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Graphical Representation on Monthwise Sold Room Nights at "Mon Chasha"
Graphical Representation on Monthwise Sold Room Nights at “Mon Chasha”
Daywise Reservation Trend at "Mon Chasha"
Daywise Reservation Trend at “Mon Chasha”
Roomwise Booking Trend at "Mon Chasha"
Roomwise Booking Trend at “Mon Chasha”



Press Release @ Discover India

Press Coverage at Discover India - India's First Travel Magazing
Press Coverage at Discover India – India’s First Travel Magazing

the best weekend of bengal

we have developed four octagonal bamboo huts, fully covered with local hogla leaves, straw thatched roof and windows with north south cross ventilation. attached bath area with all modern amenities, local styled bamboo furniture, general utility tools, neatly crafted river facing verandah and common areas will certainly please your mind.
we have developed four octagonal bamboo huts, fully covered with local hogla leaves, straw thatched roof and windows with north south cross ventilation. attached bath area with all modern amenities, local styled bamboo furniture, general utility tools, neatly crafted river facing verandah and common areas will certainly please your mind.

keeping in mind the local climatic condition we have used local products as hogla, khor (straw), bans (bamboo), tal (palm tree), jhau (tamarisk) which made “mon chasha” more eco-friendly. according to the local experience both hogla and khor have a natural power to control the room temperature. as we use, we have already planted new palm plants & bamboo grove over and near the  project site for providing a comfortable shady area and maintaining the balance of ecological replacement. using 100% local labour & artisans we have tried to focus upon the rural development & positive poverty alleviation factor.


Relax & Rejuvenate @ "mon chasha"
Relax & Rejuvenate @ “mon chasha”
Bamboo Huts of "mon chasha"
Bamboo Huts of “mon chasha”
Reading :: May be the best place for it.
Reading :: May be the best place for it.

“mon chasha” is a blend of authentic village culture, pure earthen tradition, the cultural heritage of a speed less rural life and a true sentiment of natural india.

“mon chasha” is a journey, a theme of consciousness in the global tourism arena by creating a sustainable ecotourism module with social responsibility :: promote, inspire, develop, support and respect.




Latest Reviews of “Mon Chasha” from Trip Advisor



“Mon Chasha – Sustainable, peaceful and soul touching..a must visit for all”

The monotone of city life bogging us down, me and my wife, decided to take a much awaited break, close by…yet far away from the stress, trension and tedious routine of urban life. On reaching, we were warmly greeted by the owners Mr. & Mrs. Basu. It was a rejuventaing experience at “Mon Chasha” with all the greenery around, the flavour of rural Bengal, eco friendly environment and great food. Though the setup is small but it is very well organized. The cottages are made out of hay, bamboo and jute, by local people from Midnapore. The dining cum reception area plays soft instrumental music in tandem with the local environment which touches your soul. Homely food served in “Kansa” utensils, tastes delicious. Organic vegetables, are being grown in-house, including various Saags, Pumpkin, etc. “Reduce- Reuse-Recycle” strategy is actually followed at “Mon Chasha”, to make the venture a sustainable one, without putting stress on the local environment.The water is reused from the cottages, through a basic cleaning process and then recycled, thus reducing the water consumption as a whole. The rooms are also made from eco-firendly objects, has an attached washroom with the modern amenties. Each room (cottage) is provided with a solar lantern, charged from small photo-voltaic cells. Peace, closeness to nature, relaxation, beauty, homely cuisine and a sustainable setup. Its all there at Mon Chasha.

Thank you…Mr. and Mrs. Basu for conceptualizing such a wonderful setup. Guest Stayed over at “Mon Chasha” on June 2013, traveled as a couple.


“Mon ja chaye….thik tai….”

My husband and me were bogged down by the city life and wanted a much awaited break,close by…yet far far away from the stress, strain, noise, harsh lights and pollution of our urban set up. while googling we came across ‘Mon chasha’. I really don’t know why such a naming but a direct translation in english would mean “Mind farmer”. Well if anyone pays a visit to monchasha the mind is sure to get harvested and refreshed! Me being fascinated with rural bengal: ‘gram-bangla’ and my husband being very passionate about photography it was like paradise for both us! Nature at its best with great food, good and prompt service, peace and tranquility, fireflies at night inside out bamboo cottage and the sweet sound of jhinjhi, baghda nadi, rain and silence of nature made us transcend into a different world(from where it was very difficult to come back). Thank you…Mr. and Mrs. Basu for conceptualizing ‘Mon chasha’!

