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“Fabulous weekend at calm n quiet place”

Stayed October 2012, traveled with friends

Reviewed April 15, 2013

Mon Chasha is a unique experience…

If you want a great and lonely destination for a special weekend then must visit Mon Chasha…
Its an amazing place with excellent authentic food… very good hospitality… The rooms are neat and clean… other services are extremely well…I strongly recommend this place… wish to visit again…

A very Special Thanks to Nilanjan da and Debjani di…


“In the pursuit of happiness”

Stayed January 2013, traveled with family

Reviewed May 2, 2013

When the bricks and mortars of the city life start taking a toll of your sensibilities and you get fragmented in balancing yourself between work and life, reclaim your life with a detour from the deadpan city life by taking a three hour drive (from Kolkata city) to Monchasa.
The property and its natural contours are a clear departure from the luxury of a resort but the amenities aren’t frugal. The details of the personalized attention will certainly ensure a sense of accomplishment of having decided on a property that clearly qualifies as ‘home-away-from-home’ but for the tranquility that brings the child in you. Sumptuous food, adequate provisions, uninterrupted village walks and the bonding are a sure bonus. Lens happy guests will have no complains for the variety of subjects outsmarts the limitations of light and the silhouette. Cleanliness, security and promptness are the hallmark of the place. Go and reclaim your life!



“Peace of mind…”

Stayed March 2013, traveled as a couple

Reviewed April 27, 2013

If you are seeking peace of mind and want to rejuvenate, Mon Chsha is an ideal place for you.
Or if you want to experience rural living far away from the madding crowd, swim in a pond, spend the afternoon laying on the hammock and listening Rabindra sangeet, or want to replenish your fishing skill then you must visit Mon chasha. Its only two an half hours journey from kolkata ( on way to Digha). They have four cottages each of which can accommodate four people. Each cottages have a balcony overlooking the river(stream). The washrooms maintain a proper degree of hygiene. We (my wife and myself) visited in the month of march. We were under the impression that it will be too hot. But surprisingly it was quite pleasant and we enjoyed our stay very much. The food was good and tasty.They serve the food at their dining place which itself is a nice place to relax. The sky at night is full of stars. We enjoyed a lovely evening chatting with the owners. Really appreciate the way the owners are keeping this place. Hospitality is worth a mention. We will definitely visit again.


“Monchasha Trip”

Stayed April 2013, traveled with family

Reviewed April 22, 2013

Monchasha is a wonderful place for weekend trip near Kolkata. The place is full with fresh air, fresh food and lot of other freshness. After the hustle and bustle of city life we have been rejuvenated staying there. The stuffs of the place is very well behaved and helpful. The food is very tasty and authentic village food. There is orphanage in the Paushi village, it is also a must see destination, One can see that even a middle class person, along with a small but dedicated workforce can help not less than 70 orphan boys and girls, a great work for humanity to my understanding. In short it is must see place to visit.


“” A week-end of serenity””

Stayed May 2013, traveled with family

Reviewed May 22, 2013 NEW

Just a three hour drive from Kolkata city via Kolaghat, there lies nestled on the river side of Baghda, a beautiful eco-village called Mon Chasha. It was a hot and sultry May morning when 8 of us left for this little known destination. I was frankly quite doubtful about the prospects. being a complete city girl , I could not imagine living in a thatched bamboo hut without air-conditioning and other comforts.And am I glad I actually visited the place ? Oh my god, a thousand times yes!!it is picturesque, tranquil, clean and offers excellent service. The location is amazing.Each of the four cottages have an attached bath with modern toilet facilities and yet the walls are made of Bamboo and even the stands are wooden or handcrafted. The cottages have en-Suite balcony facing the river and one can spend hours sitting there watching the dykes, the not so distant villages and hear the occasional honking of a car or trekker passing the highway a mile away. It’s a photographer’s paradise, with a variety of birds, a purple sunset or the slow sunrise changing the sky from dark blue to streaks of orange and then a bright gold.

Time passes slowly at Mon Chasha but entertainingly. The host couple- Nilanjan and Debjani are charming. They warmly welcome you and soon make you forget that this is a hotel and you have met these people just a few hours ago. Like long lost friends or oft encountered ones, they share a camaraderie with young and the old and they welcome pets just as they welcome people. Our dog, all of 5 months, quickly became firm friends with everyone there and has promised them with joyful barks to return soon.

And for activities–why not take a dip in the pond with stone steps or see fish frolicking in the dark waters of it? Maybe your inner child will take you towards the Tyre-swings or if you are a little less rebellious chose the sedate, sturdy swings and slowly rock yourself.There’s a potter’s wheel for inspection and a “Dheki” which works! If you plan earlier, the hosts will arrange a pottery class or a ride in a small boat in the river . When the sun slowly disappears in the horizon, no one even remembers the small t.v. set kept in the cottage. Young or old, everyone sits around the courtyard, chatting with a cup of hot ” chai”(tea), muri(puffed rice) and pakoras while strings of bengali songs float in the air. Want a soiree? Pick up the harmonium , mridanga or other musical instruments kept there and have an impromptu jam session.The food is excellent and served in quaint brass utensils which remind you of a forgotten era. Maybe it’s the homely touch that increases your appetite or the water, but you end up eating every morsel and after a second helping don’t regret the excess at all!!

The place literally blew me away, as the wind was fast and continuous but the surrounding, the tranquility, the greenery and the service all added to the experience.
Kudos to the developers. Spare a few moments of your busy lives and visit this beautiful , quaint place. You will feel rejuvenated as I was.

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