“idyllic experience”

Review From A Friend

if you are looking for an offbeat peaceful weekend getaway from kolkata – this place is definitely worth a consideration.

aesthetic, artistic & minimalistic (covers the basics) the ambience transcends to a serene bengali rural hamlet in its full natural glory.

the proprietors are too eager to look after all your comforts + needs. the veggies are garden fresh. the taste of local fish is also an attraction for foodies like me

the elevated cottages with one room + bathroom + balconies is good enough for 4 adults

Carry your own towels if you are not used to the “gaamchha”. NO A/C


Processing :: Crafts from Water Hyacinth!

Do you know how to make beautiful crafts from water hyacinth?

Collecting the raw material.

The segregation is going on.

Drying / roasting is one of the important stage for the final material.

organic cultivation at monchasha

result of organic cultivation with vermi compost at “monchasha”

traditional fusion

friends of the concept

local children over at “monchasha” :: so live here

added attraction of “monchasha” :: live flowers

go rural. go bengal. explore the treasures of bengal villages

ecotourism model :: monchasha

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