Guest Stayed over at “Mon Chasha” on June 2013, traveled as a couple


Food Style @ ‘Mon Chasha”

banglar mukh :: the kitchen – dining is a three block open area where authentic bengali dishes will be the main items for the restro menu. for example ghee bhat, kolmi / laalsaak, goynabori, chachchari, ghanto, khichuri, labra, murighanto, chhnechki, hanser dimmer dalna, chokka, ambol, chachchori, macher jhol, kosha murgir mangsho, chatni – achar – tok, papad, puli pithe – notun gurer payes – rossogolla may take place over at your dining platter. with the above list other items can also be arranged as per the market availablity for your satisfaction.

Breakfast at "Mon Chasha"

Pre Breakfast ::  Cha (Tea) with Biscuit

Breakfast :: Luchi / Parota, Cholar Dal (Bengal Gram) / Kalo Jire – Kancha Lonkar Sada Aloor Sabji, Sweet, Cha (Tea) / Coffee

Or Bread Toast with Butter / Jam, Eggs (Boiled / Fried), Sweet, Cha (Tea) / Coffee

Lunch :: Green Salad, Ghee Bhaat (Rice), Sukto (Bitter Veg Mix) or Utchhey Bhaja (Fried Bitter Gourd), Daal (Lentil Soup) with Bhaja (Fry), Sabji (Veg Mix), Maacher Jhol / Jhaal (Fish Curry) – optional Veg Mix for Vegetarians, Chatni (Picle), Sweet

Evening Snacks :: Muri (Puffed Rice) with Tele Bhaja (Fried Pakoras), (Tea)

Dinner :: Bhaat (Rice) / Roti (Chapati), Daal (Lentil Soup) with Bhaja (Fry), Torkari (Veg Mix), Murgir Jhol, Sweet

* with prior information and as per availability, other food items can be arranged with extra cost.


we hereby request you for your personal presence over at “monchasha” which will surely recharge our endeavour. according to our confidence this model of tourism – “monchasha” will certainly uphold the flag of west bengal tourism in future.

monsoon @ monchasha

monchasha monsoon

monchasha @ monchasha

TripAdvisor Reviews !!

Trip @ mon

“Fabulous weekend at calm n quiet place”

Stayed October 2012, traveled with friends

Reviewed April 15, 2013

Mon Chasha is a unique experience…

If you want a great and lonely destination for a special weekend then must visit Mon Chasha…
Its an amazing place with excellent authentic food… very good hospitality… The rooms are neat and clean… other services are extremely well…I strongly recommend this place… wish to visit again…

A very Special Thanks to Nilanjan da and Debjani di…


“In the pursuit of happiness”

Stayed January 2013, traveled with family

Reviewed May 2, 2013

When the bricks and mortars of the city life start taking a toll of your sensibilities and you get fragmented in balancing yourself between work and life, reclaim your life with a detour from the deadpan city life by taking a three hour drive (from Kolkata city) to Monchasa.
The property and its natural contours are a clear departure from the luxury of a resort but the amenities aren’t frugal. The details of the personalized attention will certainly ensure a sense of accomplishment of having decided on a property that clearly qualifies as ‘home-away-from-home’ but for the tranquility that brings the child in you. Sumptuous food, adequate provisions, uninterrupted village walks and the bonding are a sure bonus. Lens happy guests will have no complains for the variety of subjects outsmarts the limitations of light and the silhouette. Cleanliness, security and promptness are the hallmark of the place. Go and reclaim your life!



“Peace of mind…”

Stayed March 2013, traveled as a couple

Reviewed April 27, 2013

If you are seeking peace of mind and want to rejuvenate, Mon Chsha is an ideal place for you.
Or if you want to experience rural living far away from the madding crowd, swim in a pond, spend the afternoon laying on the hammock and listening Rabindra sangeet, or want to replenish your fishing skill then you must visit Mon chasha. Its only two an half hours journey from kolkata ( on way to Digha). They have four cottages each of which can accommodate four people. Each cottages have a balcony overlooking the river(stream). The washrooms maintain a proper degree of hygiene. We (my wife and myself) visited in the month of march. We were under the impression that it will be too hot. But surprisingly it was quite pleasant and we enjoyed our stay very much. The food was good and tasty.They serve the food at their dining place which itself is a nice place to relax. The sky at night is full of stars. We enjoyed a lovely evening chatting with the owners. Really appreciate the way the owners are keeping this place. Hospitality is worth a mention. We will definitely visit again.


