why we create monchasha ?

across the world the trends of industrialization and development have had an urban centric approach. alongside, the stresses of urban lifestyles have led to a “counter-urbanization” syndrome. this has led to growing interest in the rural areas. rural tourism is one of the few activities which can provide a solution to these problems. so that we have created “monchasha” within a domestic area of a most unpopular village to show the world that tourism can sustain without an important site seeing spot as seabeach, mountain, jungle area etc. “monchasha” is for those exhausted people who are going through a very busy hectic schedule day after day. to them who are “going to be a part of tourism” is a not a luxury now-a-days but a very basic need. an earnest need for a two days peace.


at the same time this trend of urbanization has led to falling income levels, lesser job opportunities in the total areas leading to an urbanization syndrome in the rural areas. also due to the economic situation rural people are facing lots of problem facing the daily challenges. here “monchasha” is acting as a job generator affecting a positive poverty alleviation. from the very first day we have hired local labours to make our “monchasha”. also major purchases (daily requirement) from the local market affects a positive and practical rural development in the grass root level of village paushi.


rural india has much to offer to the world. rich in traditions of arts, crafts, heritage, culture, rural india can emerge as important tourist spots. those in the developed world who have a craze for knowledge about traditional ways of life, arts & crafts will be attracted to visit rural india if the concept of rural tourism is marketed well. according to demand by the guests at “monchasha” we have recently started fields like “sahajiya” – the cultural centre & “nabya nakshi” – the handicraft centre. already we have launched a live pottery demonstration by local potters. soon we are making the proper shade.


in india we find tourism destinations in different stages of what is termed as the product life cycle. for example, a region like digha – mandarmoni, a city like darjeeling – kalimpong has reached a maturity level. they no more require promotion and have similarly exhausted their carrying capacity (infrastructural, environmental or social impacts). on the contrary please look at the other rural regions which are struggling hard to promote their attractions and develop their tourism products. the same is the case with many rural parts of india, even after having enough potential to attract both domestic and foreign tourists. after a successful six months operation of “monchasha” our report says “monchasha” is acting as a peaceful ecofriendly oasis in a vast desert of over developed, over promoted, over polluted and over populated tourism spots where mood of leisure is lacking. in reality we have experienced that, a tremendous crisis is still present in the weekend tourism subject here over at bengal. so this is the right time to start this type of small projects.


continuous living with a fast life makes us partly mechanical resulting different abnormal effects. family commitments, work pressure, money issues increase the anxiety and stress level in a human. to recover and manage up with the stress there is very little time left to require care of the health. hectic schedule results to some common diseases like coronary heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, hypertension, infection of urinary tract etc and a ton of health problems. also with a heavy workload, working parents has to spend more time in the office with their pile of work rather than at home with their family. this has led to a lack of communication among the family members and affected family relationships adversely. misunderstandings and arguments are bound to happen which become the cause of divorces and broken homes. “monchasha” is that type of arena where you can talk to yourself, enjoy quality time with your family or simply format your cpu.

6 thoughts on “why we create monchasha ?

  1. Hello. I am interested in stay at monchasa. We are 4 adults and 1 child of 9 yrs.
    We want to go on 22 Jan 2022 or any Saturday nxt available vacant. We have car. Driver accommodation needed. Plz provide best quotation.

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