amenities were provided & the overall maintenance of the room was perfect & awesome. Overall we had a great experience & wish to come back again. Wish you lots of blessings from God.


On 26th January 2014 Amlan Ghosh & Rupanjali Mukherjee Wrote:

Really it was an awesome experience, specialy the ambiance & the hospitality. I would like to tell all my friends & families to visit once.


On 22nd January 2014 Architect Surajit Roy Wrote:

It was a dream comes true. I never expected such a hospitality in this place. The design of this place is very good. As an architect I really liked your design. At last a heart full thanks and look forward to stay here in future.


To live with the head held high amidst the lap of sylvan pastures, where the mind becomes fearless, where the swings ushers in our childhood & the heart feels free to explore in irrational pleasures …. Its that place where our soul streams out loud, away away from the maddening rush & hustle & bustle of the man made forest made of concrete ….


On 20th January 2014 Dr.Ranadeep Rudra & Sutapa Basu Wrote:

A pleasant and peaceful experience. Beautiful ‘Monchasha’, will definitely come back again.


On 19th January 2014 R Chakraborty & family Wrote:

Very good weekend gateway in the nature’s lap. Excellent services and feel like home. Takes the mind off from all the tension of city life.


On 14th January 2014 D. Sinha & family Wrote:

Excellent arrangements. Homely atmosphere. Cordial behavior from all the monchasha family members. Special thanks to Biswajit, Surajit, Chiranjit & Malibhai. Will surely come back again.


On 13th January 2014 Indrani Ghosh Wrote:

Awsome concept and wonderful place. A home away from home. Great hospitality, lovely wholesome home cooked food. Great Service. Many thanks for a memorable holiday. Kudos Debjani. Will surely come back again.


On 12th January 2014 Jayanta Mukherjee Wrote:

Speechless !!


On 11th January 2014 Gautam Saha Chaudhury Wrote:

Missed my family. Specially Sreeya – my sweet little daughter.


On 10th January 2014 Agni & Sophia Wrote:

Unbelievable peaceful ambience !! Missed my friends when with my family & missed my family when with friends. Will come back again !!


On 5th January 2014 Gautam Ghosh Dastidar Wrote:

Great place to relax from the running life. Enjoyed every second of our stay. Correct ambience, natural beauty & food. We would sure want to come here again & again.


On 5th January 2014 Jashodhara Ghosh Wrote:

Simply enchanting…. Makes me long to come back again & again. The trip would not be so memorable without the heart warming service of everybody present. Kudos to the promoters rather pioneers.


On 1st January 2014 Mainak & friends Wrote:

Complete different experience. A new way to start the year. Nilanjan & Debjani all the best for your endeavour. Happy new year 2014.


On 30th December 2013 Sudip Acharya & friends Wrote:

This is the second time we have come here that too in the consecutive two years. This clearly reflects our fascination to this place. Thanks again and hope to visit in next winter too.


On 30th December 2013 Dorothy Sinha Wrote:

“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever. Its loveliness increases, it will never pass into nothingness; but will keep a bower quite for us, and a sleep full of sweet dreams, and health, and quite breathing.” A peaceful abode. Wish you a very happy & prosperous & heartwarming new year 2014.


On 30th December 2013 Anuradha Mal Wrote:

Excellent hospitality. Very good ambience. Would be coming back soon.


On 29th December 2013 Subroto Saha Wrote:

Excellent ambience. Excellent facilities. A home away from home – only much better.


On 26th December 2013 Sushmita Biswas Wrote:

Excellent ambience. Excellent hospitality.


On 25th December 2013 Sukanto Roy & Mahek Trivedi Wrote:

In one word “Wonderful”. Would be coming back soon…


On 25th December 2013 Sanjukta Iyenger Wrote:

This “back to nature” experience was soul touching. The greenery, the folk music, the fishing pond, the sprawling green open plot for children to loiter around makes the time worthspend. Missed the fishing experience and the boat ride. May be next time. Only one suggestion, you should have more variety in breakfast and for afternoon brunch.


On 23th December 2013 Pallavi Arora Wrote:

Lovely resort with a perfect gateway, the service & staff is very polite and helpful. The only couple of things that we would like to give a suggestion on is that we should be informed of the best possible ways to use our time and informed of the correct time for the boating etc. and a little more variety in breakfast. Other than this it was a superb experience. We shall definitely recommend this place.


On 15th December 2013 K Dutta Wrote:

Very nice, calm & quite village atmosphere with extremely good hospitality. Nice & new successful concept of weekend destination.


On 12th December 2013 Ranjit Kumar Bhadra Wrote:

Excellent hospitality. All services are very good. Healthy and picturesque location. Service boys are well behaved.


On 1st December 2013 Kajal Gopal Das Wrote:

Unique in all respect. We must try to come again.


On 1st December 2013 Pradyot Kumar Mukherjee Wrote:

Brilliant concept with excellent environment and good hospitality, beautiful presentation of food. It was a fantastic experience and perfect weekend tour. I wish the resort all success and hope to return soon. Thanks to the host and his team.


On 1st December 2013 Ansumita & Nachiketa Wrote:

I came here with my husband Nachiketa to celebrate our 1st marriage anniversary. It was a life time experience.


On 24th November 2013 Kushal kanti Ghosh Wrote:

Its really a wonderful place to relax during the weekends. It gives you a feel of a village with all modern amenities. I will love to visit this place again and again with my love ones.


On 24th November 2013 T Guha Wrote:

Too good a place to be remarked by any negative comments. Even the harshest critics would fall of finding any flaws, when it comes to hospitality. Overall an awesome experience would love to come back here.


On 24th November 2013 Baidyanath Moulik Wrote:

Away from the dim & bustle of Kolkata enjoyed a few hours in the resort. Enjoyed reading some old stories and remembered my old days. This is an experience I will keep in my memories for long many days.


On 24th November 2013 Tuhin Kumar Guha Wrote:

Hospitality is excellent. The resort is really eco friendly. If anybody wants to refresh himself, must visit this place. We are returning home with nice experience.


On 23rd November 2013 Bikramjit Mukherjee Wrote:

Such a friendly atmosphere, I never got in any other resort. Really a pleasant time we have over here. Thanks to each and every person & may God bless everyone for future.


On 23rd November 2013 Manjusha Chakraborty Wrote:

The copper moon dazzling in

The dark east sky

The misty night veiling the stream

Bagda at the back

Tagore tunes overflowing the air

The wild fragrance of the green Wet soil…

Are the unforgettable experience of “Mon Chasha”

Salute to the makers of this

“Bliss of Solitude” !!!


On 18th November 2013 Dr Sumanta Chatterjee & Dr Anasua Chatterjee Wrote:

So refreshing & rejuvenating!! Had a wonderful time, lazing around… Waiting to come back again & again.


On 10th November 2013 Ayan Bhattacharya Wrote:

Simply mind blowing experience. Gives us the very essence of staying close to soil.


On 4th November 2013 Saikat Choudhury Wrote:

Nice place, ambience good, food, traditional & tasty. Nature, rustic feel and the river all made the stay memorable. Wishing you all the best.


On 4th November 2013 Ashish & Namita Bansal Wrote:

Beautiful place, very well done best part is the fact that you allow animals and are compassionate to the stray ones that come in. Well maintained. Keep it up.


On 4th November 2013 Aditya Banerjee Wrote:

Very good and interesting place. But needs a wardrobe in the room and few racks in the toilet. Liked the place very much. Will recommend to other people. Best of luck. Veru good hospitality. Very nice food.


On 4th November 2013 Ayan Banerjee Wrote:

An excellent & relaxing time spend. Overwhelmed and enjoyed. Already started to plan when to come back & also to recommend my friends. Some small improvements required but really proud of Niluda & Debjanidi. All the best.


On 28th October 2013 Dr Tilak Ranjan Bera Wrote:

An excellent example of eco-tourism involving local community. Promoting Bengal’s heritage. Wonderfully designed for a comfortable stay and supported by a very cordial and caring staff. Keep it up!


On 28th October 2013 Lt.Col.T R Bera Wrote:

Conceptualized and executed to perfection. Ultimate village experience and excellent hospitality. Shall come again.


On 27th October 2013 Debanjan Dutta & Rakesh Roy Wrote:

Nice place for weekend gateway. Anyone looking to beat the hustle & bustle of city, Monchasha it is right place to be in.


On 20th October 2013 Apu Chakraborty Wrote:

Excellent thought and planning – terrific concept – village culture – broken temple – tnetul – sitangshubabu – madam – kanaida – samir – chiranjit – monchasha – remembered definitely.


On 20th October 2013 Sarma Jayshree Wrote:

Endroit manifique! Reposant, paisible, proche de la nature, excellente nourriture, aimable personnel. Je reviens!! Bon Continuations!


