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Sahajpath O Monchasha… – Mr.Avijit Chatterjee

1) Food–Excellent 2) Accomodation–Unique 3) Hospitality–Excellent 4) Ambience–Excellent 5) Location–Excellent Only request the management to fix a “Toilet Rack” in the bathroom Tips– Do boating at night in Bagda River(prefferably Full Moon Night) for detailed view of the place you are requested to watch the provided video:



two days with the beautiful nature of Rural Bengal – Rajib Basu

It was a very nice stay at Monchasha and a beautiful arrangement & hospitality by Mr & Mrs Basu. very nice place for someone who loves nature and want to spend some quality time with family. very good change from our busy life. The place has been developed beautifully with scientific ideas to make it a real eco friendly place. Superb collection of books in the common room for visitors. Lots of toys & other facilities for childrens to play around. Overall it’s a great place for weekend trip and that too only 2-3 Hrs journey from Kolkata.

Only request to visitors, please do not disturb the silence and harmony of nature and the discipline in village life.



life @ monchasha

fish found at bagda river

fish found at bagda river

monsoon @ monchasha

monchasha monsoon

monchasha @ monchasha

your pets @ “mon chasha”

you can bring your beloved pets over at “mon chasha”







ask for live pottery @ “mon chasha”

Pot-e Mon

Live Pottery Demonstration

Live Pottery Demonstration

a small try by the guests

a small try by the guests

yes! it's an amazing experience

yes! it’s an amazing experience

direct earthing - try, try, try again

direct earthing – try, try, try again

simple creation :: hand crafting with mud

simple creation :: hand crafting with mud

yes! i did it!

yes! i did it!

it's simple! you can also do it.

it’s simple! you can also do it.







facilities @ “mon chasha”

Facilities monchasha


Lac Art of Bengal @ “monchasha” – a small try

lac art of medinipur, west bengal

the artform originated from midnapore district of west bengal which is now almost an extinct art. “monchasha” is trying to develop the craft of making lacquered items popular and saleable lac dolls of bengal. the dolls are small ritual or animal figures, two to six inches in height, simply styled in baked clay and hand coated with lac using bright red, black, green and yellow colours.


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