“Monchasha Trip”

Stayed April 2013, traveled with family

Reviewed April 22, 2013

Monchasha is a wonderful place for weekend trip near Kolkata. The place is full with fresh air, fresh food and lot of other freshness. After the hustle and bustle of city life we have been rejuvenated staying there. The stuffs of the place is very well behaved and helpful. The food is very tasty and authentic village food. There is orphanage in the Paushi village, it is also a must see destination, One can see that even a middle class person, along with a small but dedicated workforce can help not less than 70 orphan boys and girls, a great work for humanity to my understanding. In short it is must see place to visit.


“” A week-end of serenity””

Stayed May 2013, traveled with family

Reviewed May 22, 2013 NEW

Just a three hour drive from Kolkata city via Kolaghat, there lies nestled on the river side of Baghda, a beautiful eco-village called Mon Chasha. It was a hot and sultry May morning when 8 of us left for this little known destination. I was frankly quite doubtful about the prospects. being a complete city girl , I could not imagine living in a thatched bamboo hut without air-conditioning and other comforts.And am I glad I actually visited the place ? Oh my god, a thousand times yes!!it is picturesque, tranquil, clean and offers excellent service. The location is amazing.Each of the four cottages have an attached bath with modern toilet facilities and yet the walls are made of Bamboo and even the stands are wooden or handcrafted. The cottages have en-Suite balcony facing the river and one can spend hours sitting there watching the dykes, the not so distant villages and hear the occasional honking of a car or trekker passing the highway a mile away. It’s a photographer’s paradise, with a variety of birds, a purple sunset or the slow sunrise changing the sky from dark blue to streaks of orange and then a bright gold.

Time passes slowly at Mon Chasha but entertainingly. The host couple- Nilanjan and Debjani are charming. They warmly welcome you and soon make you forget that this is a hotel and you have met these people just a few hours ago. Like long lost friends or oft encountered ones, they share a camaraderie with young and the old and they welcome pets just as they welcome people. Our dog, all of 5 months, quickly became firm friends with everyone there and has promised them with joyful barks to return soon.

And for activities–why not take a dip in the pond with stone steps or see fish frolicking in the dark waters of it? Maybe your inner child will take you towards the Tyre-swings or if you are a little less rebellious chose the sedate, sturdy swings and slowly rock yourself.There’s a potter’s wheel for inspection and a “Dheki” which works! If you plan earlier, the hosts will arrange a pottery class or a ride in a small boat in the river . When the sun slowly disappears in the horizon, no one even remembers the small t.v. set kept in the cottage. Young or old, everyone sits around the courtyard, chatting with a cup of hot ” chai”(tea), muri(puffed rice) and pakoras while strings of bengali songs float in the air. Want a soiree? Pick up the harmonium , mridanga or other musical instruments kept there and have an impromptu jam session.The food is excellent and served in quaint brass utensils which remind you of a forgotten era. Maybe it’s the homely touch that increases your appetite or the water, but you end up eating every morsel and after a second helping don’t regret the excess at all!!

The place literally blew me away, as the wind was fast and continuous but the surrounding, the tranquility, the greenery and the service all added to the experience.
Kudos to the developers. Spare a few moments of your busy lives and visit this beautiful , quaint place. You will feel rejuvenated as I was.

your pets @ “mon chasha”

you can bring your beloved pets over at “mon chasha”







Trip Advisor Reviews of “mon chasha”


“a slice of Bengal country life…”