On 18th October 2013 Sulagna Basu (Lia) Wrote:

An awesome experience altogether in the lap of nature. This place is so soothing, don’t feel like going back to the hustle bustle of the city anymore. Hope to come back soon again. All the best Rongondada & Debjanidi. Proud of you.


On 16th October 2013 Arindam Chakraborty Wrote:

Xxxcelent, far from the maddening crowd, yet not so far, will return sure.


On 15th October 2013 Soneeya Parvin Wrote:

Monchasha is nature’s best abode on earth. I had no idea that even by keeping nature intact, one can provide all the comforts of city life. Beautiful place, a wonderful initiative is monchasha, service was of high quality with excellent food. We just loved it and would love to come back again & again away from the hustle & bustle of city life.


On 14th October 2013 Khuzema Blue Wrote:

Very close to nature, peaceful, right ambience, homely feeling, good food & good service. Five stars.


On 14th October 2013 Supriyo Roy Wrote:

The ambience is excellent and the food is awesome. Service & staffs are excellent.


On 13th October 2013 Ruchita Singh Wrote:

Nice and beautiful place. Away from hustle & bustle of life, it’s a home away from home. Enjoy life to its fullest at Monchasha.


On 13th October 2013 Arindam Guhathakurata Wrote:

Excellent. The rooms are very spacious, clean and the service is top class. Specially the food is very very good.


On 23rd September 2013 Debatosh Dasgupta Wrote:

Excellent place to visit. It is like home stay with peace & tranquility. Hospitality is outstanding. Every tourist mind person should visit & stay in Monchasha. Quality of food is very good.


On 22nd September 2013 Krishna Kar Wrote:

Excellent Hospitality, Good behavior.


On 22nd September 2013 Siddharth, Richa, Debal Wrote:

The serenity of the place is stunning, the silence is enduring & amplifies life without noise. A place wrapped in solitary. Excellent food & hospitality. “Mon Chasha” is a land formed with heart. Kudos to Mr. & Mrs. Basu. Thanks. A special thanks from Copper.


On 8th September 2013 Anirban Basu Wrote:

Too good for weekend, will definitely recommend others & in Tripadvisor. Good hospitality, awesome experience. Deepayan Basu wrote: The resort was very good. Dipak gave good service. There was good fishing experience.


On 17th August 2013 Saikat Wrote:

Reminiscences of a land which almighty sculpted and of all things that man has left untouched. A nostalgic feeling. A mesmerizing and tantalizing moment for all of us. In one word its symbiosis. Thanks Mon Chasha & hope to see you soon. Dibakar, Arthitha, Arnab, Ashit & above all Saikat. Thank you Mon Chasha for being so photogenic.


On 17th August 2013 Kaushik Lodh Wrote:

Awesome experience. You guys are doing a wonderful job. Keep it up.

On  11th August 2013 Mohit Jindal  Wrote:

Excellent environment in the lap of nature. With good hospitality extended by the hosts and their staff the experience is exemplary. Loved the calmness and serene environment and the feeling of going back to basics.

On  11th August 2013 Rathin Basu Wrote:

I feel stay in my home with green nature.

On  11th August 2013 Adutya Chowdhury Wrote:

A total exotic countryside ambience with spectacular presentation of food.

On  11th August 2013 B Chatterjee Wrote:

Good hospitality and hosting done. Thanks for all the service provided. A total feeling of home sweet home.

On  10th August 2013 Rama, Navneil, Rajashree & Anjali Wrote:

Different Experience !! Fantastic blend of rustic and modern life !! Worth some more visits. Some interesting activities to be introduced for the evenings.

On  10th August 2013 Subho Dasgupta Wrote:

Extremely refreshing ! Keep Going !!

On  10th August 2013 Saptarshi Paul Wrote:

Amazing experience in the lap of nature and excellent hospitality to cherish forever.

On  5th August 2013 Sreeraj Ghosh & Nandita Ghosh Wrote:

It Was A Great Experience. The Resort Has Modern Amenities With An Authentic Backdrop Of The Rural Environment. I Wish The Resort All Success And Hope To Come Again.

On  5th August 2013 Sekhar Roy & Shampa Roy Wrote:

We Spend A Few Days In The Lap Of Nature Having A Bengali Environment All Around And Within – Unforgettable.

On  5th August 2013 Sewantee & Srayan Ghosh Wrote:

Quintessential Ecotourism. A Perfect Blend Of Idyllic Village Life And Modern Amenities.

On  4th August 2013 Goutam Sonar Wrote:

Great Experience And A Perfect Weekend Gateway Indeed.

On  28th July 2013 Sourav Ray Wrote:

It Was A Great Experience This Weekend At This Very Different Resort. There Are Lots Of Things To Do And Experience To Get The Perfect Peace Of Mind And Take Rest. The Service Is Also Very Good. The Architecture And Facilities And Food Are Very Homely. It Is Good Weekend Destination And I Wish To Come Again. It Is A Place To Experience Every Season.

On  25th July 2013 Dipankar Patra Wrote:

Beautiful Place And Enjoyed A Lot And Hope To Return Soon.

On  14th July 2013 Kingshuk Chakraborty Wrote:

“Monchasha”, Nothing Brought Us Closure To Rural Bengal Like The Property. Enjoyed Every Bit Of The Stay, The Food The Facilities. Enjoyed The River And The Rain…. And Fishing In The Pond. Thanks To The Team For Realizing Such A Beautiful Dream. Shall Come Back & Recommend. Thanks.

On  1st July 2013 Alakananda Dasgupta Wrote:

Wish To Congratulate The Husband And Wife Team Who Have Made “Monchasha” A Green Destination For People Who Want To Run Away From The Maddening Crowd”. Their Personal Touch Adds To All The Other Services Provided By Their Staffs. The Food Was Excellent And I Loved The Way It Was Served. The Only Minus I Can Think Of Are The Insect Bites We Had To Endure The First Night Which Was Taken Care Of The Next Night So That We Are Leaving Happily After A Good Night’s Stay. Thank You For The Short And Sweet Holiday !!

On  30th June 2013 Raka Mitra Wrote:

“Monchasha” Had Been A Relieving Experience, From Our Everyday Busy Lives. Would Love To Come Back Again!

On  23rd June 2013 Aloke Kumar De Wrote:

Spellbound – Speechless – Better Not To Comment Only Feeeeeel It !!!

On  23rd June 2013 Arunava De Wrote:

My Own Private Silence.

On  22nd June 2013 Nilanjan Chakraborty Wrote:

What A Memory To Cherish! Last 20 Hours Gave A Memory Worth Millions. Concept And Representation Can Be Easily Catagorised With A Bunch Of Five Stars. Will Always Be One Of The Beautiful Memory Of Life And Hole To Be Back Soon. Theme – Hats Off !

On  17th June 2013 Susmita Banerjee Wrote:

Come To Know About The Place From A Friend Of Mine – And Was Also Looking Out For A Short Recess. Great Place. An Absolute Place To Unwind. Great Hospitality, Very Affectionate!! We Loved It. Would Surely Visit Again.

On  17th June 2013 Isha Moitra Wrote:

This Place Gives Me A Very Traditional Feel. And, I Also Came To Know About How The Villagers Live And Also How They Built Their Houses. I Loved This Place A Lot. I Will Remember This Place Forever !!!,

On  16th June 2013 Supriyo Bandopadhyay Wrote:

The Place Is Extremely Well Developed. The Host Mr. & Mrs. Basu Are Very Good Persons. We Enjoyed The Peace And Service Of “Monchasha” Very Much.

On  15th June 2013 Himadri, Rumpa, Oindrilla, Atreyee Chakraborty Wrote:

On Getting Information From One Of Our Friends We Have Planned To Visit “Monchasha” All On A Sudden We Had Just Informed On The Earlier Evening That We Will Be Coming And We Were Greeted. It Is A Totally Different Stay At This Place; One Can Get The Touch Of The Rural Bengal, Smell Of The Soil And The Feeling Of A Personal Care Here At Monchasha. Culinary Expertise Of The Relaxed Staff Is Also Commandable. The Food Served Was Delicious And Had A Personalized Touch. Only Problem Is The Small Stretch Of Road To Reach Here. You Have To Be Careful Unless You Have A SUV.

