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“Mon Chasha – Sustainable, peaceful and soul touching..a must visit for all”

The monotone of city life bogging us down, me and my wife, decided to take a much awaited break, close by…yet far away from the stress, trension and tedious routine of urban life. On reaching, we were warmly greeted by the owners Mr. & Mrs. Basu. It was a rejuventaing experience at “Mon Chasha” with all the greenery around, the flavour of rural Bengal, eco friendly environment and great food. Though the setup is small but it is very well organized. The cottages are made out of hay, bamboo and jute, by local people from Midnapore. The dining cum reception area plays soft instrumental music in tandem with the local environment which touches your soul. Homely food served in “Kansa” utensils, tastes delicious. Organic vegetables, are being grown in-house, including various Saags, Pumpkin, etc. “Reduce- Reuse-Recycle” strategy is actually followed at “Mon Chasha”, to make the venture a sustainable one, without putting stress on the local environment.The water is reused from the cottages, through a basic cleaning process and then recycled, thus reducing the water consumption as a whole. The rooms are also made from eco-firendly objects, has an attached washroom with the modern amenties. Each room (cottage) is provided with a solar lantern, charged from small photo-voltaic cells. Peace, closeness to nature, relaxation, beauty, homely cuisine and a sustainable setup. Its all there at Mon Chasha.

Thank you…Mr. and Mrs. Basu for conceptualizing such a wonderful setup. Guest Stayed over at “Mon Chasha” on June 2013, traveled as a couple.


“Mon ja chaye….thik tai….”

My husband and me were bogged down by the city life and wanted a much awaited break,close by…yet far far away from the stress, strain, noise, harsh lights and pollution of our urban set up. while googling we came across ‘Mon chasha’. I really don’t know why such a naming but a direct translation in english would mean “Mind farmer”. Well if anyone pays a visit to monchasha the mind is sure to get harvested and refreshed! Me being fascinated with rural bengal: ‘gram-bangla’ and my husband being very passionate about photography it was like paradise for both us! Nature at its best with great food, good and prompt service, peace and tranquility, fireflies at night inside out bamboo cottage and the sweet sound of jhinjhi, baghda nadi, rain and silence of nature made us transcend into a different world(from where it was very difficult to come back). Thank you…Mr. and Mrs. Basu for conceptualizing ‘Mon chasha’!

Guest Stayed over at “Mon Chasha” on June 2013, traveled as a couple


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i am nilanjan... interested in traveling and photography since my childhood and be inspired by other similar souls. i am working with some alternate tourism module and still searching for a better one based on sustainability. i basically act as a consultant on rural based sustainable ecotourism. my hobby is for creative endeavors in the rural field in india! thank you for visiting my profile! go green! go rural.

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