mon chasha offers a unique experience of an authentic rural stay. just about 150 kms from kolkata, it is tucked away in a little, almost non-descript village, Paushi, in East Midnapore district. surrounded by green all around, it is based on the concept of eco-tourism linked to sustainable development. the location of this beautiful haven is superb, with four tastefully decorated thatched cottages (offering, needless to say, all urban amenities except a t v set) and a river flowing by just behind. the initiative by and sheer grit of a remarkable couple Nilanjan and Debjani have resulted in transforming a slice of the Bengal countryside into a nature lover’s cherished destination. the gastronome has a wide variety of delicious rural fare to choose from… an authentic bengali platter beginning with the bitter and rounded off with the sweet. one can have first-hand knowledge of rural activities such as pottery, making cane articles, clay models, organic cultivation of home-grown vegetables, and a lot more. they have taken great pains to revive certain fast disappearing village craft like “goyna bori”.it is a pleasure to see how they have tried to showcase local artistes in the field of music, literature, painting, etc.the hospitality and warmth of Nilanjan and Debjani are reason enough to go back to mon chasha. something which struck me was a very noble endeavour of funding an orphanage with the income generated from mon chasha …a commendable venture, indeed! the overall ambience with its undisturbed peace and tranquility is balm for our jaded souls…it is, in the words of Tagore, the comfort for the mind and peace for the soul. a short sojourn in this rural home is sure to work wonders for us, hopeless city-dwellers. the pristine charm of mon chasha will beckon one over and over again!

“Best weekend trip”

It was really awesome to be there at Monchasha. The place, the environment the people, food, each and everything was so good. It was really a perfect weekend destination. Specially I loved the evening gathering in front of office. Local folk artist was performing with instruments, the deeming light of hariken, the smell of raw soil was thrilling me. I loved that place and I told my friends to please visit the place.


“Monchasa- A Heaven on Earth”


A creative, energetic and a vibrant couple has gifted us a heaven to visit. Near five star comfort , homely hospitality & Bengali Cuisine is very much available and is of highest quality. There is greenery all around and it gives a perfect experience of eco tourism and rural Bengal. There is no bar, disco theque or a pool table!!! But there is an AV room to view old CDs of movie which you can carry and play, you can watch your marriage CD or anything of your choice. Something which is extremely relaxing and refreshing. If you are willing to do fishing that is also available in this scenic beauty. Monchasa has also promoted farming all around and for Kids it is a “WOW”. In late evein you can see local artists entertaining you and if you too have the skills you can also perform.
On the whole it gives us all what we miss in a busy city life.


“Its fresh air around you ….its magic”


Mon Chasha is a place which has touched my heart for a number of reasons. We went with our friends and children way back in March 2012. First and foremost Nilanjanda and Debjanidi make most of the magic. I haven’t seen such pure soul, such a warm hospitality even in the best of hotels. They will go all out of their way to make your stay comfortable and make you feel you are most important to them. Set amidst rural bengal this place makes you feel the clear sky , the small rivulet flowing by the cottage, the fresh air and the pesticide free food. Everything is natural out there and one can enjoy fishing, playing cricket/ football, counting stars, having telebhaja with hot tea or tasting a number of unknown fish varieties of bengal. Food is great and the way they serve makes the difference. For children they had given us a number of toys and also went all the way to inflate a bath tub in the garden so that children can actually enjoy an open air shower. Rooms are huge with clean toilets and at night the weather becomes too cold. We went in hot summer months but at night we had to use quilts and even switched off the fans. Eyeing all details like use of eco friendly articles , making use of bio gas and using all locally available materials make it an absolute model place to care for our mother nature. The host’s care for mother nature, for orphan children around us and to give you back the rural life makes your stay really different from other weekend destinations in and around kolkata. Except the road from Kalinagar everything about this place is beautiful. I would definitely like to go back to Mon Chasha.


“Wonderful short vacation at Mon Chasha”


We visited Monchasha during our Christmas vacation in 2012. Monchasha is located at Paushi village in East Midnapur. We went to Monchasha in our car, a 3 hours trip from Kolkata.

The place was very tranquil and green and a very peaceful place to spend a short vacation. The owners Mr. and Mrs. Basu formed Monchasha a year ago. Their warm hospitality immediately made us feel at home. During our 3 day vacation we saw potters wheel in action, tasted local delicacy goyna bori and got to see quite a few local handicraft products. We saw different types of birds, it was a pure joy to walk around in the foggy mornings. We took many nice pictures of our son in the diffuse morning light.

Our son had a great time playing with different types of toys in the kids’ room. He liked the place so much he even wanted to tow one cottage back to Kolkata! The food was absolutely delicious there, they made vegetarian food specially for me, I being a vegetarian. I got to know from my husband that non-veg food were also very nice. Our son struck a friendship with a dog at Monchasha, and then we found ourselves making trips to Paushi Bazar several times for buying biscuits for the dog. The dog kept walking by our side wagging its tail while we were strolling through the village enjoying the calm countryside view.

Everyone in the resort were so very nice. I picked up some nice recipes from the wonderful cook. We really want to go back to Monchasha again!