On  15th June 2013 Debarshi Mukherjee Wrote:

We Came Across The Place While Surfing And Scanning For Short Trip Places Near Kolkata And Suburbs. We Were Really Lucky To Have Found The Ideal Place For Winding From The Monotony Of Daily City Life. “Monchasha” To Us Would Essentially Symbolize A Very Innovative And Brave Concept To Recreate The Image Of The Culture Of Rural Life In India And More Specifically In Bengal. On Our Visit We Were Greeted Warmly By The Couple Who Bought The Concept Alive Mr. & Mrs.Basu. The Cottages Made From Bamboo, Hay And Jute Were Very Comfortable Yet Reflecting The Rural Setup. Some Basic Modern Amenities Like The Washroom, TV Etc Added To The Ease Of Living For People Who Come From The City. The Food Was Very Nicely Cooked And Had A Personalized Touch, Rending Of Home Out Of Home. The Ambience Was Excellent, The Collection Of Music Was Very Soothing Too.

On  15th June 2013 Chaitali Mukherjee Wrote:

The Core Of Our Heart And Mind Being Rural, It Was Like A Dream Come True! The Earthy Feel, The Bengali Culture, Tradition And Enriched Arts And Craft Under The Same Roof Is Something Very Unique. “Jhinjhir Daak”; “Jonakir Aalo”; “Maatir Ghor”; “Kaasar Bason-E Khawa”; “Bamboo Cottage-E Thaka”; “Nodir Teer-E Boshe Gaan Shone O Gaan Gaoa”, Will Be Cherished In Our Memories Forever And Ever !! Nature Presented So Well In Front Of Eyes With Natural “Everything” Is Like Moksha. Thank You – “Monchasha”, Mr. & Mrs.Basu And All The Staff For Making This A Very Pleasant And Different Weekend…Waiting To Revisit…

On  12th June 2013 Simanta Roy  Wrote:

Hotel Tourism Was Never So Soul Touching Ever Before. Honest Attempt To Make Guests Feel At Home. Hospitality At The Benefits Of Rural – Urban Mix.

On  12th June 2013 Moumita  Roy Wrote:

Accolades To The Two Of You For Coming Up With This Concept. Almost Everything Is Too Good To Believe. The Sight Of The Two Of You At The Corner Table With A Smile On Your Face Is Heartwarming And The Highlight. Keep It Up.

On  11th June 2013 J Raja Wrote:

Monchasha The Destination Where Your Peaceful Vacations With Your Soul Is Redefined. My Warm Regards And Heartiest Thanks To The Concept Makers Of This Wonderful Destination Who Have Really Thought Of Gifting The Travel Lovers A True Destination Of Peace And Taste Of Rural India.

On  6th June 2013 Dibyendu Chatterjee Wrote:

It’s A Amazing Time Spend By Us Is Monchasha. The Total Masti. We Really Enjoy The Stay And Want To Come Back Again.

On  3rd June 2013 Jaeya Roy Wrote:

This Place Has Met Our Expectations. We Were Looking For Spending Some Time In Peace With Nobody To Disturb Us. And Monchasha Is An Ideal Place For Relaxation Of Mind And Body. People Are Very Friendly. Will Definitely Like To Come Again.

On  3rd June 2013 Dr.S Banerjee Wrote:

Good For A Short Trip But For A Family Of More Than 4 Members Is A Bit Tough To Sleep As Accommodation Inside The Room Is Friendly For 4 Adult Members, Not For More. Overall Experience Is OK. Can Be Recommended For Small Family Trip.

On  2nd June 2013 Shagnik Acharya Wrote:

The Place Is Really Good To Visit Over The Weekend With Family And Friends. The Hospitality They Have Provided Makes You Feel At Home. Good Food, Good Service, Good People Around Relaxes Your Mind And Soul. Would Like To Come Again.

On  19th May 2013 Prasanjit Adak Wrote:

Excellent Resort, Felt Like Home.

On  19th May 2013 Rumjhum Kar Gupta & Suchandra Wrote:

When I Came, I Was Apprehensive. This Is A Scorching Month Of Summer And Yet I Was Literally Blown Away And Not Just By The Mind (Which Is Fast, Soothing And Continuous But By The People, By Their Heartwarming Behavior And By The Thought That Has Gone Into Every Bit Of This Project. Hope This Remains As Beautiful And Serene Forever. Looking Forward To Returning Again. Kudos To Nilanjan & Debjani.

On  28th April 2013 Arindam Dasgupta Wrote:

Remote Place Good Feeling Of A Village, Good For Student’s Camps. Little More Maintenance Needed For Cleaning The Room.

On  21th April 2013 Munmun Ghosh Wrote:

A Wonderful Experience Of Rural Bengal, Totally Refreshed Our Hearts & Soul, Going Back To The City Recharged. A Must Come Back Destination And Needless To Say That We Would Be Back…Soon!

On  21th April 2013 Topa Sen Wrote:

We Liked The Ambience Very Much For Future, We Pray That You Do Very Well And Employ More People And Be Happy.

On  14th April 2013 Rita Sircar Wrote:

I Came With My Vices Totally On The Spur Of The Moment. Now I Think We Would Have Really Missed Something Unique If I Hadn’t Come. We Felt Totally In The Middle Of Mother Nature Together With Home Comforts In The Classic Indian Style. We Hope To Come Here Again And Again And Inspire Others To Come Too.

On  29th March 2013 Shuvrajit Das Biswas Wrote:

The Location Is Perfect. Situated In The Lap Of Mother Nature, It Is Ideal For A Weekend Despite. It Effectively Manages To Combine The Unique Experience Of A Rural Area With All The Comforts Of Home. It Was A Thoroughly Enjoyable Experience And I Look Forward To Visit Again. Thank You For All The Hospitality.

On  29th March 2013 Patrali Ghosh Wrote:

A Home Away From Home – Care – Comfort – Convenience – All In One – Had A Memorable Time With Near And Dear Ones – Wish To Come Back & Feel The Warmth….

On  29th March 2013 Sameek & Jinia Bhattacharya Wrote:

The Name “Monchasha” By Itself Was So Inviting And The Experience Of This Idyllic Gateway Was Really Too Good To Be True. A Full Moon Night, Festival Of Colours On A Green Canvas, Lip Smacking Homely Bengali Cuisine And Everything Served With Warm Hospitality – An Unforgettable Experience Worth Re Living Time And Time Again!!

On  29th March 2013 Sumalya & Anushree Das Biswas Wrote:

A Perfect Gateway From The Hustle And Bustle Of City Life. Our Sincere Thanks To All The People Who Has Made This Project A Great Success.

On  29th March 2013 SRC, Mandy, Andy, Antu, KS, Rahul, Babua, Vicky Wrote:

“Monchasha” Touched Our Hearts And Minds. We Really Experienced The Essence Of Rural Bengal. The Tour Around The Paushi Village Was Truly Awesome. The Stay At Monchasha Was Very Comfortable And The Hospitality Of Mr.Nilanjan, Mrs.Debjani And Their Staff Was Remarkable! Away From The Hustle And Bustle Of The City And Cool Atmosphere Here Has Worked As A Balm For Us All. It Has Refreshed Us All! Three Cheers For “Monchasha”! We Are Coming Back Soon. Thanx To The Puppies They Kept The Kids Engaged Most Of The Time.

On  25th March 2013 Sikha Chowdhury Wrote:

The Overall Experience Was A Very Unique And Different One. The Food Was Very Pleasant And We Had An Enjoyable Weekend Break. Keep Up The Good Work!

On  24th March 2013 Tamanash Dutta Wrote:

Wonderful Experience. It’s An Ideal Place To Sit And Relax, To Be By Yourself And Your Family And To Be In Constant Touch With Nature. Great Hospitality. The Owners Take Care Of Every Liking Of The Guests. The Staff Are Very Cordial. Thank You “Monchasha” For Gifting Us A Wonderful, Relaxing Weekend. We Look Forward To Another Visit.

On  17th March 2013 Rishi Ganguly Wrote:

For A Few Days, We Came Very Close To Nature, Which I Missed For A Long Time. “Monchasha” In One Word Is A Lonely Place To Spend A Few Days Away From The Hustle And Bustle Of The City. The Ambience, Food, Comfort, Hospitality Is Brilliant. I Would Love To Come Back Again And Again To “Monchasha” Given The Chance. Thank You And Will Meet Again.

On  17th March 2013 Debasmita Ganguly Wrote:

Thanks For Giving My 3 Years Old A Chance To Come So Close To Nature At Such A Tender Age. This Entire Initiative Is Exceptional And Refreshes Oneself From The Core Of Heart And Mind. Loved It.

On  10th March 2013 Arjun Mukerji Wrote:

Charming Place And Good Food. Best Wishes.

On  10th March 2013 Mohul Sen Wrote:

Beautiful Place. Tasty Food. Thank You For Your Loving Behavior. I Like To Visit Again. Nice Wishes For You. Warm Cottages. The River Is Very Nice. The Plants Are Good. Fishes Are Fabulous. Nice Aunty. Very Good Things To Buy. The Small Museum Where The Ancient Things Are Kept. The Learns Are Very Interesting. The Playful Things Are Very Interesting. Again Saying Nice Aunty. The “Nabya Nakshir Haat” And “Taala Bhangar Paath” Is  Very Impressive. Sweei Monchasha.

On  10th March 2013 Sudipto Sen Wrote:

“Monchasha” – This Is Not A Hotel Or Resort. Actually It Is A Home Away From Home. Thank You All For Creating Such A Beautiful Place. We Will Come Again To This Place To Feel The Beauty Of Our Nature.

On  28th February 2013 Mritunjoy Bose Wrote:

A Perfect Leisure Trip We Experienced At “Monchasha”. I And Infact My Family Was Really Overwhelmed With The Hospitality. The Experience Is Just Awesome. The Food I Would Say Is The Best I’ve Experienced In Last 2 Years I Went Out With My Family. Overall I Would Rate 4 On 5 On The Entire Property. Looking Forward To Come Back Again.

On  24th February 2013 Kaustav Kabashi Wrote:

Absolutely Delightful Retreat For A “Weekend”. A Must Come. Surely Will Be Here Again.

On  24th February 2013 Debangshu Bose Wrote:

To Increase Your Weight After Any Kind Of Disease Please Visit “Monchasha” To Recover Yourself.  The Leader Of Rural Or Ecotourism In West Bengal.

On  24th February 2013 Diya Bose Wrote:

This Is A Beautiful Home. I Like This Home.

On  24th February 2013 Rahul Gupta Wrote:

We Were Looking For A Lazy Holiday With Only Relaxation In Mind. It Was A Short Weekend But We Are Leaving “Monchasha” With A Very Memorable Journey And We Would Definitely Like To Come Back. The Ambience, Natural Beauty And Mouthwatering Sumptuous Food Left Us Completely Awestruck. The Simplicity Of The Whole Place Within The Lovely Village Landscape Made Us Feel So Nice That It Left Us Yearning For More.

On  17th February 2013 Sabarni Das, Ajoy John And Zoya Wrote:

We Wanted A Break And We Got It In “Monchasha”. I Wanted To Finish Reading A Book, Sabarni Wanted To Sleep Her Tiredness Away And Zoya Wanted New Experience. We Got It All In The Middle Of Nowhere. Wonderful Hospitality. We Go Back, Missing The Music And The Puppies.


On  17th February 2013 Abhijit Das, Santanu Ghosh, Pretam Samaddar, Aprajir Bhattacharya Wrote:

Experienced A Very Nice And Nature Loving Atmosphere. Room And Stay Are Something Which Is Really Difficult To Get In Cities. A Cool Village Atmosphere With A New Experience Of Silence Is Mind Blowing For A Family Outing For A Day Or Two. If The Food Is Of Variety And The Amenities Like Geyser And AC’s Can Be Added Then This “Monchasha” Will Be The Perfect Outing For Any Family Person.

On  11th February 2013 Arindam Mandal Wrote:

Just Outside The City Noise & Busy Schedule. Beautiful Place Just In The Lap Of Nature With A Full Natural Feelings. Bengali Culture Is So Rich That We Should Try To Maintain Its Beauty. Mind Is Cool And Calm With The Touch Of Nature. Thanks To “Monchasha” And Its Team For Their Cordial Co-Operation. Keep It Up.

On  3rd February 2013 Dipankar Banerjee Wrote:

Do Not Come With Mobile Phone And Watch, Spend 2-3 Days, Get Refreshed, Recharged And Go Back, Of Course Come Back Again, At Least 2/3 Times In The Year.


On  28th January 2013 Supriyo Ghosh Wrote:

An Awesome Experience. Totally Refreshing. Great Food And Friendly Behavior Are The Bonus. Loved The Overall Experience. Thanks.


On  27th January 2013 P K Bhattacharjee Wrote:

Very Very Pleasant Stay With Excellent Service And Personal Touch.

On  27th January 2013 Sugata Basu Wrote:

Sitting Under A Thatched Roof, Staring At The Ripples Sun And Beautiful Folk Songs Playing At The Back “Mon Chasha” Truly Warms A Visitor’s Heart; It Is As We Are At Home! Delicious Home-Made Food Served On Brass Thalis, Very Warm Staff And Owners Who Become Family At Once! This Is A Place We Went To Come Back To In Every Season!

On  27th January 2013 Arijit Gupta Wrote:

The Hospitality At “Mon Chasha” Is Really Good. The Overall Atmosphere Really Thrilled Us. This Is A Place We Want To Come Back Again With Elderly People Also.


On  27th January 2013 Baishali Chakravarti Wrote:

Beautiful, Touched My Heart The Quiet And Calm Of This Place. Keep It Like This Pristine And Solace. Keep Up The Good Work! All Our Support Is With You.


On  27th January 2013 Sunrita Banerjee  Wrote:

How Could We Express At What Extend We Did Love This Place. We Would Come Again And Again And Bring Our Friends And Relatives; Tell People To Come To This Resort.

On  26th January 2013 S.Chatterjee Wrote:

Everything Seems To Be Very Perfect. Right Place For Stress Releasing. Lung Condition Improves. People Here Really Do Know The Meaning Of Service.

On 24th January 2013 Saheli Mukherjee  Wrote:

“Mon Chasha” – Means To Me As If We Have Enjoyed To The Extreme. My Son Saw The Real Beauty Of “Gram Bangle” And Realized How We Get The Rice That He Eats And Vegetables. Hope To Come Back Soon.

On 20th January 2013 Nivedita Chowdhury  Wrote:

We Are Very Pleased About The Behavior And Hospitality Of Every Staff. Accommodation Is Very Comfortable With All Amenities. This Particular Place And The Surroundings Village Is Very Beautiful.

On 18th January 2013 Aritra Bhattacharjee Wrote:

Amazingly Beautiful Place, Really Well Maintained And Very Pleasant Behavior.

On 16th January 2013 Joyita Dey Wrote:

Food And Hospitality Is Very Cordial. Total Project, The Theme Is Very Good. We Will Refer Our Friends And Relatives To Come Over Here To Take A Break, To Take Fresh Oxygen In This Calm And Quite Lap Of Nature. The Total Maintenance Of The Project Is Overwhelming. Willing To Come Again.

On 16th January 2013 Protik Dey Wrote:

Working In The Industry For Last 23 Years. It Is Recommendable Trip Of My All Tours. Being Working As One Of The F & B Manager For A Five Star Property, Hospitability Is Excellent. Special Mention, Surajit And Pallab. Please Keep It Up. Wish To Come Back Soon Also To Sikkim.

On 13th January 2013 Mr. Subhadeep Nag Wrote:

A Perfect Blend Of Modern Amenities With Rural Essence. True Village Environment Makes One Wonder, What Are Enjoy In The So Called Mega Cities, Is Only Affecting The Lungs And The Heart. But Here It Is Pure Bliss. Wonderful Homely People With Semi Urban Lining; One Cares To Wonder When To Return To This Wonderland ! Thank You For The Experience !!

On 13th January 2013 Friends From BERGER Paints Wrote:

Gentle Breeze, Simple Life, Reminds The Beauty Of Countryside, The Silent River, Morning Prayer, Rare Joy For City Dweller. A Rare Combination Of Village And Urban Facilities Touches The Heart.

On 13th January 2013 Mr. Subhadeep Nag Wrote:

A Perfect Blend Of Modern Amenities With Rural Essence. True Village Environment Makes One Wonder, What Are Enjoy In The So Called Mega Cities, Is Only Affecting The Lungs And The Heart. But Here It Is Pure Bliss. Wonderful Homely People With Semi Urban Lining; One Cares To Wonder When To Return To This Wonderland ! Thank You For The Experience !!

On 5th January 2013 Mr. Suprotik Saha Wrote:

We All Had A Fabulous Time Over Here, We Enjoyed A Lot Ourselves. We Will Visit Again This Place. The People Were Very Cooperative. Infrastructure Was Very Nice And The Food Was Also Very Good.

On 4th January 2013 Ms. Aarushi Gupta Wrote:

“Monchasha” – I Like This Green Beautiful Place.

On 4th January 2013 Mr. Anubhav Sarkar Wrote:

It Was An Exclusive Experience. Surely Coming Back.

On 2nd January 2013 Mr. Shibaji Bose Wrote:

Discovering Self, Rediscovering This And Getting Immersed In The Rustic Charm Of An Ethereal  And Picturesque Destination – “Monchasha” ! Personalized, Laid Back And Sumptuous Food. Will Keep Coming Back.