“Calm & Quite place”


I along with my friends went for a weekend trip. Its not very far off from Kolkata. If want to enjoy the natural rural beauty then you got to stay a day here. Fantastic hospitality, good food served in pure bengali style. Huts are build with bamboo logs and each is having attached bath and TV with DTH connectivity. From Howrah one can avail the Digha bound train (Tamralipta Exp or Kandari Exp) to Kanthi and from Kanthi its around 17 Km. If you call their office, they can arrange the transport from Kanthi Rly Station. Overall it was a very nice experience and will certainly visit again with my family.


“Desher Baari – Monchasha”


Desher Baari, for a typical urban Bengali would mean his native village, where his ancestors hail from and where his ancestral home still remains rooted. An ancestral home is where your heart is; because that’s where you would find the ever pampering grandparents, uncles and aunts, the friendly cooks and housekeepers. More often Desher Baari is a child one would go playing for hours and hours (under the ever watchful eyes of the relatives and neighbours) with no one to scold or timekeeping. Freedom was truly freedom…freedom not only from homeworks but also from pollution and the stale urban khaana-peena. Desher Baari is also where one would get closest to nature…the earth, the water and the air in their purest possible avatars.
However, sadly many of the urban Bengalis (like Your Truly), have lost connection with their ancestral root.
But then that’s what Monchasha is …what I call ‘Desher Baari’…where you feel unrestrained, relaxed and rejuvenated. You and your kid could drench yourself in the rains, get dusty in the red soil, swim to your heart’s content in the twin ponds, go fishing and take a boat ride down the ‘Bagda’ river. Or better still…do nothing…absolutely nothing. Just sit by the Bagda and attain your nirvana.
For the Bengali foodie, it could be reliving the traditional Bengal spread that the doting grandmoms used to serve in your ancestral home.
Monchasha is the closest you could get to rural traditional Bengal (without compromising on the basic comforts from western civilization).
For my non-Bengali friends, this is an opportunity to see a Bengal that is beyond Kolkata, Darjeeling and the Dooars. Come and experience the alternate Bengal, where the rural toil hard and live a simple life, but are ready to welcome you with their biggest asset…an unadulterated smile.


“A weekend retreat”


My friend and me visited Monchasha on the second week of March 2013 for a one-night stay.
We had taken the train from Howrah to Contai, and I would strongly advise future visitors against this mode of commute. The trains are invariably and unreasonably late in both their up and down trips. Taking a bus of car would be a much better option. In the last lap of the journey by car, expect to encounter bad roads.
The property itself is nice, with a sprawling natural rural landscape, offering unhindered views all around, though there aren’t any particular elements of interest in the views. The architecture proves to be more interesting, with innovative structures and methods of construction inspired by the Indian vernacular idioms. The decoration is somewhat kitschy, but charming. The accommodation is reasonably comfortable, and though their is no air-conditioning, it was pleasant even by early summer. Acoustic privacy is low between adjoining cottages. Running hot water is not available, but on request, they provide buckets of it for bathing. Water closets are of the European type; complimentary toiletries are limited to soaps and tissue roles; ‘Gamchha’ towels are provided, but do not forget to carry a pair of slippers for the rooms/toilet. Mosquito repellents would be essential, depending on the season of visit: mosquitoes proved to be great deterrents for enjoying the evening (thankfully, mosquito nets are provided for the bed).
The food was good: traditional Bengali cuisine (though some of it could do with a little bit of chilies), and is possibly the best thing to look forward to. We opted for vegetarian meals (not a la carte, but the hosts do consult at times), and were pleased with the variety, taste, and quantity of items served. It seemed healthy and hygienic.
There is a nice selection of local handicrafts for sale as mementos.
The hosts and attendants were gracious and welcoming.
Might be recommended for groups of friends or family.




I will just say excellent. Other than the 500 meters of the approach road from Kalinagar everything was just what it should be. The place should be kept as it is. No further expansion. For 2 days its far from the blare of loud speakers of the “ultra modern city of Kolkata”. Just be lazy lazy and lazy. The owner’s plan not to allow budding cricketers to hone their skills there is extremely laudable. Did not expect some sort of a rain shower in the bath. The hot Bong food was great. Overall an excellent experience.