On 2nd January 2013 Mrs. Aparna Bose Wrote:

“Monchasha” – ‘Passion At Its Best’. An Awesome Place Where One Can Let His/Her Imagination Go Wild. A Place Where Sun, Moon, Stars, Trees And Birds Talk To You. There Is Poetry At Every Nook And Corner Waiting To Be Discovered By You. Beautiful Place. The Smell Of Freshness, The Scent Of Earth, Its Like Revisiting The Childhood. Taking Back A Lot From Here, Something Which Cannot Be Bought. Gift Of Nature, Priceless And Rare. Best Wishes And Love.

On 2nd January 2013 Mr. Shridhar K S Wrote:

To Run Away From The Chaos Of The City Life, “Monchasha” Is A Good Place And Not Far Away Too. Well Designed Cottages, Nice Music And Good Experience Of Village Life. All The Best.

On 1st January 2013 Mr. J.C.Dey Wrote:

Environment Is Highly Appreciable / Excellent. Attention To Guest Is Also Top Class. Suggest: Floor In Cottages Should Be Replaced By Wooden Platform And Garden Should Be Beautified By Flower Belt.

On 30th December 2012 Mr. Tushar Deb Wrote:

Had A Very Pleasant Stay. Good Food, Nice Reception And Very Peaceful For A Good And Memorable Weekend.

On 30th December 2012 Dr. Tirthankar Bagchi Wrote:

Picturesque Location; Serene Ambience; Well Conceived Cottages; Warm Reception; Scrumptious Food; Good Basic Amenities – Gives One The Feel Of A Home Outside Home. Love The Experience At “Monchasha” To Our Heart’s Content.

On 29th December 2012 Dr. Subrato Chakraborty Wrote:

“Monchjasha Is Unique, Innovative And Displays Deep Thinking At Every Step. Hospitality Is Extra Ordinary. I Sincerely Wish All The Success For The Project.

On 29th December 2012 Mr. Sukanta Chakraborty Wrote:

Nice Place For Holiday And Their Hospitality Is Excellent And Extra Ordinary.

On 29th December 2012 Mrs. Rupanjana Pakrashi Wrote:

Beautiful Place For Holiday. Excellent Hospitality. Wish You Both For This Immense Project.

On 29th December 2012 Mr. Amit Kundu Wrote:

Simply A Perfect Place To Unwind And Relax. Worth Coming Back At Respected Occasions.

On 27th December 2012 Mrs. Nupur Barua Wrote:

“Monchasha” – A Different  World, A Dwelling Place In The Nature’s Lap Where Our Minds Are Nurtured By Excellent Natural Beauty. Hearts Become Filled With Excellent Hospitality. Above All Nilanjan And Debjani Are Excellent People To Stay With.

On 26th December 2012 Mr. Souvik Sinha Wrote:

Wonderful Ambience, Beauty Of Nature, Interior Awesome. Behavior And Service Excellent.

On 23rd December 2012 Mr. K Roy Chowdhury Wrote:

Liked “Monchasha” With All Good Feelings, Felt The Appropriate Ambiance, Hospitality Of The Host And Hostess. Wishing To Come Here Again.

On 23rd December 2012 Mrs. Sudeshna Chakraborty Wrote:

‘Break Free – Unwind To Serene Nature’ –  Amazing Experience To Pure Rural Life, Few Days Of To Yourself. The Best Part Of The Stay In “Monchasha” Is The Awesome Hospitality And Loving And Warmth Of The Host Nilanjan And Debjani

On 23rd December 2012 Mr. Subir Kumar Saha Wrote:

Wishing To Come Here Again.

On 22nd December 2012 Mr. Sudip Acharya Wrote:

Excellent Atmosphere. Good Effort To Campaign For Eco Tourism Footprint. Concept Is Unique.

On 21st December 2012 Mr. Subrata Kumar Wrote:

Concept Is Good, Service Is Very Good. Need To Maintain The Styandard. Wish All The Very Best !!

On 21st December 2012 Mrs. Rakhi Basu Wrote:

Monchasha Is Rediscovering Bengal And Rejuvenating Yourself. Monchasha – Of The Earth, By The Earth – For The Earth.

On 21st December 2012 Mr. Gora Datta Wrote:

It Is Evident That The Love, Dedication And Effort Put In By Debjani And Nilanjan Has Paid Off Very Well – Monchasha Is Perfect ! We Enjoyed Our Brief But Beautiful Stay At Monchasha. I Am Sure – We Will Be Back !

On 21st December 2012 Ms. Anindita Datta Wrote:

Rejuvenating. Outstanding Arrangement And Food.

On 21st December 2012 Mr. Rohan Datta Wrote:

What An Amazing Place – So Far Removed From The Chaos Of The City. Superb.

On 17th December 2012 Mr. Soumya Mukherji Wrote:

Been Touring West Bengal For The Last Two Weeks And Felt That I Was Missing Something. I Found It Here – Bengali Food And Culture Showcased And Preserved In A Beautiful Way. The Villages Nearby Are Charming And Have So Much To Explore. Wish My Hosts Nilanjan And Debjani The Best Of Luck For The Future. A Perfect End Of My Tour.

On 15th December 2012 Mr. Daniel Gedosch And Mrs.Sikata Banerjee Wrote:

A Very Relaxing Atmosphjere. Wonderfully Decorated Huts With Great Touches Of “Classic” Bengali Culture. The Home Cooked Food Is Delicious. We Hope To Come Back.

On 15th December 2012 Mr. Aviprasun And Suchorita Chattopadhyay Wrote:

Fantastic Experience And Excellent Accommodation And Easy Accessibility From Kolkata And Wholesome And Tasty Food And That Too In Profusion An Insight Into A Very Relaxing, Very Rejuvenating Experience.

On 10th December 2012 Chakravarty’s (Piyali, Saurav, Sauvik, Tejaswini) Wrote:

A Second Home – Natural View.

On 10th December 2012 Chakravarty’s (Piyali, Saurav, Sauvik, Tejaswini) Wrote:

A Second Home – Natural View.

On 9th December 2012 Mr. Sukhendu Samanta Wrote:


On 9th December 2012 Mr. Avijit Som Wrote:

Awesome. Excellent.

On 6th December 2012 Mr. Matt Kidd And Ms.Nadine Plattek Wrote:

Thank You For Your Hospitality, It Had A Wonderful Stay. The Location Is Very Chilled And The Local People Were All Friendly. Special Mention To The Guys Working – Cooking – The Service Was Perfect And The Food Was Exceptional. And Of Course Thanking You Both For Sharing Your Knowledge. We Will Definitely Recommend. Cheers.

On 1st December 2012 Mr. Soumitra And Srima Mondal Wrote:

Spent A Very Nice Time.

On 24th November 2012 Mr. Shiladitya And Anamika Chakraborty Wrote:

Was An Excellent And Relaxing Stay. Great Food And Service. Will Come Back For Sure.

On 18th November 2012 Mithun, Lopa, Ranabir, Nirmalya And Joydeep  Wrote:

Enjoyed Our Stay. Food Was Great. Very Peaceful. A Few Improvements Would Be Even Better. Addition Of A Geyser In The Bathrooms, A Calling Bell System For Reception, Make Food And Entertainment, Crafts As Part Of The Package – All Inclusive. Since This Is A Remote Area, It Will Be A Great Value Add For Guests If All Of The Items Are Part Of The Experience. And Rat Trouble Would Be Great If It Didn’t Happen. But Loved It, And Will Tell Our Friends.

On 18th November 2012 Mr. Anupam Dasgupta Wrote:

Was An Absolutely Beautiful And Relaxed Stay, Coupled With Awesome Food And Great Hospitality. A Real Home Away From Home. Keep Up The Great Work ! Will Be Back !!

On 4th November 2012 Mr. K Manna Wrote:

I Have Really Enjoyed The Scenic Beauty Of The Spot. The Cottages Are Very Nice Which Are Far Away From The Contamination Of Urban Life. I Will Suggest Others To Visit This Place. Thanking You.

On 4th November 2012 Ms. Sudeshna Roy Chaudhury Wrote:

Inexplicable Beauty, Really A Dream Come True – Rain Washed Nature-  What More Can One Dream Off ?? Wonderful Experience !!!

On 28th October 2012 Mrs. Soma Pramanik Wrote:

My Second Home….

On 28th October 2012 Mr. Ajoy Maity, Mrs. Keya Maity And Mst. Soymya Maity Wrote:

It Is A Real Pleasure To Spend The Weekend Here In “Monchasha”. We Have Been To Various Resorts But Here We Really Felt A Homely Atmosphere. ‘A Home Away From Home’. We Will Definitely Recommend Our Friends To Visit This Place At Least Once. I Really Thank You All For The Hospitality.

On 27th October 2012 Mr. Amlan Baruah Wrote:

Very Beautiful Set Up With Great View Of The River. Nice Clean Rooms. Service Is Very Good. The Aides Are Very Polite And Well Mannered. Thanks For The Pleasurable Experience.

On 27th October 2012 Ms. Payal Chatterjee Wrote:

Although We Had Expectation But We Never Had Such An Experience In Mind When We Planned To Come Here. Perfect Blend Of Rustic Ambience As Well As Modern Amenities. “Monchasha” Is An Exemplary Joyride !  Hats Off To The Effort Of The People Behind Conceptualizing Such An Experience, Complete With Amazing Hospitality And Warm Reception. Loved It !!

On 26th October 2012 Sekh Yousuf Wrote:

Coming Very Soon. No Words To Explain The Beauty. Very Close To Nature.

On 26th October 2012 Ms. Tiyasa Ghosh Wrote:

Just One Word. AMAZING PLACE!!

On 25th October 2012 Mr. Shivaji Basuroy Wrote:

One Of Its Kind! I Enjoyed My Stay. Food Is Awesome!! Keep It Up!!

On 25th October 2012 Mr. Uddipan Nath Wrote:

I Wish We Could Have Spent The Entire Durgapuja Here. Boat Ride Was Excellent. I Also Wanted To Do Some Angling, But Could Not Do So Due To Scarcity Of Time. Next Time I Would Also Like To Swim In The Ponds. Some Interesting Things Like Rope Activities And Rafting On The Pond Could Be Introduced. I Would Also Like To Bring Some Of My Friends Here And Stay Here In Absolute Peace For At Least Two Full Days. Please Introduce Telescope For Some Star Gazing As Well.

On 25th October 2012 Mrs. Sumona Mukherjee Wrote:

It’s A Home Away From Home. Nice Experience. An Unique One Too. Will Surely See You Again.

On 24th October 2012 Mr. Gautam Nandi And Mr. B.K.Pal Wrote:

Excellent In All Respect.

On 23rd October 2012 Mr. Eric Datta Wrote:

Loved The Rural Touch And The Peaceful Environment. One Of The Best Examples Of Comfortable Ecotourism Spots. Would Love To Recommend It To Others. Great Service. Thank You.

On 23rd October 2012 Mrs. Gopa Datta Wrote:

Reminds Me Of An Ambience ‘Far From The Maddening Crowd’. Gives Space And Spam For Self Reflection.

On 23rd October 2012 Mrs. Sreyasi Chatterjee Wrote:

“MONCHASHA” Is A Home Away From Home For Me……

On 23rd October 2012 Mr. Joykriti Mitra Wrote:

I Came Here Without Expectations With A Blank State, To Escape Kolkata’s Puja Chaos. Ans Was Pleasantly Surprised. A Touch Of Rural Bengal Is Just The Right Medicine For The Fatigue Induced By City Life. Monchasha Will Be With Me For Quite Some Time. I Return Invigorated.

On 15th October 2012 Mr. Subhobrata Dasgupta Wrote:

Coming Over Here, There Is An Achievement In Life Without Expectations!

On 15th October 2012 Mrs. Sriparna Dasgupta Wrote:

“Monchasha” Makes You Feel That There Is Something Beyond Money. Shall Visit Again !!

On 8th October 2012 Ms. Debolina Mookherjee Wrote:

Thank You For A Marvelous Time, Monchasha. The View From My Balcony Was One Of The Most Refreshing Things I Have Ever Encountered. Marvelous Food And Great Hospitality. Hope To Come Back Soon !!

On 2nd October 2012 Mr. Rajen Kundu Wrote:

The Food That One Gets Here For One’s Body And Mind Are All Cultivated Locally.

On 30th September 2012 Mr. Devraj, Ms. Mehr & Mrs. Rinku Puri Wrote:

Monchasha Was An Experience – Heart, Soul And Mind Touching. Nature At Its Best – Fresh, Pure And Beautiful.  Accommodation – Wow! People Smiling, Welcoming, Caring And Kind. Excellent Hospitality. Food That Is Fresh, Appealing, Cooked To Perfection. Every Meal Was A Feast. Ashram Was Soul Touching – Salute Everyone Who Has Contributed Towards It.  I Am So Glad We Came Here. Our 9 Year Old Daughter Would Like To Come Here On Every Birthday. We Did Something We Had Never Done. Village Visit, Fishing, Boat Ride On A River, Rickshaw Ride, …. So Much To Do And Learn. That’s What A Great Weekend Should Be. I Am Taking Back A Treasure.

on 09.09.2012 Mr.Subhamoy Sinha Roy wrote ::

on 09.09.2012 Ayan Mukherjee wrote ::

It Was An Excellent Place. Had Loads Of Fun And A Very Good Place For Angling. Would Like To Visit Again. Thanks.

on 09.09.2012 Somnath Sinha Roy wrote ::

Best Eco-resort of Bengal.

on 09.09.2012 Apurba Kumar Mahato wrote ::

Like the atmosphere. Had a pleasant stay. Good service. Would like to visit again.

on 01.09.2012 Mantu Mukherjee wrote ::

on 26.08.2012 Tapas Kumar Burman wrote ::

on 26.08.2012 Sohini wrote ::

on 26.08.2012 Ipsita Gangopadhyay wrote ::

on 26.08.2012 Ipsita Gangopadhyay wrote ::

Monchasha At Night – Stillness, Silence-Interrupted By The Drone Of Crickets In The Distance… Far Away, Very Far There Are Two Lights. The River And The Sky Wear The Same Darkness… The River Banks Are A Shade Darker! The Darker Trees Reflect In The Less Dark Water… Mystical, Magical Night. Monchasha In The Morning – Waking Up To An Orchestra Morning Sounds – One Bird Starts Cawing – Another Responds – And Together They Start A Duet – Soon There Are Others Joining In – There Is Constant Croak Of A Frog Somewhere – A Distant Moo – An Occasional Bark – The Sun Kisses Out Little Cottage And The Remaining Rain Drops Caught In The Straw Thatch Fall Drop By Drop.

on 21.08.2012 Keka Basu Choudhury – Kalyan Mitra – Basanti Chatterjee t wrote ::

It Was A Very Good Experience To Stay At Monchasha. The Service Was Very Good And It Was Very Homely. With Best Wishes To Debjani And Nilanjan To Keep It Going So That We Can Come Back Again With Our Friends.

on 20.08.2012 Rony Rakshit wrote ::

What An Amazing Experience. Beautifully Designed Well Maintained Natural Stay Excellent Service But The Quality Of Food Must Be Increased. Options Are Limited But In Whole A Great Experience.

on 20.08.2012 Ipsita – Partho Pratim – Bhargabi Mukherjee wrote ::

Some Moments Take Your Breath Away And You’re Left Asking Yourself “Is This True”. That Was The Kind Of Feeling We Had When We Entered Monchasha. But What Is Even More Amazing That With Time Monchasha Engulfs You And You Start Feeling That You Belong There. Coming To Monchasha Is Like Going Back To Your Childhood Days. Thank You Debjani And Nilanjan For Giving Us Monchasha.

on 19.08.2012 Paramita Guha wrote ::

Amazing Experience. Feeling Absolutely Refreshed And Energized Having Spent A Day Here. Would Love To Come Back To Enjoy The Hospitality Again Kudos For Taking Up Such A Venture!!

on 19.08.2012 Tania Sinha & Sajal Sinha wrote ::

Outstanding Experience! Absolutely Loved The Stay!! Nature Blends With Comfort And What Awesome Food!! Just Come Here And Recharge. Thank You To The Whole Team. Believe This Particular Tourist Spot First In West Bengal. It Is A Unique Ecofriendly Cottage Having All Sort Of Facilities Along With Good Food. The Owners Are Friendly, Co-Operative And Attentive To The Customers. I Wish This Type Of Ecofriendly Cottage Should Speed In West Bengal And India As Well.

on 13.08.2012 Abhaya Dasgupta wrote ::

Paushi Trip Was Much Awaited … We Had A Wonderful Time And Enjoyed Every Moment Here – Thanks To “Mintu Mama”. We Could Never Imagine It To Be So Serene … The Place “Monchasha” Proved To Be A Perfect Retreat. After We Have Had A Extremely Hectic Lifestyle In The USA, It Gave Us A Much Sought After Relaxation … The Trip Was Even More Beautiful And Memorable For Our Kids – They Were Introduced To A Totally Different And Wonderful “Village Life”. I Am Sure They Are Taking Back Some Cherishable Childhood Memories From Here. Thanks A Lot To All Of You!!

on 13.08.2012 Ishani Sen & Ananya Sen wrote ::