“Mon Chasa… nurturing the soul”


Mon Chasha for me is fresh air, soothing greens, the rejuvenating Bagda river and warm hospitality… Mon Chasa has something for every traveler… for the young urban Bengali it is a chance to reconnect with one’s roots, to get the taste of the slow life we never had while dozing off on the hammocks or taking a boat ride on the Bagda. It is the perfect setting for an adda in the evenings over muri and tele bhaja (puffed rice and fries) with friends.
The foreign traveler can taste a slice of Bengal in this one eco-tourism venture – authentic cuisine, true Bengali hospitality, folk music, rural art forms and pottery.
For seniors, it is the perfect getaway to spend some days amid serenity… spend hours fishing, or just gazing at the Bagda river from the cottage balcony over a cup of fragrant tea… and if it rains….the view’s just amazing.
And for our city-bred kids, it is a chance to break free, run and play all day, chase butterflies, swing on the tyre-swings. After sundown they can play with the wonderful collection of toys in the kid’s toy room, including games like bagatelle.
For the shutter-happy, this is a treasure trove of best shots!
The bamboo cottages are very comfortable in every season, thanks to their design and use of hogla leaves on the roof… the bathrooms are modern and squeaky clean. During my stay here I have often wondered why we spend fortunes on resorts down south when we can have the same experience here in Bengal.
However, the soul of this place are the hosts and their amazing hospitality. Nilanjan and Debjani Basu bring to this place the warmth and class of a home stay. Their eye for detail, love for the environment and aesthetics is evident all around you in Mon Chasa.


“Unwinding with friends and family amidst the purity of Nature”


We went to Monchasa over a hot summer weekend. I was quite skeptical as there was no AC rooms there. We wanted to stay over for a night only. But when we reached there I was taken aback by the surroundings. It was so beautiful – the cottages, the garden, the poultry, the pond. Here is our experience in a snapshot:

Ambience – Breathtakingly beautiful. No pollution. You are completely in the cradle of Mother Nature. Even the fruits and veggies are from their own garden.

Food – I was seriously contemplating poaching the cook! The food was that good. They serve a fixed menu – mostly Bengali cuisine. You can specify whether you want vegetarian or fish or meat or egg. They can also prepare snacks for evening provided you tell them before hand. Breakfast was also ‘desi’. So carry your bread and cornflakes or oats if you are not fond of puri and sabzi or poha for breakfast. And yes take your own liquor.

Hospitality – Nilanjan da and Debjani di are one of the most affable people I have met. They made sure we were very comfortable and had everything we needed to make the trip unforgettable. I wish them all the best.

Monchasa is ‘must visit’ weekend destination. If you have not yet been there, you are really missing something.


“Enjoying rural beauty”


We arrived at “Monchasha” with a lazy & relaxing weekend in mind. The natural beauty of rural bengal and it’s ambiance left us awestruck. The mouthwatering and sumptuous food left us yearning for more. We were completely overwhelmed with the simplicity of the place. The village came across as a very clean and picturesque landscape. We definitely look forward to come back again to bask in the natural beauty of “Monchasha”.


“A quiet retreat into rural Bengal”


Our stay in Mon Chasha over a winter weekend had been very memorable. The place is so close to Kolkata, perfect for a weekend getaway…great place to unwind with friends & family…specially if one likes the feel of a nice warm village.
Hospitality had been superb at Mon Chasha, which made it easier for us with a toddler. The food is amazing, typical authentic Bangali ranna– gives u a feel of home away from home. The taste of ‘goyna bori’ still lingers in our taste buds. Having food in ‘kanshar’ bashon was a unique experience… Our generation hardly had a chance to savour this special experience. So it was great!
The wooden cottages were nice & cozy. Though there were its share of mosquitoes, mosquito nets and coils were promptly placed in our rooms from dusk. So it kind of helped.
The surroundings are pleasant, with lots of activity to keep u busy. There was a pond to practice fishing, there was a dhenki, we took a look around the ‘grams’ too in a van rickshaw. Then we tried our hands at pottery, and created some clay forms, which remotely resembled any pot/bowl. But it was fun!
In the evening, we arranged for poter gaan, and the idea was worth. Rarely do we get so close to our various regional roots, so i must thank Monchasha for having such facilities on offer.

The cleanliness of bed sheets, pillow covers and quilts has been the only downside in our experience. But those were quickly changed as soon as we raised it.

The place was quite chilly in December. So please take enough warm clothes if you are traveling there in dec-jan.

But for every kolkatan, it’s a place worth visiting. The cost isn’t too high. So you may go for the Monchasha experience at least once, to start with. We came back with nice memories. Thanks Monchasha!!


“Unforgettable Weekend”


Unique Surrounding. Enjoyed Fantastic Hospitality And The Facilities – We Didn’t Expect. Spent Two Wonderful Days – Unforgettable. The Food Was Great – Served With An Exquisite Presentation On Brass Utensils. All The Best For A Wonderful Future Of Mon Chasha. Excellent Service. Must Visit For The Children. Will Surely Recommend To All My Friends & Relatives.


“Peace and quiet”


Monchasa has touched my heart. Serene and peaceful this place gives one the feel of a village. Set amidst greenery, ponds ,vegetable patches and mud huts complete with a dhenki your eyes feel soothing and the wind touches the right cord in ur heart. Food is delicious, full on bengali style. I didn’t stay over but enjoyed thoroughly the hospitality of this place. Do go there once but yes the approach road will make u doubt this place but believe me do not get intimidated by it.


“Good Food & Peaceful”


A great place to relax, have good food and escape city life. The presence of your host Nilanjan & Debjani looking after you adds to its charm. Do walk around the village and see village life. If you don’t want to drive from Kolkata, you have the option to take a train to Contai Station and then have the resort pick you up. Be sure to get that book that you have been meaning to read for soo..o long – I promise you will be able to finish it here without any distraction.


“One visit is incomplete…will come again and again…”


Go for cleansing your mind from the daily rat race. Experience rural life in authentic village cottages beside the Bagda river amidst lush green surroundings. Pamper yourself with warm hospitality of the hosts. Enjoy sumptuous meals. Get lost in the village market, around the river, within yourself. An experience of your lifetime.


ask for live pottery @ “mon chasha”

Pot-e Mon

Live Pottery Demonstration
Live Pottery Demonstration
a small try by the guests
a small try by the guests
yes! it's an amazing experience
yes! it’s an amazing experience
direct earthing - try, try, try again
direct earthing – try, try, try again
simple creation :: hand crafting with mud
simple creation :: hand crafting with mud
yes! i did it!
yes! i did it!
it's simple! you can also do it.
it’s simple! you can also do it.







potua card collection @ “mon chasha”

Monchasha Potua Card1
Monchasha Potua Card 1

A story telling performance in the form of rhythmic songs by showing their own hand crafted pictures of gods is the most important rural art of Bengal. The picture is called as “Pot Chitro” – a traditional and rural art form of Bengal since middle ages. It is also a tool of villager’s entertainment solution. Amazing!

Monchasha Potua Card2
Monchasha Potua Card 2
Monchasha Potua Card3
Monchasha Potua Card 3

The painter is called as “chitrokor” or “chitrakar”. In most of the cases the painters act role of a poet and present ancient mytlogical stories related with gods of india. On a cloth based canvas the artists portrayed these verses with natural colours and motifs. The age-old folk art survived centuries to tell the tale.

Monchasha Potua Card4
Monchasha Potua Card 4
Monchasha Potua Card5
Monchasha Potua Card 5

The most important thing I have noticed is that – most of the chitrakars in the village are muslims. These Islam based people present stories based on popular hindu mythology. So an artform here is acting a bridge between these two relegion. Please explore this art. You may find some new concept.

Monchasha Potua Card6
Monchasha Potua Card 6

Over at “monchasha” we have started this type of workshop on demand. Please be with “monchasha” and help to survive this rural artform of bengal. Thanks.







go green :: monchasha





Crops cultivated at “monchasha” :: potato, tomato, raddish, carrot, green chili, mustard, spinach, cauliflower, cabbage, banana, lemon, corn, turnip, beet, ladies finger, brinjal, cucumber, pumpkin etc

BHIM PUJA :: a rural festival of bengal

puja pandal of bhim mela > year 2013

“Bhim Mela” – a popular fair of rural bengal is happening now over at Dakshin Baroj area very near to “mon chasha ecotourism project”. The special event will continue for 9 days from 21st February till 1st of March 2013. Every year on the Bhim Chaturdashi Tithi – Bengali Month Falgun the festival used to commence with an extraordinary enthusiasm of the local folks of East Midnapore District, West Bengal, India. The management invited us and I have visited the fair on the starting date and enjoyed the opening cetemony with my wife Debjani. Got to know some imporyant informations about this unknown tradition of rural Bengal. Please go through the pictorial story for some detail of “Bhim Mela”.