A Poem – A Trip To Kolkata

I Was In The Lap Of Nature, Here And There Amazing Creatures. So Many Different Plants To See. Dragonflies And Honeybee. Beautiful Scenery Here And There, Rivers And Greenery Everywhere. I Stayed In A Bamboo House, Layed In A Hammock Where I Could Louse, The Trip Was Really Full Of Fun Open Place And Space To Run! The Place Is Full Of Fun & “Jadu” Because We Had “Achin Dadu”. See You Again, Paushi.

on 07.08.2012 Jibon Ray wrote ::

on 05.08.2012 Friends of MONCHASHA wrote ::

A Perfect Rural Retreat Nicely Tucked Away From The Suffocating Pushing And jostling Of City Life. A Refreshing Earthen Touch And Feel Everywhere With Straw, Thatch And Mud All Around. Oh! So Refreshing Breeze Appetizing Every Moment And Filling In The Lungs To Hearts Content. Would Love To Come Back Soon And Want My Near And Dear Ones To Cherish The Same Experience! All The Best.

on 05.08.2012 Friends of MONCHASHA wrote ::

Far From The Cacophony Of Big City, This Was A Breath Of Fresh Air. Set Amongst Vegetable Gardens, Ponds And Without Any Scope Of Physical Activities Makes It A Perfect Hideout For Somebody Seeking Solitude. Fresh Air Blowing Across The Small Bagda River Where There Is No Requirement For Fans. A Perfect Driveaway From The City This Is A Wonderful Place For A Sat Sun Laze. Wishing Monchasha All The Very Best.

on 04.08.2012 Chinmoy Chakraborty wrote ::

Monchasha Is Really Place To Have A Breather In Solitude By The Side Of Little Bagda Rivulet. It Is A Home Away From Home. The Mechanical Life Of The Corporate World Needs A Gulp Of Oxygen Which Monchasha Provides. Must Mention Here The Wonderful Hospitality By Mr. Debasish, Mrs. Debjani, Mr. Nilanjan And Their Fantastic Team. The “Antyodoy” Orphanage Touches The Heart To The Core. May God Bless These Hearts I Want To Be In Touch With All.

on 29.07.2012 Sagarika Dasgupta wrote ::

on 29.07.2012 Dr.Arabinda Dasgupta wrote ::

on 22.07.2012 Arati, Subha, Chanda, Banani wrote ::

on 22.07.2012 Abhijit Bhanja Chaudhury wrote ::

It’s A Very Pleasant And Beautiful Experience With Nature And Village Life. The Facility In This Guesthouse Face Off The Village Life Of Bengal. Their Pleasant Behavior Is Great.

on 22.07.2012 Diksha Guha Roy wrote ::

As I Am Just Only 18 Years, I Came Here With My Parents… I Love To Travel All Over India But When I Came Here I Never Feel Like Coming To A New Place Or Visit A New Place. I Feel It Like My Own House And Even More Than That. This Also Gave Me A Live Example Of Eco-Tourism Or Hospitality Which I Was Needing Badly For My Further Studies. If This Thing Started All Over Then We Can Save Our Earth and Its Beings…

on 22.07.2012 Mukesh Srivastava wrote ::

The Place To Offload Stress Of Modern Life And To Rejoice The Beauty Of Countryside. It Is Monchasha. A Place Artistically And Aesthetically Design With A Theme Of Bengal’s Symbolic Village Life. I Stayed Here and Enjoyed The Place and Traditional Bengali Food. In Particular It Is A Wonderful Place For Writers To Think Freely Amidst Nature And Pen Down A Creative Thoughtful Work.

on 22.07.2012 Sandip Ray wrote ::

Nice Place To Spend Time and Enjoy One’s Loneliness. Food Was Excellent. Village Was A Bit Mod, But We Don’t See Such Nearby Local Suburbs. No Doubt A Very Serene And Pristine Place But Not For Any Reason. So If Someone Is Looking For A Place To Waste Him/Herself, Monchasha Is The Only Place To Be. Come Spoil and Waste Yourself.

on 16.07.2012 Swapan Chandrima, Subhannesha,Sam, Chandrani wrote ::

on 15.07.2012 Adatya, Ashis, Dolanchampa wrote ::

on 12.07.2012 Joymala Ganguly wrote ::

on 09.07.2012 Kallol Chakraborty wrote ::

on 09.07.2012 Arunima Biswas wrote ::

on 01.07.2012 Swapan Mahapatra wrote ::

on 01.07.2012 Tapas Kumar Barman wrote ::

on 30.06.2012 Krishnendu Sen wrote ::

on 25.06.2012 Pannalal Banerjee wrote ::

on 25.06.2012 Nandini Das wrote ::

on 10.06.2012 Suparna & Siladitya Ganguly wrote ::

on 10.06.2012 Sanchari Dasgupta wrote ::

It has been a wonderful and serene experience here at Monchasha. We all could be a part of the nature of rural bengal being at monchasha. It has been a humble and homely holiday resort to be visited often.

on 10.06.2012 Abhijit Mukherji wrote ::

Monchasha —> I didnt heard this name a while ago but after I came here, it was an awesome & overwhelming experience. An eco-friendly place to stay, a lot of greenery & most important home feel like experience. The place we stayed is like a cottage made of bamboo stick & just beside that river is flowing named “bagda”. I just forgot my work & relishing the food & nature here. I would again like to come here & BIG THANK TO YOU MONCHASHA, PAUSHI.

on 03.06.2012 Agniva Kar Gupta wrote ::

I like the place monchasha very much. I like the cottage made of bamboo, pond and the view of the river Bagda. It is excellent. I will come again.

on 30.04.2012 friends of monchasha wrote ::

on 30.04.2012 N K Roychoudhury wrote ::

It is a very nice place so stay for a few days. Very homely atmosphere with good hospitality. I wish to come here again in next opportunity.

on 27.04.2012 Gautam Ghosh Dastidar wrote ::

It is really a very beautiful, peaceful environment to stay. Liked the natural beauty and the mud-bamboo architecture. The food is great. Everything is perfect & simple. Simple Living And High Thinking.

on 23.04.2012 Abhishek Saha wrote ::


on 15.04.2012 Amitava Ghosh wrote ::

on 15.04.2012 Abhirup wrote ::

on 15.04.2012 Prabir K Majumdar wrote ::

Its a fine blend rather synthesis of “antiquity” and “modernism”. There has been lot of planning to create a gel between these two antethesis. Kudos to the planners and dreamers who not only dreamt & planned but also embodies them into reality.

on 14.04.2012 Tanushree Piyali Saha Asok Adhikari wrote ::

on 08.04.2012 Sanjay Ghosh wrote ::

on 07.04.2012 Subhas Chandra Ghosh wrote ::

It is a rare experience to stay in “Monchasha” in a village atmosphere. Accommodation and hospitality is excellent. Wish to visit again in future.

on 07.04.2012 friends of monchasha wrote ::

on 07.04.2012 Kishor Sarkar Banerjee wrote ::

I have enjoyed the night stay. Thanks to the promoters of MONCHASHA for their new approach towards green movement.

on 07.04.2012 Archana Samanta & Gitasree Ghosh wrote ::

on 12.03.2012 Sayantani Banerjee wrote ::

Out of the world experience in these two magical days. Outstanding ambience, food, hospitality. The only thing that matters in the hospitality industry is service. And this place epitomises that. The most caring and loving people I have met.

on 12.03.2012 Raja Guha wrote ::

This project is a  live example that if we chase our dreams then we can impliment it irrespective of various challenges. Monchasha is a unique project and feel great to be here. It’s refreshing!

on 12.03.2012 Arunima Guha wrote ::

on 11.03.2012 Debjani Lahiri & Raghab Bandopadhyay wrote ::

on 09.03.2012 Achintya Sural wrote ::

on 09.03.2012 Itee Ghosh wrote ::

An unique idea and brain for this resort you have made. We lived here like home far from the home. May God give you the strength and energy for the vast work you have started and this should go on like this.

on 07.03.2012 Sanghamitra Chakraborty wrote ::

on 29.02.2012 friends of monchasha wrote ::

on 26.02.2012 friends of monchasha wrote ::

on 20.02.2012 Dr. Susovon Adhikari wrote ::

on 20.02.2012 Mr. Badal Bhattacharya wrote ::

on 19.02.2012 Mr. Kausik Das wrote ::

Its an extremely good place so close to nature and hospitality is beyond expectation. Its a place to visit again and again. We will be back soon.

on 19.02.2012 Mr. Debasish Mukherjee wrote ::

on 18.02.2012 Mr. Saurabh Sengupta wrote ::

Monchasha. A very nice eco retreat away from hectic & chaotic city life setup in a village backdrop. One can experience the peaceful village life. Nice stay going to come back soon. The intention of supporting the orphanage and help the kids in their studies is a very noble thought. All the best.

on 13.02.2012 Mrs. Mita Nath wrote ::

on 13.02.2012 Mr. Uddipan Nath & Mrs. Sucheta Mallick wrote ::

on 13.02.2012 Mstr. ISHAN wrote ::

on 12.02.2012 Mr. Ayan Banerjee wrote ::

Every aspect of “monchasha” including the surrounding environment and atmosphere is just incompareble. Every second it felt to be react like staying in a village. My long term dream of staying in a village got just fulfilled coming here. Everything in “monchasha” starting from services to facilities, its just fabulous.

on 12.02.2012 Mr. Souvik Dutt wrote ::

on 28.01.2012 Mr. Samar Bose wrote ::

on 28.01.2012 Mr. Dilip Kumar Roy wrote ::

There are some feelings which can only be felt. “monchasha” is one such unique experience! It will be in the windscape for all time to come. I shall retire to experience. No Thanks.

on 28.01.2012 Ms. Reena Bose & Mrs. Uma Roy wrote ::

Simply wonderful. Hope to come again. God bless you.

on 26.01.2012 Mr. & Mrs. Dutta wrote ::

on 23.01.2012 Mr. Kausik Indu & Family wrote ::

on 23.01.2012 Mr. Kausik & Mr.Debdas wrote ::

on 23.01.2012 Mrs. Sarbani Indu wrote ::

I like to travel very much. “Traveling” means ‘going to a distant place’. But “Monchasha” means ‘traveling of mind in a good and determind way which improve our social life’. Hospitality of all members of Monchasha are heartest and memorable.

on 23.01.2012 Mr. Siladitya Halder wrote ::

“MONCHASHA” simply blew away our mind from modern technology to the beautiful Bengal village culture. I like this tour very much.

on 23.01.2012 Mrs. Chaitali Lahiri wrote ::

on 23.01.2012 Mr. Amit Choudhury wrote ::

Stay is beautiful, hospitality is outstanding. Antyoday made us humble and overwhelmed.

on 23.01.2012 Mr. Rupankar Bagchi wrote ::


on 23.01.2012 Mr. Amarnath Mahalanabish wrote ::

on 23.01.2012 Mr. Avijit Paul wrote ::

“Monchasha” – name itself is self explanatory, something comes from heart. Here cottages are beautiful, hospitality wonderful and specially foods are authentic. This is very nice place for spending weekends. We will back here again and hope some feeling we will carryout in future also.

on 16.01.2012 Ms. Sudakshina Sengupta wrote ::

“Monchasha” – an exotic, hospitable, out of the world destination for nature lovers like us ! However it’s management needs to be improved, responsibility should be carried out sincerely. Wish to come back again.

on 08.01.2012 Friends of “monchasha” wrote ::

on 05.01.2012 Mrs. Marisha G Bhaduri wrote ::

Our group enjoyed a lot in this refreshing place with the flowering plants & growing vegetables around that adds to our enjoyment. Foods are delicious, staffs are very accommodating. Guest rooms are very touching for me, it brings me back to my own native land w/c is “The Philippins”. I really love the place for my son, neat & clean, & we can play around as per he wanted. Since rooms & furnitures are made up of native materials, little bit treatment for the furniture inside coz fungus already developing & spreads to our cloths etc. Looking forward that my group can come here again.

on 02.01.2012 Mr. Achintya Kumar Bhar wrote ::

on 02.01.2012 Mr. Dinesh Lamba & family wrote ::

Innovation at its best! First of a kind of “Green Ashram” in W.B. Wonderful ambience, serene life & wonderful staff. Service is good as well.

on 02.01.2012 Mr. Uttam De & Anupama Sarkar wrote ::

What a pleasant surprise in 31st December! Nature of this place is very very good which attracts me. I enjoyed excellent facilities and hospitality also. To Nilanjanda, Debjanidi and others – thanks to all. My son also enjoyed this nature with great pleasure. Hope your prosperous future in “monchasha”. Hope I will spent for a long time here with beautiful nature. “Happy New Year”.

on 01.01.2012 Ms. Sumita & Pragyaparamita Duttagupta wrote ::

on 01.01.2012 Mr. Manas De wrote ::

on 01.01.2012 Ms. Mandisa De wrote ::

on 31.12.2011 Ms. Debkanya Ghosh wrote ::

“monchasha” – Home away from home. Awsome experiences getting total feel of Bengali Culture.

on 31.12.2011 Ms. Nasitaa Abedin wrote ::


on 31.12.2011 Mst. Trishnik Chakraborty wrote ::

on 31.12.2011 Ms. Debdyuti Ghosh wrote ::

Its avery exotic place with the touch of nature’s most beautiful bliss. It gives you the earthy feelings of mother earth. A nice place to have a day or two spent here.

on 31.12.2011 Mr. Sandip Giri wrote ::


on 30.12.2011 Mr. Rajkumar Chakraborty wrote ::

on 30.12.2011 Mrs. Trina Ganguly wrote ::

on 27.12.2011 Mr. Dipankar Palit wrote ::

Unique Concept, Mind Cultivating Environment, Experienced Great Personalised Hospitality, Wonderful Holiday Resort For All Walks Of Life.  Great Effort In All Respect. Ideal Destination For Professionals To Reconstruct & Refurbish Their Mind Set.

on 27.12.2011 Mrs. Devi Palit wrote ::

on 27.12.2011 Mr. Sumit Routh wrote ::


on 27.12.2011 Mrs. Adrika Routh wrote ::


on 27.12.2011 Prof. Sheelbhadra Das wrote ::

A place to dream of not to say, but to visit.

on 26.12.2011 Mrs. Koyeli Gupta wrote ::

A place to indulge in the tranquil, serene lap of mother nature.

on 26.12.2011 Mr. Ansuman Gupta wrote ::

A perfect place to come in a big group for a short tour. Thanks.

on 22.12.2011 Mr. Sibasis Nandy & Mrs.Urmi Nandy wrote ::

on 22.12.2011 Chandana Kundu & Chandramouli Kundu wrote ::

The resort “monchasha” holds a very serene environment symbolic to the rural bengali culture. It’s like experiencing the vedic culture in a modern comfortable way. It’s a lifetime experience – the child development project. Let’s wish all the best to my little brothers and sister along the “monchasha” project. Hope they become successful in life.

on 18.12.2011 Srijita, Madhumita & Kaushik Barui  wrote ::

A resort with a touch of bamboo huts amidst a farm house in true sense along with food servings in a typical bengali styled adorned with rural bengal related musical instruments unforgettable experience which has its association with a benevolent cause of orphanage touched to the core of our heart.

on 14.12.2011 guests of  “monchasha”  wrote ::

on 02.12.2011 Mrs. Nandita & Mr. C S Naha wrote ::

Unique surrounding. Enjoyed fantastic hospilaty and the facilities. Spent two wonderful days – unforgettable. The food was great and the little children were adorable. All the best for a wonderful future. Excellent service.

on 02.12.2011 Mrs. Sunanda & Mr. Debu Chakraborty wrote ::

on 02.12.2011 Mrs. Ratna & Mr. Somnath Chakraborty wrote ::

on 28.11.2011 Mrs & Mr. Manab Lahiri wrote ::

on 27.11.2011 Mr. Basudev Pal Majumder draw ::

on 27.11.2011 Mrs. Soma & Mr. Supriyo Bose wrote ::

on 21.11.2011 Mr. Prodosh Ronjon Saha wrote ::

on 21.11.2011 Mr. Satyaki Biswas wrote ::

on 20.11.2011 Ms. Ipsita Sengupta wrote ::

on 07.11.2011 Mr. Anand Gupta wrote ::

It was an amazing experience. We’ve certainly never come across such beautiful but naturally developed huts and such sweet but simple people. We would surely like to visit again and this time for a longer stay!….

on 07.11.2011 Mr. Nirmal Jalan wrote ::

The cottages were really good. I will surely come here again and suggest others for this place. Thank you !!!

2 thoughts on “guestbook

  1. Thanks for the excellent food and awesome hospitality by the people at Monchasha !! Everything was well arranged and totally value for money. Strongly recommended for one or two nights stay at a quiet, peaceful village away from everyday’s stressed life.

  2. Monvolano Monchacha………. kono nalish nei…… eto sundor byabastha, khaodaoya, parishkar parichhannata sab dik diye mon vore geche………….
    2 ti katha………….. ei paribeshe TV ta na rakhlei valo hay ebong kono security r byabastha ki kara jay? jodi ta paribesher sathe manansoi vabe kara jay..

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