the idol of bhim & duryodhan @ bhim mela

According to the epic “Mahabharata” – “Bhim” used to be the most strongest person and one of the brother of reknowned “Pandav’s”, who won the war with “Duryodhan” – the most important person of the 100 brother and one sister “Kaurav Family”. At the end Bhim killed Durjodhan. The village people celebrate this auspicious event as a festival now from their core of heart. They think that their beloved “Bhim” will save them from all the evils and enemies and they used to attend this fair to offer a “puja”. Now-a-days this simple “puja” turned to an eventful festival for the entertainment lovers of East Midnapore villagers.

decorative models @ bhim mela

Lot of this type models decorate the event arena which can be an added attraction for the fair visitors. Each model symbolises the facts of “Mahabharata” and also some contemporary issues of modern life.

soft gamble game counter at bhim mela
game counter at bhim mela

Soft gamble related to Playing Cards, Number games add colour to the said “Bhim Mela”. This games are very much popular to the local people. Over at Bengal, festivals are one of the major entertainment tool for the farmers, fishermen, potters, shop owners, suppliers and the daily waged labour groups. Not only them but also to the housewifes these fairs are the most important event after their daily life schedule. So still now “Jatra Pala”, “Kobir Lorai”, “Kathokata”, “Kirton – Sonkirton”, “Mela”, “Parbon”, “Sonkranti” plays important role to supply direct oxygen to the local hard lifers of rural bengal.




You can also enjoy the cultural programs performed by local villagers and their guests coming from outside. The festival management arange different “Jatrapala” based on both ancient and modern topics with traditional cultural events, games in this continue 9 day fair.

With the “Puja Rituals” you can also experience the “Bom Gaach” – a bomb tree, which is fired as an offering to “Bhim God”. In this corner of rural Bengal this is one of the important factor of all puja festivals where “Manasik”s are done with these amazing bomb tree offerings.


In Bengal “Mela” (Fair) means “Milan” (Social Attachment) which cannot be completed without “Paapar Bhaja” (Fried Papad) and “Hot Jilipi”, “Kotkoti” – types of sweet item. So according to the demand local villegers operate small stalls with the support of mela comitee and sell their items. You can have a look over to these Food – Costume Jewellery – Cooking Utensils – Sports Items and also vegetables, fish shops in this festival arena.


We are overwhelmed by the welcome note we got from the Mela Management and Local Panchayet. They have given us a grand welcome on stage and the
guests of “mon chasha” enjoyed the fair a lot – also suggested some new ideas to the fair comitee for the betterment and future planning of “Bhim Mela”.

Please visit this event and you can experience the hidden treasures of bengal villages. Through these fairs you can feel the rustic but romantic village life of Bengal.

Behalf of “mon chasha ecotourism project”, we have already supported this wonderful event in every aspect. In future also we will spread our hands to them.

To “mon chasha” – Bengal is Beautiful, Bengal is Simple, Bengal is Live here. – Still Life in Bengal.

See you there. mon chasha.

fashion photography @ “mon chasha”

Fashion Photography Workshop By Arghya Chatterjee
Fashion Photography Workshop By Arghya Chatterjee
Fashion Photography Workshop By Arghya Chatterjee
Fashion Photography Workshop By Arghya Chatterjee
Fashion Photography Workshop By Arghya Chatterjee
Fashion Photography Workshop By Arghya Chatterjee



“mon chasha” by guests

Photograph :: Sutirtha Basu
Photograph :: Sutirtha Basu
Photograph :: Debtapas Das
Photograph :: Debtapas Das
Photograph :: Subhomoy Sinha Roy
Photograph :: Subhomoy Sinha Roy
Photograph :: Subhomoy Sinha Roy
Photograph :: Subhomoy Sinha Roy
Photograph: Kausik Indu
Photograph: Kausik Indu
Photograph :: Debtapas Das
Photograph :: Debtapas Das
Photograph :: Subhomoy Sinha Roy
Photograph :: Subhomoy Sinha Roy
Photograph: Kausik Indu
Photograph: Kausik Indu
Photograph :: Subhomoy Sinha Roy
Photograph :: Subhomoy Sinha Roy
Photograph :: Subhomoy Sinha Roy
Photograph :: Subhomoy Sinha Roy
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